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EXTRATERRESTRIAL life may well be so weird we would not immediately recognise it, space experts said yesterday.

Scientists looking for alien life should be seeking the unfamiliar as well as the familiar, they said.

NASA's current approach to "follow the water" is logical assuming alien life is comparable to that on Earth - based on water, carbon and DNA - but the "life as we know it" approach could easily miss something exotic, the US National Academy of Sciences panel advised.

"The purpose of this whole report was to be able to look for life on other planets and moons with an open mind ... and not maybe miss some other life form because we are looking for some obvious life form," said John Baross, professor of oceanography at the University of Washington in Seattle, who chaired the committee.

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The title of the article made me think that someone found some. :(

If it moves around on its own without battery or similar, it's probably some type of life-form.
If it also shoots at us on sight, it's intelligent life.
Simple really.
Andrew, AceHart is only a TheHelper myth..

I don't think that this was something, which they had to "report".

The surest proof there actually is intelligent life out there is the simple fact they never bothered to show up here.

Imagine some evolved, intelligent race out there.
With the required technology to make it to here in a reasonable amount of time.
They also managed to "find us".

Where would they land?
Who would they contact first?

More interestingly though, what the heck would they do here?
Get a good laugh?
Start a new daily soap back home?

You're a no-problem alien, with free access to space and whatever interesting stuff it may hold.
And the best you find there is us?

You're a no-problem alien, ... and some probe or satellite from here happens to pass.
You have a look at where it's coming from.
You think they would want us to know about them?
I certainly wouldn't.
I'm finally happy the "smart" people realized we're being too narrow minded. Maybe the first aliens we find won't drink water, or be made of carbon.

And AceHart, cynicism is something learned over years (or trauma o_O). It's doubtful any intelligent life would immediately surmise we're not worth the trouble.
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