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The Jura connectivity kit uses the connectivity of the PC it is running on to connect the coffee machine to the internet. This allows a remote coffee machine "engineer" to diagnose any problems and to remotely do a preliminary service. It also has a few software vulnerabilities.

Fun things you can do with a Jura coffee maker:
  1. Change the preset coffee settings (make weak or strong coffee)
  2. Change the amount of water per cup (say 300ml for a short black) and make a puddle
  3. Break it by engineering settings that are not compatible (and making it require a service)

Found via SlashDot. Read on...


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> Compromise by Coffee

Brilliant :p

Though, yes, this could be just The Thing(tm).
(Reminds me of that ages old plan to get a webcam near the machine...)


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At last people's fascination with stupid non-digital appliances (I'm looking at you USB coffee heater) hooked up to computers has broken the sacred software-hardware barrier.

We. Are. All. Going. To. Be. Killed. By. Crackers.


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I'd love to hack one of these and make it malfunction, then when its being fixed make sure all the issues are fixed. Screwing with peoples minds. :D


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LAWL KC you have an evil mind but i agree make them have a bad name :p


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lol, that's pretty cool. Now we just need a way of making coffee on the internet and we can take over the world, somehow, through the unstoppable power of coffee and internet :D

(I'm looking at you USB coffee heater)
What about the USB humping dog (link), USB pole dancer (link) and the USB missile launcher (link). Are they not stupid enough for you? ^^
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