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I'm creating a mod that uses the Allow/Disallow Upgrade (and Unit) functions to determine what units and upgrades each player will have access to. At the start, everything is disallowed, then when players make their choices, the appropriate units and upgrades are allowed.

This works perfectly when I use Test Document with a downloaded Blizzard melee map to test, this all works just fine, but when I publish the mod and play it on a melee map online, some upgrades don't disappear at the start, and others don't appear when I Allow them, and they don't even show up if I don't Disallow Upgrade at all on any upgrades.

All of the upgrades, working and not, always appearing or never appearing, are set to Restricted visibility and appear as buttons in buildings in the same way.

The upgrades that always appear are Flying Locust and Behemoth Reactor. There are more that don't ever appear, but the ones I'm sure of are the Stalker/Dragoon upgrades: Blink, Singularity Charge, Phase Reactor, and Trillic Compression Systems.

The mod uses the Coop mod as a dependency, which is the only thing I can think of that would do something like this, but I can't understand why it would only affect the published mod and not the local test.

Does anyone have any idea why this would be happening?
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