Tutorial Alternate Uses of Summoning Skills


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Alternate Uses of Summoning Skills

This is a tutorial which would explain the different types of summoning skills in Wc3 and also methods of playing around with the spells in triggered enhanced method.

  • Types of Summoning Skills in Warcraft 3
  • Simple Manipulation
  • Triggered Manipulation

Chapter 1 : Types of Summoning Skills in Warcraft 3

There are various types of summoning skills in Warcraft 3 which we can see in default, ranging from :
  • Point Targeted Summoning
  • Corpse Targeted Summoning
  • Non Targeted Summoning
  • Summoning upon attacking
  • Summoning upon death

To list out the classification, here is a list of the spells by default in Warcraft 3 which is of the mentioned types (I only mention spells which have different Spell Order ID, for those with the same I did not list it out.

Pointed Targeted Summoning
  • Healing Ward
  • Serpent Ward
  • Stasis Ward
  • Sentry Ward
  • Tornado
  • Inferno
  • Pocket Factory
  • Dark Portal
  • Item Place Goblin Land Mine
  • Force of Nature

Noticed that there are 4 different types of ward abilities on this list? The wonder of this 4 wards is that each of them have individual Order String, meaning a Hero can be perfectly fine with 4 of this skills on him in a spell book, that would be useful in ORPG Maps for Summoning Based heroes.
-Edit- Force of Nature can only target to trees, but its still a targeted summon.

Corpse Targeted Summoning
  • Raise Dead
  • Carrion Beetles
  • Spirit of Vengeance
This category only contains 3 spells, each is an auto cast and also allows summoning of up to 2 different types of units from a corpse. The Carrion Beetles and Spirit of Vengeance has an include for controlling the max number of units they can summon plus the checking of killing the summoned if the caster dies.

Non Targeted Summoning
  • Water Element
  • Phoenix
  • Feral Spirit
  • Locust Swarm
  • Scout
  • Vengeance
  • Rain of Chaos
  • Summon Bear
  • Summon Hawk
  • Summon Lava Spawn
  • Summon Prawns
  • Summon Quill Beast
  • Item Doom Guard Summon
  • Item Furbolg Summon
  • Item Skeleton Summon
  • Item Red Drake Summon
  • Item Ursa Warrior Summon
  • Item Ice Revenant Summon
  • Item Felhound Summon
  • Mechanical Critter

Strange it might be but the item summon abilities does not have any order string, thus it might be possible to have them as skills which would not interfere each other, as seen in standard games when 1 hero holds an Amulet of the Wild uses it, the Demonic Figurine does not seem to go into cool down.

For the various summons, most of them are individual as their order string is different. The summons which would be most different from others would be Locust Swarm and Rain of Chaos.

Summoning Upon Death
  • Parasite
  • Black Arrow
  • Spawn Hydra/Hydra Hatchling/Spiders/Spiderlings/Skeleton(Probably Black Arrow)

From the list of it, Parasite is an Auto Cast ability, Black Arrow is an Auto Cast Orb ability, and Spawn Hydra is a passive skill which does not show on the unit, but the negative down side of it is that it cannot be added with a timed life unless through triggering.

Summoning Upon Attacking
  • Disease Cloud
  • Lava Spawn Attacking Spawn

This are the special summon which spawns upon attack. Mainly the Disease Cloud can be manipulated in its field. The Lava Spawn's summoning needs to be edited under its own field.

Chapter 2 : Simple Manipulation

Simple Manipulation meaning the use of the mentioned skills without the need of triggering. Most of the time this skills can be used for simple spells which would require the summoning of a unit or maybe other various use.

An example would be the pairing up with another ability, AOE damage upon death.

You could make a simple Meteor spell just by using 1 of the Point Targeted Summoning spell, like Tornado would be 1.

Do the following set up for the Tornado Spell

Now make a new copy of the Kaboom! and set its states to be this

Now the Dummy unit for the explosion itself

Now thats a simple Meteor Spell, lets see the effect

Now the only problem with this is that before the "Meteor" Hits the explosion is occurred, but it looks good none the less.

For another combination without the use of triggering, i could create simple corpse explosion which deals damage in fix damage using the ability "Raise Dead"

Heres how it goes.

Main ability set up like this

and the damage ability

The explosion dummy again

Now heres some looks of it

An easy and good looking spell I'll say

Chapter 3 : Triggered Manipulation

Here comes the part where people might hate, or love depending on your skills.

What I'll be showcasing would be a simple Meteor Storm Spell, based off the Meteor ability I've made earlier on, but this would be more wicked in terms of eye candy.

Here we go.

Main Ability I would pick would be something with an AOE targeting Circle. Lets take the Healing Ward as the base.

And since I'm basing it off the same meteor spell, there is no need to edit further, now a new dummy unit would be required as this is a different meteor spell.

The Simple Trigger
Meteor Storm GUI
        Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an ability
        (Ability being cast) Equal to Meteor Storm (Neutral Hostile)
        Set Caster = (Triggering unit)
        Set Target_Loc = (Target point of ability being cast)
        For each (Integer Integer) from 1 to 10, do (Actions)
            Loop - Actions
                Set Temp_Point = (Target_Loc offset by (Random real number between 0.00 and 250.00) towards (Random angle) degrees)
                Unit - Create 1 Dummy Unit for (Owner of Caster) at Target_Loc facing Default building facing degrees
                Unit - Add Meteor  to (Last created unit)
                Unit - Add a 1.00 second Generic expiration timer to (Last created unit)
                Unit - Order (Last created unit) to Neutral Naga Sea Witch - Tornado Temp_Point
                Custom script:   call RemoveLocation (udg_Temp_Point)
                Wait 0.10 seconds
        Custom script:   call RemoveLocation (udg_Target_Loc)
And now some Screen Shots.

I've included another spell under chapter 3, the Artillery Beacon.

Change Log
- Version 1 Released
- Version 1.1 update :
*Added Credits to Tinki3 for the Map
*Added a new spell under the 3rd chapter. The Artillery Beacon
*Added more spells to the list as per ~GaLs~ & darkRae



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Well, there is another type of summoning that you didn't mentioned.

Lava Spawn
The lava will spawn a new lava when it attacks up to x times. What does it be classified to?


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Thanks, will add that in. Ill put that in the same classification as Diease Cloud.


Heavy is credit to team!
well, its nice but you mentioned 2-3 of the infinit possibilities!

For example I like bombs with timer wich is pretty easy to do.
Or zombie desease (based on shadow orb with units summoned that have same ability based on shadow orb).


Divide et impera
i think your missing locust as a summon ability, although it may be one of the more obscure ones

edit: it is there.. just not where i was looking for it, some sort of order to the lists would be nice i guess o well

there's , animate dead, ressurection, sea elemental, storm earth and fire, and the build tiny thing if that counts, item rock golem summon, item head hunter summon, and watery minion (item).


You can change this now in User CP.
Bump and a late reply to slapshot

To list out the classification, here is a list of the spells by default in Warcraft 3 which is of the mentioned types (I only mention spells which have different Spell Order ID, for those with the same I did not list it out.
Build tiny towers and stuff like those are like Build. So I'm leaving those out.


New Member
Thanks for writing a comprehensive guide on the summoning skills!

What I'm curious about is this: Is there a summoning skill that summons a permanent unit and that summoned unit leaves a corpse on death instead of vanishing in a poof (i.e. can be animated, raised, etc) or must you use triggers to create the permanent unit?


New Member
I have never thought about using summmoning skills like this. This is a really now guide, and it would be nice if you added even more things to it! Ofc +rep :thup:


Ueki Fan (Ueki is watching you)
Mage_Goo said:
it summon permanent unit
Correct and wrong.
While the summoned Misha lasts forever and "permanently", it is still considered a 'summoned unit' and doesn't leave a corpse.
It's just like Summon Bear with a twist.


New Member
Is it possible to make sure the skills don't hit the hero itself or allying units? I checked on the object editor but i didnt see it, so im wondering if i can make a trigger or something to prevent it from hitting my own units and hero.

I'm working something up right now.
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