US News America is giving up on political parties and organized religion. Thanks, millennials.


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Given their hostility to labels, maybe we should have called millennials "Generation X."

A survey from Pew Research that offers national detail on global religious trends shows that Americans are increasingly identifying themselves as religiously unaffiliated. Since 2007, the number of Americans who don't identify with a religious tradition rose from 16.1 to 22.8 percent -- the biggest change of any group that Pew studied.

The group most likely to identify as unaffiliated? Millennials -- those born after 1980. (Pew's definition of the generations is used below for consistency, but we remind you that the definitions are subjective. They also break out older and younger millennials; the figures are similar enough for the chart below that we just used the former category.)

The younger the group gets, the more likely it is to declare independence from organized religious groups.

That chart may look familiar. In April, Pew also looked at the party identification of the generations.

Read more here. (The Washington Post)

You have to actually view the charts in the article link to see the context.


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political parties and organized religion

i find it strange the title is phrased as if these things are different
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