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Seeing how this thread got a little old, here's a new one

I've been working on a map for quite some time

It's called the War of Souls in case you haven't figured it out. I've always liked the Angel Arena maps, but was always dissatisfied because of the boring, run of the mill heroes, imbalances, bugs, inconsistencies, and...laziness, yes laziness.

So I thought to myself "I've been playing war3 for almost six years, so why not make your own Angel Arena map that has none of these issues? That is regularly updated, has bug and exploit problems fixed, and has interesting heroes?

I think I've done just that, or at least started the birth of such a thing.

The War of Souls has over 22 unique heroes, that you can start out with, with their own unique abilities(Abilities will be a mix of heavily modified ladder and triggered spells). Their are no 'ultimate' heroes, nor will there be any heroes that are unbeatable(like the Chosen One from HvH).

The map will be designed to encourage PvP between the opposing teams, there will be numerous things done to accomplish this, first off...

- Duels will be randomly selected in five minute intervals to be 1v1, 3v3,
and 5v5
- Every ten minutes an event will happen at some location(name of event and location pending) which will last for ten minutes, in this location, a sort of 'super creep' will spawn every two minutes that will require teamwork and co-operation to defeat, killing these creeps will result in a substantial gold reward to the team(about 300 per team member) and some decent items. On the flip side you will have to battle with the opposing team for dominance over the location, so hopefully you'll kill them and get the rewards

This will be to discourage the stupid "Sit around, farm gold, gamble and risk until your so strong nobody can beat you." Which is boring, one-sided, and frankly retarded.

There will be none of the stupid 5000+ stats shit like you see in HvH, the most you'll be able to attain will maybe be 200 base stats, and 300+ bonus statistics. This way it will be more about who's more clever then who can attack faster and has more damage/hp in fights.

Agility does not boost attack speed, items are required for that, this was done because of the ridiculously fast attack speeds in other Angel Arenas where it got to the point you couldn't even see the animation anymore.

The heroes from essences, will be made with the intent to be as interesting as the one's you start out with, but with the intent of giving your hero a 'punch' which will give him an edge, he won't be unbeatable(A 2v1 will probably do him in) but more powerful. Nonetheless, the potential remains even for starting heroes to remain as powerful.

Every hero is from somewhere in history, literature, video games or anime/manga.

The list is here

-Vlad the Impaler(a vicious Romanian Prince who was famous for impaling his victims, inspired Dracula)
Brutal Impale - Vlad gouges an enemy hero with his sword, impaling them, Vlad and the enemy hero cannot move for four seconds, during this impalement, as Vlad has to struggle to pull his sword free, during the duration the enemy takes 15/25/35/45 bleeding damage.

Bloodlust - The Impaler is so drenched in the blood of others, that he now has an unending hunger and thirst for violence, blood and pain, all enemies in a 300 AoE around him have 3/5/7/9 HP drained from them per second and given to the Impaler.

Wicked Slasher - Vlad is a vicious and powerful murderer, his skills as a killer are legendary, when activated, grants +10/16/22/28 damage, and grants a 15/30/45/60% chance for a 1.5x critical, for three attacks. Lasts 15 seconds.

Bloodwind Vortex - The Impaler fears NO ONE! His thirst for killing becomes so great that he begins to spin in a circle, so rapidly that his blade begins to create a great vortex that draws in all enemies nearby towards him, when they come into contact with the razor sharp whirlwind, they begin to take damage, sliced by his sword, taking 35/55/75/95 damage a second, the vortex can only be maintained for three seconds, after this ends, any enemies that were damaged by it, now bleed for 25 seconds, taking 10 points of damage per second.
-Calcifer(Howl's Moving Castle)
Starfire Rush - Calcifer rushes to the targeted point burning the ground as he charges to his destination, range increases from 500/600/700/800. Burn damage deals 45/55/65/75 damage per second, flames last 5 seconds..

Living Flame - Calcifer disperses his body to the near vicinity burning all those near him for 15/20/25/30 damage per second. If he kills a unit with this he gains an additional 10 damage for 10 seconds. Lasts 15 seconds.

Scintillating Carapace - All those who attack Calcifer are burned for 5 seconds for 2/4/6/8 damage each second. Additional attacks will stack the damage, each level increases armor passively by 2/4/6/8.

Heart of the Inferno - Calcifer's contract is lifted allowing him to unleash a hellish soul fire that is not dispersed until death onto his surrounding enemies, soul fire halves attack damage, and drains mana by 25/50/75 and deals 100 damage per second, lasting 30 seconds. (Heroes have it for 15 seconds)
-Dracula(Bram Stoker's Dracula)
Famishing Hunger - Dracula feels his bloodlust come on stronger then ever, hungering for blood so strongly that he takes 7% of his max HP for 15 seconds, however this hunger is so strong he steals 50/75/125/150 HP for three attacks from an enemy, damage type is pure.

Ripper - Dracula has the abilities and powers of a vampire, but even he is legendary amongst their kind for his strength, moving so fast that his shadow has a difficult time following, making it run behind him, he rushes to a target point, ignoring all obstacles, when he reaches the target point he unleashes his vampiric speed again and slices all enemies in a 200 AoE, hitting up to three targets, dealing 25/50/75/125 damage. If he has Famishing Hunger applied, the he uses up all attacks and only hits for 40% of the original life steal damage.

Nighttime Prowler - Dracula is a creature of the night, while not harmed by the sun, he is weakened by it, he loses 10% of his attack and movement speed at daytime, and gains 10/15/20/25% movement and attack speed at night, he also turns invisible when holding still.

Lord of the Shadows - Unleashes the full might of the powers granted unto him by Hell, Dracula transforms into a mighty demon, boosting his HP by 300/400/500 and making him ranged, Famishing Hunger drains 10% of his max HP per second, but grants lifesteal damage double the normal amount, Ripper now causes him to teleport to the target location instantly, and blast all units in the target AoE, the damage done with Famishing Hunger is now increased to 60% of the original damage, Nighttime Prowler's effects are doubled in the case of day, and at night is now 20/25/30/35% faster.
-Miyamato Musashi(Famous Swordsmaster)
Sword Tempest - Musashi uses the powers of the wind to allow himself to leap into the air, bringing his sword forward onto any enemy in the target AoE, dealing 175/225/250/325 damage in a 200 AoE, range starts at 450/500/550/600.

Edge of the Storm - Musashi activates his powers, and begins whirling towards the target point, so fast is he that the wind rapidly churns about him, and draws lightning towards the blade, all enemies that come into contact with this whirlwind are cut for 25/35/45/55 damage per second, and have a 10/20/30/40% chance to be shocked by the lightning for 10/15/20/25 damage twice, the lightning has a 200 AoE range outside of the whirlwind.

The ability costs about 100 mana per cost, and has no cooldown, it can be repeated numerous times, whirlwinding towards the target point, but if you keep it up you'll run out of mana in a hurry.

Way of the Blade - Musashi is a master of the sword, so skilled is he that he can rapidly parry an attack from an enemy, then respond with the same force, has a 7/15/19/23% chance to block a melee attack and respond with the same force.

Honor Before Death - Miyamato Musashi is an honorable and honest swordsman, if it seems he will die before his opponent, he performs the ritual of seppuku, killing himself and spraying his blood over all opponents around him, laying a curse of death upon them, twenty seconds later, his spirit strikes them, hoping to kill them in revenge for his death, dealing 400 damage, and slowing by 20% and silencing them.
Can only be used under 30% of normal HP.
-King Tut(Former Egyptian Pharoah)
Curse of the Sands - The Entombed transforms his hand into sand and impales a foe with it, then drains an enemy of moisture from their bloodstream, dealing 10/14/16/18% damage to their max HP

Pestilence - King Tut unleashes a vile horde of flying locusts from within his embalmed corpse, these locusts drain mana until the spell is deactivated, they bite and gnaw at nearby enemies, draining 5/10/15/25 HP from every enemy around the Entombed

Army of the Dead - Every unit around King Tut, every five seconds has a 6/8/10/12% chance to have it's soul drained from it, killing it instantly, for every soul King Tut has stored, his stats are increased by 0.2, can store up to 30 souls

Pharoah's Wrath - The Entombed calls upon his full powers, and pulls a terrible and powerful obelisk from the ground, the obelisk attacks every five seconds with a powerful spell that bounces between enemies, dealing 20/40/60 damage per hit, lasts 20 seconds.(Obelisk should cast a form of chain lightning every five seconds as if it were an attack).
Hurl - Picks up an enemy and hurls it through the air, violently damaging it upon impact and dazing it.
Deals 100/200/300/400 damage, dazes for 15%

Land's Bond - Whenever Fangorn is stationary for more then two seconds, he extends roots into the ground, and gains extra 6/8/10/12 hit point regeneration

Swat - Fangorn swats an enemy unit out of the way, causing it to slide a certain distance, stunning the target if it hit's anything along the way, knockback distance of 400/500/600/700, stuns for 3 seconds

Overgrowth - Fangorn stimulates the plants around him to grow like mad, and cause roots to burst from the ground, grab an enemy unit and pull him underground for a short duration, after this, the enemy takes 75/125/150 damage, loses 10/30/50% damage, 10/20/30% attack speed, and 10/20/30% movement speed.
-King Theoden(LotR)
"Forth, Eorlingas!" - Theoden charges forward gallantly in a straight line, any enemies in his way shall be trampled, taking 75/125/175/225 damage and are knocked down for two seconds

Horse Lord - Theoden is the king of the Rohirrim, they are famed for their ability to raise great and powerful horses, he gains a 5/14/17/21% speed boost to his movement(untriggered ability)

"Ride Now!" - Theoden summons to his aid some of his courageous and mighty Riders of Rohan, summons two warriors who each grow in strength with every level, at level 1 they are common soldiers, at level 2 they are now have Critical Strike, at level 3 they have Critical Strike and Great Speed, at level 4 they have Critical Strike, Great Speed, and a small chance to instantly kill a normal unit

"Now For Wrath! Now For Ruin! And A Red Dawn!" - Theoden gives the order for his Riders of Rohan to charge forward indiscriminately, to destroy anyone in their path, each rider deals 50/70/90 damage.
-Hamburger Helper(You should know where this is from)
Cadaver Lust[Innate] - Hamburger Helper can store corpses in his body, which he can use later for some of his abilities, each corpse adds 2 damage, .5 armor, and 1 point of strength for each corpse stored, can store up to 8 corpses

Gore - The Carcass Lord impales an enemy on his meat hook, then swings the foe around on the hook, the enemy takes 75/125/175/225 damage, and bleeds for five seconds, taking 25/35/45/55 damage per second.

Meatapult Attack! - Hamburger Helper takes a corpse from his storage, and throws it at a target location in a 200/250/300/350 AoE, all targets, friend or foe, in the AoE take 80/100/120/140 damage and are slowed by 10/20/30/40% by the slick blood that covers them

Cleaver's Revenge - The Carcass Lord can get very annoyed with enemies sometimes, especially when they fight back while he's trying to carve them up, so to get them back, he has a 5/10/15/20% chance to unleash a devestating attack, dealing 50% of his damage in a 200 AoE, along with an extra 25/50/75/100 damage

Om Nom Nom - Hamburger Helper goes crazy with the taste of fresh unspoiled meat! He bites an enemy hero, dealing 3% of their max hp, and gaining +10 strength, then he gains a +15% speed boost to his movement and attack speed, lasts 20 seconds.
-Festergut(WoW, Boss in Icecrown Citadel)
Rotten Grasp - Causes a tentacle to magically sprout from Festergut's staff, shooting forward and snaring the first unit it encounters, dealing damage, the tentacle damages allies as well as enemies(And yes, if you think Pudge after reading this, it was indeed inspired by that).

Contagion - Festergut releases a cloud of disease, the cloud infects all enemies who come into contact with it, slightly slowing them and dealing damage over time, the disease spreads to nearby enemies that come into contact with those who were infected.

Deadly Scourge - Festergut grows in power with each enemy he kills within the next 30 seconds, for each enemy he kills, his spells get an addional 10 damage, stacks up to five times.

Vile Corruption - Festergut infests an enemy with a parasite that slowly eats the insides of the target hero from the inside out, dealings 1% if their max HP per second for 10 seconds, after the duration ends, if the enemy hero is still alive, they are silenced for 5 seconds.
-Cthulu(The Call of Cthulu)
Mindflay - Cthulu flays the minds of enemies around him, causing them to have difficulty defending themselves, and to lose attack power

Temporary Insanity - Cthulu instills madness in an opposing hero, forcing them to spend mana points in increasing amounts per second.

Command Aura - Cthulu reorganizes and structures the minds of his nearby allies, boosting their damage

Project - Cthulu can create an image with his powerful mind of almost any target(cannot target bosses), it has 100% damage and takes 200% damage.
-Lor'themar Theron(WoW, Silvermoon)
-Roland of Charlemagne(The Song of Roland)
Holy Light - Heals allies and harms enemy undead, can heal self, heals for 200/300/400/500

Inner Fire - Roland unlocks the hidden potential of an ally, boosting it's armor, and damage.

Prayer - Roland prays mightily to God in battle, bestowing increased regeneration unto him and all nearby allies

God's Wrath - Unleashes a blast of holy energy, straight from the Almighty himself, dealing damage in a line
-Reginleif(Norse Mythology, a Valkyrie)
-Aeolus, Scion of the Storm(A cameo from ToB, one of my all time favorite maps, and the Greek God of Wind)
-Azrael, the Hebrew version of Death
-Izual, the Fallen Angel from D2
Cursed - Izual is cursed with a terrible form, however he can turn it on or off at will, activating the powers of his curse, he takes on a greater form(have him just grow in size with some cool effects), and gains 10/20/30/40+ stats, 20/25/30/35% attack speed, 5/10/15/20% move speed, and 5/10/15/20+ damage but takes 5/6/7/8% of his current HP per second as long as the curse is active.

Hatred - Izual has been twisted terribly by his torments in Hell, now he hates all life, and desires only to see it suffer as he has and does, drawing upon the powers of Hell, he zips toward a target location, so long as there is an enemy in a 300 AoE of his path, he will accelerate with his growing hate by 2/6/10/12% per second until he reaches a maximum of 100% faster, upon impact, if anyone was at the end of the line(travels for 1500 distance), he blasts the area with hellfire, dealing 100/150/200/250 damage, which burns the enemy for 36 damage for 5/10/15/20 seconds.

If there is no target, Izual is exhausted from his hate built run, and is slowed by 30% for 10 seconds

Demonskin - The once Angel grows a skin of demon hide, gaining +2/4/6/8 points of strength, and reduced incoming damage by 10/15/20/25%, reduces debuff durations by 2/4/6/8%(should not include Hatred debuff).

Lucifer's Gift - Izual is granted great power by the lord of Hell, he begins channeling, growing a ball of fire in his hands, depending on how long he channels, when released the ball deals damage in an 600 AoE, up to 200 - 1000 damage, can channel for up to 10 seconds, if the channel is interrupted it explodes on Izual for half damage.
-Mephistopheles, a devil(Castlevania)
Flash of Darkness - Very short range blink, 200/300/400 range, calling upon the powers of darkness, Mephistopheles disappears and reappears, bringing the shadows of the void with him, which blast enemies around the entry and exit point of the blink for 75/150/225/275 damage, damage does not stack, can only be hit once by exit or entry(until the spell cools down again).

Shadow's Touch - Let's a burst of dark energy emit forth from his body, the Devil pushes all enemies away from him in a 600 AoE, dealing 150 damage, and slowing by 10%, slow lasts 5/10/15 seconds.

Fires of Hell - Heating his body up with the black and shadowy fires of Hell itself, Mephistopheles gains a damage aura, that scorches and withers enemies about him just by being around him, for every 5 seconds spent in his presence, enemy heroes lose 1/1.5/2/2.5 points of strength for a duration of 30 seconds, as well as losing a point of strength, they are hit for 2% of their current HP. AoE of 300/500/700/1000
Cloak - Zeratul activates his cloak, bending light around him to make himself invisible, drains 10/20/30/40 mana per second till the cloak is deactivated, attacking will break the invisibility for 1.5 seconds, the cloak will then re-establish itself.

Warp Blades - As a Dark Templar, Zeratul has access to the devestating Warp Blades, the signature weapon of the Dark Templar, the Warp Blades twist and blur time and space around the weapons, causing them to slice through enemies with greater power, granting 25/50/75/100 extra points of damage per hit, these attacks also lower the enemies armor by 1/2/3/4 armor per hit, stacking up to 6/5/4/3 times

Zero Shift - Zeratul momentarily phases out of this space time-continuum, he cannot be attacked or attack, nor can he be seen(you can only see his shadow), while he still can move, however, he cannot cloak while phased. Lasts 4/6/8/10 seconds.

Tortured Space - Dark Templar powers are momentarily activated to allow Zeratul to move and attack 20% faster, ripping and twisting space in horrific ways, he becomes unbreakably invisible for 3/5/7 seconds. After this duration, he is slightly slowed by 10%, and loses 50 damage due to the strain of activating these powers
-Lycosa Tarantula(Wolf Spider)
Pounce - Lycosa Tarantula leaps forward towards a target area, any enemy caught in this area in knocked down for 1 second, they take 25/50/75/100 damage, if she hits an enemy that is stunned, she rapidly bites them, and injects a poison that deals 7/14/21/32 damage a second for the next 15 seconds.

Cunning Trap - The Scuttling Death burrows into the ground and lays several eggs, then pops out and continues on her way, when an enemy walks over the trap, the now developed and hatched broodlings, spring from the ground, entangling the enemy and slowing them by 20/30/40/50%, these broodlings have a powerful poison which slows attack speed and deals damage over time, each level increases broodling strength, summons three broodlings.

Spider Senses - As a spider, The Scuttling Death has very acute senses, allowing her a percent chance to dodge an attack or spell, starting at 8/17/21/35% chance. If burrowed, the evade chances are doubled.

Death's Kiss - The lethal toxin that granted this mutant spider her name, Death's Kiss allows the Lycosa Tarantula the ability to inject a deadly poison with every bite, slowing the enemy by 7/11/18/21%, and dealing ever increasing poison damage for each .01% of HP the target has missing. Starting at 4 poison damage per second, the poison lasts 5 seconds.
-Atlas(Greek Titan)
Shockwave - Atlas leaps into the air, coming back down into the ground, he slams the earth, creating a massive shockwave which ripples forward in a line, throwing enemies to the side and causing them to be slowed by 15%, stunned for 1 second, and take 25/50/75/125 damage

"Hey you! Catch!" - Atlas lifts a boulder and hurls it with great strength and power, the boulder travels a distance, bouncing off of any targets it hits, if it hits an enemy, they are knockbacked and skid for 200 AoE, taking 125/175/225/275 damage, if the boulder ricochets into another enemy, it's damage is multiplied by 0.75x.

Titansteel - Atlas is one of the GODS! No mere mortal can harm him! Atlas has skin made of godlike steel, each level increases his armor by 4/6/8/10, and causes him to take reduced damage by 20% for every 0.01% HP missing.

Take a Trip - Atlas lifts an enemy and throws them to the moon! They take 300 damage, and are out of commission for 3/5/7 seconds! After this duration ends they land back on the solid earth, and are dazed, being slowed by 30% for 5 seconds.
-Myself, based off an A.I. from Bungie's 1997 Marathon series
Machine Wrath - Durandal smacks an enemy with the kind of force only a machine can dish out, causing a knockback distance of 500, and them to take 125/175/250/325 damage

Cannonball - The A.I. takes pleasure in his powerful body, leaping into the air, he comes down spinning like a cannonball! Slamming the ground, it causes all enemies at the target location to fly into the air, coming down they bounce 2/3/4/5 times, each bounce dealing 50 damage, and slowing by 8% per bounce.

Intellect - Durandal is incredibly brilliant, his mind has expanded a vast amount, giving him a 5/10/15/20 boost to intelligence, each level causes his abilities to cooldown faster by 2/4/6/8 seconds, and boosts their damage by 2/4/6/8%.

Fortitude of a Tank - The A.I.'s body is enormously resiliant, upon activation, grants +10 to all stats, and reduces all incoming damage from spells by 20%, with a 5% chance to completely resist a spell. Lasts 5/10/15 seconds.
-A Nightmare given flesh
Uneasy Slumber - The Nightmare puts to sleep an enemy unit, causing them to fall asleep for 5/6/7/8 seconds and to take 10/20/30/40 points of pure damage per second, if the unit is hit with Overwhelming Fear during the duration, the Slumber Ends, but the damage they lose is increased by 30%, and the take 5 pure damage for 15 seconds

Overwhelming Fear - The Nightmare instills into an enemy with a panick causing, overpowering fear that causes them to lose control of their unit/hero, for five seconds, after the duration ends they lose 50% of their damage for 10 seconds

Sleeping Horrors - Every 8 seconds in the presence of the Nightmare, enemies have a 5/10/15/20% chance to see a horrifying image in their minds, causing a .001 ministun, and a loss of target acquisition, they also take 20 damage, if an opponent is hit with Sleeping Horrors while under Uneasy Slumber, the sleep ends, and they are stunned for 4 seconds.

Dark Dream - The Nightmare causes an enemy hero to have a waking nightmare, causing random images to appear about them, attacking and disappearing at random, these images deal 200% normal damage, and take 500% damage, they cause the target hero to lose 2 to all stats, these stats return after Dark Dream ends, 20 seconds.
-Saber, from Fate Stay Night
Invisible Air - Saber causes the air around her blade to writhe and distort, inducing an illusion of ethereality, making it difficult for foes to discern the length or width of the blade by sight, making it hard for them to parry or defend from her attacks, granting her attacks for the next 10 seconds the ability to ignore 2/4/6/8 armor, at the end of the duration, she expels the air from the sword violently, causing a blast of razor sharp air in a 400 AoE around her, dealing 25/50/75/125 damage.

Excaliber - A celestial sword, constructed by the world from the collective wishes of mankind and fueled by a conversion of mana into photoelectric energy, this creates a great beam of devestating firepower that can be fired at a target AoE, unleashing a blast that deals 150 damage, and destroys 150/200/250/300 mana, the combusted mana does not deal damage.

Mana Burst - Rapidly consumes her energy supply for a boost to her strength, Saber uses 200/250/300/350mana points to boost her stats for a duration by 10/20/30/40, lasts 15 seconds.

Avalon - The hallowed scabbard of Excalibur, originally stolen from King Arthur shortly before the Battle of Camlann, when activated grants increased regeneration, protection from attacks and spells, granting 4/6/8hitpoint regeneration, and 5/10/15/20% magic resistance
-A Beholder!(DnD)
Eyebeam - Charges up energy, and directs towards a target AoE, as long as the spell is channeled, deals 10/20/30/40 damage per second, lasts 15 seconds. AoE range of 400.

Evasion - Being able to fly, the Beholder can be a diffiult target to hit, gives a chance to dodge physical and magical damage attacks or spells, starting at 5/16/23/28% chance.

Gaze - The Beholder stares at an enemy, causing them to become unnerved if they are facing it, after three seconds of being stared at, the enemy will panick, and lose control of their hero, for 2/3/4/5 seconds, however, if the Beholder is interrupted, it is stunned for 2 seconds, and loses evasion for that duration.

Laser Attack - The Beholder charges it's attacks with more energy, granting it 300/400/500 increased range, a slow that stacks by 2/4/6% and adds 20/30/40 damage, drains 70 mana per attack.
Charge - Grendel builds up momentum, writhing in one location as he charges kinetic energy, then rushes towards a target location, any enemies caught in his path are knocked aside, and take 25/50/75/125 damage, they are slowed slightly by 10% for 5 seconds.

Thrash - The Hell Spawn whirls and thrashes all enemies around him, any enemies within 200 AoE of Grendel are thrown 100 range and are knocked down for 3 seconds, they take 100 damage.

Predator - Grendel is an expert at hunting and killing enemies, so long as their is only two to one enemy in a 400 AoE, he becomes invisible, which upon breaking deals a critical of 1.5/2/3/4 damage, once broken, cannot become invisible again for 6 seconds.

Crushing Blow - Grendal snatches an enemy, then lifts them into the air and brutally smashes them into the ground, dealing 500 damage and dropping their strength by 10/20/30% for 5 seconds. However the strength used up in this mighty act, costs him a great deal of energy, causing him to be slowed by 30% for 7 seconds in exhaustion.

Welcome to the War of Souls

Looking for: Someone willing to code the abilities, that's where I'm stuck
Where's the map?
Doesn't exist yet...or at least not in the sense it's ready to be played, I forgot to add what I'm looking for

EDIT: BE putting that in now
I can see where you're going with this, and I love the idea. But there is one problem. You do say that having over powered heroes gets boring after a while, and so it does. But it does offer excitement for the player for a while, and the other team has motivation to try to gang up on this rigged player. But yes, it does get boring after a while.

Now you may see where i'm going with this. If all of your heroes aren't rigged and are quite balanced, easy to fight eachother but no idea who will win, yeah, it'll be interesting. But not for long. People will get bored of the same old heroes and being perfectly balanced with eachother unless they have the godly items, which trust me, some people will spam risk to get even if you discourage it.

So I like the idea, but it will end up just like the other angel arenas. It'll get boring, eventually. Because it's the same thing over and over. I actually perfer the angel arenas with secret heroes you can unlock, and trust me, i've been killed using those heroes if the team is smart enough. Plus, there's super strong bosses you have to try to kill as those secret heroes aswell, which is still very hard. So I think your idea is TOO balanced, if you understand what i'm saying. I'm not trying to offend, but trust me on this, i'm a player of these arena games aswell, and this idea being the same thing every game will get sort of boring.

Sorry if that's a little offensive after all the work you've done, but I think you should try to find a way to combine the rigged parts of some of the angel arenas, with some of the more balanced aspects. So not too rigged, but not too balanced. Even then it'll get boring after a while, but I think it's better then everything being balanced in the game. People WANT the chance to get some secret hero or item that makes them super strong, because it gives them a goal to the game. It gives them a reason to try to risk, or to try and go beat some super hard boss creep. But if the secret hero and item is TOO rigged, then the game will become very unbalanced and that player will be able to kill everyone. So I hope you see what i'm saying.
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    still a few hours
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    Its Friday!!!!
  • Ghan Ghan:
    Thursday 7/10 would Thursday again
  • The Helper The Helper:
    New forum coming soon going to be for my friend Saylor who is blind and he is doing motivational speaking and has an internet radio show and podcast. I am going to put a forum to promote him and other inspirational speaker stuff going to have some good stuff in it.

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