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    What is Angular Js: A Framework for Javascrpit/HTML

    Why I am considering Diving into it? Databinding, and MVC Model.

    To be honest I haven't done anything with MVC Models before although i am tempted to div into mvc model and move away from web forms at least for a project or 2 to give it a shot. I have some idea as i have done some reading.

    I have looked into some other semi related tech. Like knock out. If all i wanted was data-binding then id consider knock out. I can see how data-binding can speed up our dev time on many of my pages.

    Goal is to Improve Speed of Dev. That means less going back and fixing things , faster ramp up time, less hackish tables.

    What are your thoughts on Angular js? too heavy duty and cause problems for other things we may want to use? To much to learn? after using it if someone who doesnt knows it has to maintain or fix your code, would this be a nightmare. In general i avoid using includes and frameworks when i can. and try to keep things simple but I think this could be helpful thoughts?

    Example of why I even started to look into it: In the internal site I am working on its a requirement for all the tables to auto update cleanly. and in the table there are buttons to links in the javascrpit below. and these tables are all geting filled in from db.

    with out buttons using DataTable js, and a minor plugin for it, we are able to do this in under 6 lines of code (i considering a line everything before a ; including 1 line in the service, 2 lines on sever to hit the service from url request, 1 line in javascrpit to make data table, and tie to to the url.

    But the issue becomes when i add a button. What I have been doing is hackish, and thats pulling data out on server and then putting it into a list of list adding in the buttons with the links and then parsing it back out. i am able to do what iwas before but adds another step. and makes it so our front end guy has to look at c# or i have to update it when things change. Its not a good solution.

    With data-binding i can drop data-tables entirely if i wanted to, and its include file we are using, and have him generate more of a template row and I can have it databind with the new info coming in. much much nicer. I have yet to do this as i am still looking at options and to not just resolve this one problem but to make the time we have to dev make the best site possible, and future sites.

    Imagine I could find other tempalteing solutions for just this one problem but I want to look at the entire picture.

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