WIP Anime All Wars (Need SpellMaker and SystemMaker)

Fadila Rizaldyn

New Member
This is hero arena map.
Character in my maps :
1. Naruto (Sage Mode)
2. Goku
3. Ichigo
4. Luffy
5. Natsu
6. Sasuke
7. Zetsu
8. Rock Lee [Finish]
9. Sanji
10. Crocodile [Finish]
11. Gray
12. Erza (Heaven Wheel Mode)
13. Laxus
14. Kirito
15. (Maybe) Enel or Krilin

I need a spellmaker or systemmaker join on this maps.

Model : 100%
Spells : 15%
System : 10%
Terrain : 100%


I don't know what to change it to
Do the spells have to be in Jass? If not, I can do a big variety of GUI-MUI spells.
Pm me with details.
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