US News Antelope at Tennessee zoo chokes to death on plastic snack pouch cap

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A "beloved" antelope choked to death on the plastic cap of a snack pouch over the weekend, a Tennessee zoo announced.

Lief, a 7-year-old sitatunga antelope, died Saturday, Brights Zoo said on Facebook. The animal choked on the cap of a squeezable fruit sauce pouch that the zoo said is not allowed on its grounds in Limestone, about 85 miles northeast of Knoxville.

A sitatunga antelope can live up to around 22 years in human care, according to the Smithsonian’s National Zoo. Lief “still had a lot of life to live,” Brights Zoo said.

“Some ask why we don’t allow squeezable pouches into the zoo. The reason is simple — the packaging is dangerous to our animals,” the zoo said on Facebook.

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