any way to load maps faster?

Discussion in 'Blizzard Games Help' started by soma_cruz20, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. soma_cruz20

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    Can anyone give me ways to load warcraft 3 frozen throne maps faster?
    Twilight's eve ORPG takes about 5 minutes for my pc to load, by that time I either get disconnected or all the players have already left the game.
  2. UndeadDragon

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    The map load speed is depending on how good your computer is. If you are experiencing load times that are too long it may be that your computer is not powerful enough to load them faster.
  3. Accname

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    Are you talking about downloading them when you join or really about the loading time of the game?
    The first one is obviously dependent on your internet connection, the B-Net server and the connection of the host. The second is dependant on your hard drive, your RAM and CPU.
  4. Slapshot136

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    the map load time depends mostly on how large the map is in terms of size and pre-placed units/trees/terrain/etc. and amount of "map initialization" trigger events, but of course, running your map and wc3 off a SSD would also make it faster
  5. Varine

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    Or higher bandwidth or speed between the hard drive and memory.
  6. Slapshot136

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    I doubt you can hit the limit of either of those.. especially without a SSD

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