anyone got a open copy of Merlin racing


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im tired of staring at my sealed Merlin racing in all its glory haha.
But does anyone have a open copy of Merlin racing. Sold mine years ago..


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Just open yours and play it. Games are meant to be played. Merlin Racing is the second easiest to find Nuon game (I get that it's still not *common*), after Ballistic, so just open it up like it's Christmas morning and get your kart racing on!


NUON Lover!
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I use burn on the Mac for the DVD-Rs and the Nuon. Merlin Racing is one of my favorite games. I have an open copy and a sealed copy.

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I have an open copy but I am not selling. Ebay is your friend you just need to be persistent. Merlin Racing has a nice history on PS1 after NUON but the games were slammed in the media.
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