Apologies and Good bye's...

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I haven't spent long on this forum. But I've enjoyed everyday. I've met new friends, and I've learned a lot. But...Personal problems have arised. The Mods/Admins/Special Members already know about this, but there is a good chance I won't be on much...For awhile, maybe permenantly...

I apologize to anyone I've ever offended. I know I'm not always polite or patient, and those are flaws I must deal with. But just know it was never anything personal. It's just how I react to people. I'm sorry...

Thank you all for teaching me. Thank you all for being there when I had a question. I really hope I do get through this problem and am back soon, but I can make no promises. No one ever can...



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nice meeting u alexander hope things go well for u


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yeah it was nice meeting you and thanks for all your help. Hope things work out alright.

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Same here Alexander. Sorry to see you go but if you ever decide to come back we will be here. Peace.


cya gonna miss ya if u wont i can continu your map just idea


Wow, can't believe you are leaving. I have'nt been here long, but you definitely had a presence on the forums...you will be missed.

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:( You have been one of my best friends here at thehelper, alexander. I hope whatever trouble you have soon dissipates, as your abscense will certainly be noted here. I hope you can return, but if not, good luck in whatever life has in store for you. Farewell ...

Enshu falah - nah, brother.


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We will miss you :), your always a good friend at TheHelper.net, always a good helper too :). Fun person, good friend I said that already :(.



8 yrs. Hell, it's been a long time.
I've only been here for just 1 week and I already got you on my list of "respected people." We'll miss you! Good luck on whatever is troubling you and hopefully you come back.

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