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I think i ran into a miss understading back in the help thread... My question was simply what music to use in my map, I bought the CD that has that music on it, and for my reply to Sargon, it was a joke, mainly becuse i dis-like greenday (weather you belive me or not is up to you) i look down upon piracy, i stole nothing. as for the Advertising comment, my out look on it is, i bougth the CD and if people can hear one song while playing a game, it's exposeure, and they just might go buy the CD (that i also purchased), in turn helping out the Band. I hope this is understandable. I apologize for the thread.


EDIT:Fully understood, Sorry thought if i bought it i could do what ever i wanted with it.


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We honestly don't care what you do with your music. The point is, sugesting piracy can get US in trouble on the site. We are strict in not participating or supporting anything thats illegal. Incuding piracy, music, cd keys, or anything of that nature.

Its just better to not discuss it at all.

So lets not discuss it anymore. Not even here. And we all drop it.



It only does everything.

*pushed Master out of the music club and in BlizzardCon™*

sorry if this was pointless... just had to...
-rep for me :(


So how about them Dolphins? They got Ricky Williams back now you know?

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