Sci/Tech Apple iPad is dropped from the edge of space and survives in full working order.


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They have previously dropped an iPad out of a plane as well as launching a bowling ball on one.

But G-Form have now gone one step further in order to prove just how tough their protective iPad cases are.

The firm has dropped an Apple tablet from the edge of space and, incredibly, it survived.

As a YouTube video shows, G-Form attached the iPad and case to a weather balloon which carried it 100,000ft up.

The entire journey was captured on a video attached to the balloon.

Read more here.


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Correct me if im wrong, but surely it wouldnt matter how far up you went from a plane - seeing as it will hit terminal velocity anyway?


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This is true. It wouldn't matter, but what's cooler sounding? iPad dropped from a plane or iPad dropped from THE EDGE OF SPACE!?

Anyhow... this doesn't make me want an iPad or a G-Form any more than I didn't want it before ;P


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Doesnt want me have one at all. For the price of these things i can live another 6 months.


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Someone asked me if he should get an ipad or a laptop -_-. Laptoppppppp


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guys cut that out, we are thehelper members, not 9gag ones.

Well even my dog can survive falling from this far with ballons. The true matter is if it can survive just thrown down to earth.
Nokia 3310 passed that test.....trolololol!!!
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