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    Archimonde's Arena v2.0 AI Beta 1


    Quick Link:
    Latest Version (v2.0 AI Beta 1): Click Here
    Release Date: 9 October 2011

    About the Map:
    Choose a unique hero from 9 choices and buy customized items. You will teleport into the arena and then waves of creeps will enter, which you must fight off to earn money and advance to the next level. Every 5th level a boss will spawn, which is very powerful. Teamwork is essential to defeat the bosses, as well as the normal creeps.

    - 9 customized heroes.
    - Many customized items with recipes.
    - 25 levels of play.
    - Creeps' life increases by a percentage per level, ensuring increasing difficulty.
    - Bots can play (still under development).
    - Picturesque environment.

    - Centaur
    - Paladin
    - Warrior

    - Thief
    - Lightning Revenant
    - Blademaster

    - Priest
    - Frost Queen
    - Necromancer

    To be updated soon...
    The Base

    Heroes in Action


    The latest version is a beta version. There are some bugs that have been found - please check here. If you find a bug, please either post it here or on the website ( Version 2.0 AI is nearly complete - I just have to fix a few things. Please let me know if you have any suggestions.

    This is what the map overview looks like in the version currently in development:


    For a complete list of the latest version's changes: Click Here

    If you have any feedback:
    - Email Me.
    - Post a comment here.
    - Visit

    Major Contributors:
    - noobieatmaps (boss ideas)
    - Lembidi (many ideas, bugs)
    - Jackyeoh (many ideas, bugs)

    - Pyritie --> "Vampiric Aura" (Mist Aura effect and name)
    - DonDustin --> "Frostpillar V2" (Ice Vortex effect)
    - Daelin --> "Glacia Aura" (Ice Vortex effect)
    - sPy --> "Holy Aura" (Warrior's Heavy Armour effect)
    - sPy --> "Greenmagic Missile (Necromancer missile)
    - JetFangInferno --> "Voodoo Aura" (Bladebane Armour effect)
    - JetFangInferno --> "Command Aura" (Frost Queen's Aura of Brilliance)
    - JetFangInferno --> "Invisibility Target" (Thief's Stealth)
    - JetFangInferno --> "War Stomp Caster" (Priest's Holy Blast)
    - JetFangInferno --> "Wisp Explode" (Priest's Enchant)
    - JetFangInferno --> "Spirit Link Target" (Lightning Revenant's Energy Surge)
    - JetFangInferno --> "Wisp Explode (purple)" (Necromancer's Slow Magic)
    - JetFangInferno --> "Brilliance" (level 10 boss [Death Knight] aura)
    - JatFangInferno --> "Dark Blast" (level 15 boss [Warlock] stomp)
    - JetFangInferno --> "Dark Void" (level 15 effect)
    - FetFangInferno --> "Death Wave" (level 15 effect)
    - Norinrad --> "Runical Aura" (Aura of Strength effect)
    - Mainy --> "Ghost Aura" (Level 5 boss [Lich] aura)
    - War_Golum --> "Brightwalker Aura" (Centaur's Command Aura)
    - Thrikodius --> "Bless" (level 12 effect)
    - EnetheruAnuon --> "Guardian Aura" (level 12 effect)
    - Callahan --> "Lightning Strike Large" (level 15 effect)

    Suggestions and Bugs
    - yt_
    - Magtheridon96
    - FrozenFenrir
    - tleno
    - light bolt30
    - kevlamin
    - Magnet199
    - secretgarden
    - Darth_Malak
    - Leak-
    - hellboys12345
    - -katana-
    - Uniteks
    - Tozza
    - Shubac
    - Daniel

    - Im_On_56k --> LeakCheck program.
    - Tom Jones --> Max HP and mana system used for bosses.
    - Weep --> GUI-Friendly Damage Detection.
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    I've just updated this post to the latest version of the map. Please fell free to leave comments. Thanks!
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    could you include more info about the heroes and use some spoilers? with spoilers you could take up the same room or less and provide more info, like this:

    The Centaur
    Pic goes here <--


    Stomp - Deals aoe damage in a circle around the caster and stuns for x seconds.
    Bellowing Blow - Strikes a target with your massive axe, dealing enormous damage to it and cleaving through it to nearby enemies for bonus damage, maiming all of them, causing them to be slowed by x percent for the next x seconds[/U][/B]
    any other abilities could be added and this was just an example
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    Okay, thanks. I tried using hidden tags, but it didn't work so I gave up. I will work on the heroes' spells.
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    Looks fairly interesting, could do with more hero's/champion's etc.
    But glad to see some people still adding AI to their maps.

    (As mentioned above, please add more information into your initial post)

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