Are you getting tired of gaming?


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I've recently figured out that gaming is a waste of time
It's fairly subjective. Call of Duty is an incredibly immersive game and though the online play becomes overly competitive at times, it provides a great amount of stress relief and venting personal frustrations by, in some sense, allowing access to what is, in most cases, a significantly cooler life, allowing them time to relax some parts of their brain as well as built up muscle and nervous tension. And in that sense you could equally argue that books are a waste of time, despite enormous psychological benefits from reading. Video games provide a very similar function, as well some level of training in fine motor skills, accuracy of hand movements in correlation to visual stimuli, constant assessment of your surroundings, and rapid decision making, which most people desperately need. I wouldn't be surprised to see MS and ALS patients benefit to some extent, at least with use of their hands, from playing FPS and other fast paced games regularly.


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A very valid point, Varine. I guess what I meant to say was that I used to play games as a way to pass the time, instead of getting anything out of it! These days I mostly only play games to chill out, so to that end, I avoid online gaming, and when I do play online, I tend to stuff around as much as possible :D


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I find Minecraft boring, I'm so out of games... I just want something new! Zombie games were a hit, until people made thousands of them... I'm bored of all my games and I just want to sleep!


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Gaming, like many other activities can be very fun when you're playing with friends. So I mostly play games with friends now, though I do enjoy some single player ones now and then (like Arkham Origins coming out soon).


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There are plenty of good games coming with amazing single player. A lot of engaging multiplayer games.

As someone who hasn't watched Tv in over two years and watch 2 or 3 shows (with 10-12 episodes per year) when I am home I tend to play games. I don't get bored, since there is always something to play. The fact that I play for a few hours every few days (which isn't that often) probably helps to keep me interested as well.


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I used to love playing video games, then I went to college. I would spend 30+ hours on an RPG (the Mass Effect Series [though I didn't play 3] and The Witcher (1+2) were some of my favorite), only to come back to it a few weeks later and do the same thing but making myself as evil as possible. I used to wake up every Saturday and play games for four hours until my parents made me get off. Then college hit and changed everything.

While at school, I had very little free time (19 units + an 8 hour a week job will do that to you) and spent the precious little that I had developing relationships with my friends. Sure, there was the occasional round of League of Legends that was played, though I could never participate because this was before the Mac client came out. The Winter Steam Sale came around and I bought a ton of new games as little presents for myself and others (Borderlands 2-4 pack, Left For Dead 2, Fallout 3, etc.). I enjoyed playing them for an hour or two at a time (with my older brother), but was forced to stop due to school resuming (same units/work hours). When summer hit, I found myself reading and practicing guitar in my spare time as opposed to gaming. I feel like this was aided (ironically) by the Steam hour count. I saw it and I was like "I've spent 141 hours playing Team Fortress 2. I could have learned a new skill by now had I used those hours better! I could have used that time bettering my relationship with my family, getting a job, etc)".

As of now, I still enjoy playing a few rounds of League here and there (though I won't go for more than 2 or 3 in one sitting), or the odd match of Starcraft 2 (I'm pretty terrible though, never took the time to get good), but the fact of the matter is, I simply don't have time for games anymore. I'm also a different person than I was a year ago (cliché but true).

To answer the original question: I think that gaming will continue to grow as new generations begin playing video games at younger ages than before. My generation will likely be playing games for a while as well; I mean, who doesn't want to know what happens in games like The Witcher 3 or Kingdom Hearts 3 (I might actually buy that one though, I would like a blu-ray player anyway)? I also think that televised "eSports" are helping the gaming community grow, especially among those of Asian descent.

TL;DR Used to enjoy gaming, but then went to college and became uninterested. Gaming will continue to grow in popularity.

Sorry for the long post :)


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I don't think gaming in general has become tiresome to me. It's all this mainsteaming and the pay-to-win culture that has beaten me.

I don't feel the urge to buy new games. Well, if it is something I have high hopes for, then sure. But I don't go out a buy a random game anymore. The changes I will like it are so small that it's not worth it.

I have also switched the PC out with my PS3. For some reason I enjoy laying on the couch more than sitting in the chair.
Furthermore the PS holds the games I have been most "in love" with ever. Final Fantasy 7-8-9. And new indie games like Journey and Limbo has really caught my interest.

I only used my PC to play Fallout 1, Diablo II and fizzle around with the WC3 Editor (never got the skills or education to make actual games).

So I guess all in all. Games, for me, just don't hold the same staying power.
I played WoW for 7 years and realized (too late maybe) that it had went from an amazing game to all out mainstream .


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I only play RPGs or games with friends. Every other game bores me really quickly. Which is weird. I don't like spending time with friends but I'll play PC games with them as much as possible.


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I recently played alot of Ice Wind Dale with some friends. Such an old classic.
Some good old fashioned lan parties.


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Yeah, they are. I was at a Dota2 Lan party for the international - the time when TI3 wasn't on we were playing dota. Lived off pizza and monster. Best weekend in a long time.
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