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So basically, champions "around the Warcraft universe" are summoned in the arena to fight for the "prize".


A simple arena map which the objective would be killing an amount of heroes to win (20, 30, 40, 50... depending on host's desire).

The Circle of Powers are points of which will give you visibility around a radius near it.

The mini-arena on the right side of the map contains a full shop deluxe, a CoP and no monsters. You are free to do anything inside the mini arena such as killing other heroes in there for no interference from the creeps.

Number of Levels per hero: 35(?)
Levels per primary ability: 5(?)Levels per ultimate: 3 (every 6 level ups)


Host Commands:
-um (Uber Mode: inc dmg, hp, upgrades, etc. for arena mobs while inc exp gain for players)
-ar (All Random: Randomly pick heroes for all players)
-kick (Makes a vote debating to kick a certain player or not)
-ne (Normal Experience: Disabled the custom experience system)

Commands for all players:
-revive (revive instead of waiting *25 x level = gold needed*)
-unstuck (teleports to a random point in 10 seconds *frozen while in 10 seconds*)
-ms (tells current movespeed of player's hero)
-repick (Repicks the hero, used only once)
-random (Randomly picks a hero)

Completion of Map

Heroes ~ 100%?
Items ~ 90%
Terrain ~ 100%?
Triggers ~ 95% *maybe something I can add in the future*
Artificial Intelligence ~ 50% *insufficient amount of heroes*
Gameplay ~ 90% *need more stuff added*


Experience System:
The experience system works as it will add experience to your Hero for every damage it inflicts (including summoned units).. This will add experience to every individual damage. (e.g. IF = Quick Slask = lvl 5.. then dmg abt-15 x number of hits = full dmg.. BUT full dmg will not be converted to exp directly... every abt-15 dmg will be converted)..

Overkill is possible !

EXP SOLUTION = (CreepsLevel x [i](taken damage x random .15 to .25)[/i])
UBER MODE = (CreepsLevel x [i](taken damage x random .25 to .30)[/i])
if creeplevel = 0, then creeplevel is set to .5

Gold System
Different from anyone else's. When a standard arena creep dies from a player, it will drop a gold coin which must be picked up and will give a random value of gold

GOLD SOLUTION = (CreepsLevel x random 4 to 8)
if creeplevel = 0, then creeplevel is set to .5







• Trigger based abilities
• Item names and their effects
• Systems of which makes the gameplay better
• More original ideas

Update List (of post until release)
• BETA test is now available!

Please report of found bugs and please suggest things to me. Thank you.


BETA Changelog
v1.0 BETA ~ 12/7/07
=> No items for now
=> 8 heroes only
=> No AI [YET]
=> Unprotected [YET(?)]
=> Unbalanced

v1.1 BETA ~ 12/8/07
=> Added items (18)
=> 1 hero added (Total of 9)
=> Game-Time in Multiboard added
=> Added Hero Kill identifier
=> Increased Bounty of Mobs
=> Made units strong based on race (Human = Magic, Orc = Normal, Undead = Pierce)
=> Upgrading of Mobs added (every 5 minutes)

v1.2 BETA ~ 12/8/07
=> Added 2 new potions (20 items total)
=> 1 hero added (Total of 10)
=> Game-Time in Multiboard fixed from certain bugs
=> Storm Bolt fixed from certain bugs
=> Changed Royal Guard's Defend to Parry

v1.3 BETA ~ 12/9/07
=> Added 1 new hero (total of 11)
=> Fixed Reviving Potion being sold in Basic Merchant than Khadgar's Buckler
=> Fixed a bug where it adds winning points even if Killing Unit is not a Hero
=> Recoded Replenish and Minor Replenishment Potion
=> Fixed a bug in the upgrading of Creeps

v1.4 BETA ~ 12/9/07
=> Added 1 new Hero (total of 12)
=> Fixed a bug on Great Resort where it gives "Level Ability x 100" than "50 + (Level ability x 50)"
=> Added level identify in Learn Tooltips
=> Changed the Upkeep words (Upper Right)
=> Added Special Thanks (or Credits)

v1.4b BETA ~ 12/10/07
=> Added 6 new items and 3 new potions (29 in total)
=> Fixed tooltip and icon placement of Life Gathering
=> Added "Only melee units" on Parry tooltip

v1.4c BETA ~ 12/12/07
=> Recoded Reincarnation
=> Made Holy Light target to self
=> Changed revival style of creeps
=> Changed model of Shadow Warlock
=> Some other of which forgotten

v1.5 BETA ~ 12/14/07
=> Added 2 new heroes
=> Added 3 new items (?)
=> Fixed Icon placement of Life Gathering
=> Shortened Icon tooltips to see full info
=> Increased dps of Hack
=> Decreased Bash % of Miner's Pickaxe
=> Increased cost of Items in Advanced Merchant
=> Added Arena points of which may give sight to the area
=> Changed Damage Table of all attacks (Than Chaos)
=> Changed Damage Table of Hero Attacks to this:
Small ~ 1.10
Medium ~ 1.00
Large ~ 0.90
Fortified ~ 0.50
Normal ~ 1.00
Hero ~ 0.80
Divine ~ 0.20
Unarmored ~ 1.20

v1.6 BETA ~ 12/14/07
=> Added 1 new hero
=> Added more doodads
=> Added a new Merchant camp

v1.7 BETA ~ 12/16/07
=> Added 1 new hero
=> 2 player slots available
=> Updated Special Thanks/Credits
=> Hero level increased to 35

v1.8 BETA ~ 12/20/07
=> Added 1 new hero
=> Added 2 new commands, -revive and -skillreset
=> Fixed Shadow Replication
=> Fixed Lightning Hold
=> Removed almost most memory leaks
=> Increased base damage of Ice Wizard
=> Increased almost everything of Spectral Assasin
=> Increased damage of Frost Valley
=> Added 2 AI players (Player 1 and 2)

v1.8b BETA ~ 12/21/07
=> Fixed Death Coil
=> Added 2 CoPs for Players 7 and 8 (no one seems to notice it)
=> CoPs that are far can now be selected by 2nd Stone
=> Added 2 new AI Players (Heroes too insufficient)

v1.9 BETA ~ 12/24/07
=> Added 1 new hero
=> Reduced damage and hit point upgrade for field creeps
=> Upgrading occurs in a random time between 160 and 300 seconds (randoms every time it upgrades)
=> Updated Special Thanks

v1.10 BETA ~ 1/17/08
=> Added 3 new heroes
=> Improved all heroes
=> Weakened Death Coil of Death Knight by 25 damage
=> Made Blood Compact of Death Knight unable to get experience and gold
=> Added income (every 8 seconds = 20 gold)
=> Added some recipes (2 are only the real ones, the other 4 are just simple mixes)
=> Added floating text every time heroes use spells or items (except Kazehokou *duh*)
=> Added a "Coming Soon!" Stone (preview of incoming heroes but not on next version)
=> Lowered chance on potion drops (from creeps)
=> Forgot some other things

v1.10b BETA ~ 1/17/08
=> Reduced stun of Late Reaction of Tauren Chieftain to 1.00 second
=> Prepared a mini-arena or duel field. Cannot be accessed!
=> Reduced the damage and hp of arena mobs
=> Reduced damage to 15 of Death Coil of Death Knight
=> Removed seen Memory Leaks

v1.10c BETA ~ 1/17/08
=> Increased Frost Valley of the Frost Wizard's damage
=> Increased Mana Reduction of Dispell of the Archmage
=> Fixed Arrow Trap of the Bounty Hunter for not casting on enemy heroes
=> Rebalanced Cleaving Attack of the Tauren Chieftain
=> Renamed Late Reaction to Earthbreak of the Tauren Chieftain
=> Renamed Life Gathering to Soul Pillage the High Seet
=> Renamed Blood Compact with Soul Grab of the Death Knight
=> Renamed Known Mortality with Life Breaker of the Frost Wyrm
=> Decreased Kazehokou of Spectral Assasin's backstab damage by 25/50/75... and increased mana cost
=> Decreased Envenomed Weapons of Murloc Plaguebearer's poison duration by 7/14
=> Fixed the cost of Replenishment Potion from 6000 (price of Replenishment Scroll) to 1200
=> Fixed the cost of Replenishment Scroll from 6000 to 4000
=> Increased cost of Reviving Potion from 1400 to 1750
=> Reduced cost of Invisibility Potion from 1000 to 850

V1.11 BETA ~ 1/18/08
=> Added 1 new hero
=> Increased cost of Permanent Items
=> Made entry on mini-arena
=> Made creeps (including player summons *forgot to fix*) unable to go in shops and the mini-arena
=> Made a CoP in the mini-arena
=> Made shops inside the mini-arena
=> Reduced mana cost of Frost Valley of the Frost Wizard

v2 BETA ~ 1/25/08
=> Improved Multiboard
=> Added new heroes
=> Changed Imperial Rage of Death Knight to Summon (Teleports the target unit to the location of the Hero)
=> Rebalanced some abilities (weakened or strengthened more)
=> Individualized Gryphon Rider and Royal Knight's Storm Bolt

v2.1 BETA ~ 3/15/08
=> Added 2 new heroes
=> Replaced some abilities (forgotten)
=> Added -unstuck
=> Added an option if you want to have an FFA battle, or a team battle by 2s or 4s (kills do not merge with teammates')

v2.2 BETA ~ 3/18/08
=> Added 2 new heroes
=> Rebalanced some abilities
=> Arena Creeps now wander
=> Increased experience given
=> Fixed Blood Slasher's Multiboard Icon
=> Cleared most leaks
=> Fixed arena respawns where undead creeps do not
=> Increased gold gained from creeps
=> Increased life of meele units while decreased life of ranged units. Magic units stay as it is. (last time, range has higher hp than melee)

v2.2b BETA ~ 5/21/08
=> Lowered damage, hp, armor, etc. of arena mobs
=> Added new command, -um (look on Map Info for details of this command)
=> Rebalanaced most heroes
=> Improved AI
=> Added 2 new special mobs (Golden Mobster and Silver Armored)
=> Added sounds when killing enemy Heroes (and killstreaks)
=> Fixed item drop
=> New set of items given when summoning heroes
=> Fixed problem where your camera moves even when already revived by -revive
=> Fixed where items spawn in the center of the map
=> Changed the effects of Healing, Mana and Replenishment Scroll
=> Charged items merge together
=> Removed some memory leaks found
=> Fixed multiboard icon for Blademaster AI
=> Decreased pricing of most items
=> Selling of items will profit 75% of total price (~unsure~)
=> Upgrades reduced for arena mobs
=> Improved recreation of arena mobs when killed
=> Retyped some tooltips

v2.2c BETA ~ 5/22/08
=> Fixed other tooltips
=> Rebalanced all heroes (in basic stats)
=> Rebalanced Arthas' Suffering of Hell
=> Rebalanced Cairne's Earthbreak
=> Added new system, Experience System
=> Added new system, Gold System (not to be mistaken with income)
=> Added new command, -ar (look at Map Info [F9] for more information)

v2.3 BETA ~ 7/6/08
=> Rebalanced Kazehokou of Spectral Archer
=> Added 3 new heroes
=> Removed kill streak sounds
=> Added death streak
=> Rebalanced some Heroes
=> Added preview image

v2.3b BETA ~ 7/8/08
=> Rebalanced Ice Wizard
=> Rebalanced Headhunter
=> Fixed bug of Syringe Dream, Screech and Hack that increase AS and MS instead of decreasing it
=> Increased DMS and DAS of Screech
=> Decreased HP Regen of Stone Form while adding Take Off damage (Stone Form -> Normal Form)
=> Fixed Icon of Gargoyle in Multiboard
=> Fixed Dialogs where when playing on LAN or, the game does not Pause when the Host is still trying to pick an option
=> Fixed tooltips of items
=> Added 3 new recipes (with 2 of them having 3 different results each)
=> Edited some heroes in "Coming Soon" Stone (Mana Adept to Sun Warrior, Druid)
=> Added "Main Attribute" in Hero tooltip

v2.4 BETA ~ 7/9/08
=> Rebalanced Tauren's Earthbreak
=> Rebalanced Pandaren's Drunken Brawler
=> Added 1 new hero
=> Improved Item tooltips
=> Added the price near the Item's name
=> Added Assassin, Gargoyle, Sun Warrior and Tinker to the AR list
=> Removed AI triggers (to reduce size)
=> Item abilities does not appear Floating Texts when casted
=> Removed Gargoyle from "Coming Soon" stone
=> Lowered cooldown time when buying items (from 5 seconds to 1 second)
=> Added "Main Attribute" in Hero tooltip

v2.4b BETA ~ 7/12/08
=> Fixed Decapitate of Headhunter BUG where it will lead to instant lvl 35
=> Rebalanced Archmage's Blizzard
=> Fixed Shadow Strike of Saboteur where it lags very bad
=> Rebalanced Tinker and changed his model (now Robo-Globin) and now he is melee
=> Added 1 new hero to "Coming Soon" stone (Steam Tank)
=> Renamed Royal Soldier to Holy Knight
=> Fixed bug on Multiboard icons where when using -ar, the icons do not set up
=> New graphic for Leash of Mountain King
=> Rebalanced Spectral Archer's Starfall

v2.5 BETA ~ 7/12/08
=> Added 1 new Hero
=> Fixed a bug where Gargoyle does not have an inventory
=> Remove Inventory for "Soul Recall (renamed Summoning Being)"
=> Rebalanced experience system (also to uber mode)
=> For every mob, there is at least 1 gold, to identify if you did kill the target or not

v2.5b BETA ~ 7/13/08
=> Fixed Soul Bind of Soul Mage
=> Rebalanced Necromancer
=> Fixed Soul Mage's skill tooltips

v2.6 BETA ~ 7/14/08
=> Rebalanced Soul Leak of Soul Mage
=> Rebalanced Plaguebearer
=> Fixed deathstreak sound
=> Fixed Healing Prayer of Holy Knight
=> Fixed Storm Bolt of Gryphon Rider
=> Fixed killstreak text
=> (Added AI 8 Players, but in a link thats kind of "hard to download")

v2.6b BETA ~ 7/20/08
=> Rebalanced Soul Mage
=> Rebalanced Plaguebearer
=> Fixed Frost Nova of Frost Wyrm
=> Fixed Shadow Strike of Saboteur
=> New hotkeys (using "QWER" to all skills, item buying, hero purchase, etc.)
=> Rebalanced Lightbringer
=> Fixed Reincarnation of Lightbringer
=> Blink and Mass Teleport can now be casted in 9999 range
=> Removed most-all leaks
=> Rebalanced Steam Tank
=> Rebalanced Tinker
=> All other things forgotten

v2.6c ~ 7/20/08
=> Rebalanced most heroes
=> Fixed Chain Bolt
=> Speedbreaker can now be cast at 9999 range
=> Remade Web of Nerubian Caster
=> Fixed High Seer Icon in Multiboard
=> Other things forgotten

v2.7 BETA ~ 10/4/08
New Hero: Shadow Hunter
New Hero: Abomination
New Gamemode: 10 Kills
New Command: random
New Command: repick
New Command (Host): -kick
New Command (Host): -ne (normal experience = disable custom exp system)
Gameplay Rebalance: Reduce gold drop
Gameplay Rebalance: Strengthen mobs
Gameplay Rebalance: Reduced area for CoP sight
Gameplay Fix: Minor tweaks on environment
Mob Rebalance: All mobs (excluding special mobs)
Skill Rebalance: Quick Slash (now Phantom Slash and even consecutive images)
Skill Rebalance: Shackles (reduced mana req)
Skill Fix: Pirate's Greed (now works with abilities)
Skill Replace (Bloodslasher): Sprint to:
- Deals extra damage to enemies w/ low hp

Skill Replace (Spectral Archer): Starfall to:
-Slows and deals damage to an area

v2.7b BETA ~ 10/5/08
Gameplay New: Hero level cap now 40 !!!
Gameplay Fix: Death timers
Gameplay Fix: Abomination and Shadow Hunter Multiboard images
Gameplay Fix: All Random; Random (Abomination and Shadow Hunter now included)
Gameplay Rebalance: Increased gold drop range and reduced gold drop value (Creep Level • 4 to 8)
Gameplay Rebalance: Longer gold income duration (1.1 seconds)
Gameplay New: Killstreaks give gold (increases by 25 per streak until the 9th [225 gold])
Multiboard Fix: Time
Multiboard New: Creep Level
Hero Rebalance: Blood Slasher (attack speed decreased)
Hero Rebalance: Holy Knight (starting stats, movespeed, attack speed, and damage increased)
Ability Rebalance: Phantom Slash (Mana cost)
Ability Level: Attribute Bonus (22)
Other: Loading Screen removed

v2.7c BETA ~ 10/6/08
Gameplay New: Shop Spot 4 (bottom left)
Hero Fix: Shadow Hunter can now be bought
Item Rebalance: Increased cost of potions
Multiboard Fix: Creep Level is now shown
Ability Rebalance: Abomination's Solidity (now Barbel Strike) has increases 7 STR cap per level
Ability Rebalance: Increased cooldown and manacost of Abomination's Destructive Wake
Ability Rebalance: Decreased gold gain for killing High Seer's (now High Warlock) illusions of Spellcast Illusions.
Ability Fix: Magic Immune units now does not get sucked by Blademaster's Bladestorm
Ability Fix: Abomination's Solidity (now Barbel Strike) now removes the added STR when killed
Ability Replace: Abomination's Engulfed Strke to:
- deals damage to nearby enemy units and to self

v2.8 BETA ~ 10/8/08
New Hero: Soul Reaper (Grom Hellscream)

v2.8b BETA ~ 10/14/08
Gameplay Fix: Can now win without the condition that the HERO should be the killing unit
Gameplay Fix: Team 1 (by 2's) kills now work properly -unsure-
Gameplay Fix: Floating Text of gold from killing heroes now appear with the addition of killstreak bonuses
Ability Rebalance: Reduced the AoE of Gryphon Rider and Holy Knight's Storm Bolt shockwave damage
Ability Rebalance: Holy Knight's Parry from 15% chance to 30% chance and increased stun duration to from 2 seconds to 2.3 seconds
Ability Retrigger: Soul Reaper's Hurricane Slash improved
Ability Fix: Line Spells and Knockback pushes improved
Ability Fix: Holy Knight's and Gryphon Rider's Storm Bolt projectiles now appear
Ability Replace: Holy Knight's Immolate to:
- slashes an enemy target at a fast pace that deals damage to it; parry amplifies total damage

Ability Replace: Bounty Hunter's Mana Burn to Holy Knight's Immolate (now Immolation):
- deals damage to nearby enemies while damaging self -IMPROVED: also burns mana of nearby enemies while active

Ability Replace: Saboteur's Knockback to Bounty Hunter's Mana Burn:
- burns the mana of the target enemy unit while dealing damage to it

Other: Soul Reaper - new soundset

v2.9 BETA ~ 10/22/08
New Hero: Druid of the Grove (Cenarius)
New Hero: Lava King (Ragnarok)
New Hero: Tidal Lord (Lobstrokk)
Gameplay New: Secret Shop
Gameplay Rebalance: Instantly teleports creeps when entering restricted areas
Gameplay Rebalance: Hid shop minimap icons
Item Rebalance: Increased price of some items
Item Rebalance: Rebalanced stats of some items
Hero Rebalance: Improved stats of Holy Knight
Ability Rebalance: Reduced duration of Death Knight's Sufferings of Hell but interval would be earlier
Ability Rebalance: Increased the range of Gryphon Rider's Lightning Hold to maximum
Ability Rename: Spectral Archer's Kazehokou to Wind Walk
Ability Rename: Nerubian Caster's Vital Essence to Arachnid Vitality
Ability Replace: Archmage's Blizzard to:
- creates orbs that patrol around the hero and deals damage to nearby enemies while healing self

Ability Replace: Assassin's Wind Walk to:
- be invisible for a certain number of seconds but does not break invisiblity when attacking/doing spells but in fact fade back to invisiblity after some seconds or until durations ends

Ability Replace: Assassin's Taser to:
- teleports to the target enemy unit dealing damage to it; extra damage dealt when tranquilized

Ability Replace: Gryphon Rider's Purge to:
- creates a field of electricity anywhere around the map that deals damage to enemies within the area and gives sight to that area for a number of seconds

Ability Replace: Gryphon Rider's Storm Bolt to:
- creates a jumping bolt of lightning to a large number of units, jumping to any unit under the sight of the hero; can be casted at any range

Ability Replace: Nerubian Caster's Web to:
- sends a horde of bats to damage enemies

Ability Replace: Ice Wizard's Ice Armor to:
- reduces armor of nearby enemies

Other: Some abilities and deaths have new SFX

v2.9b BETA ~ 10/22/08
Hero Rebalance: Decreased all spells' damage of Lava Lord
Ability Fix: Burning Attack ignores level skip requirements
Ability Rebalance: Attribute Bonus now gives 2 points per level
Multiboard Fix: Fix broken values

v2.9c BETA ~ 10/25/08
Gameplay New: New item seller - Smithing House (not avail. in middle and mini-arena)\
Gameplay Rebalance: Upg Creeps Duration Interval increased
Gameplay Fix: Larger gold given when killing players is fixed
Gameplay Fix: Fixed where the occurence that neutral creeps win the game
Gameplay Fix: Fixed where the instances that kills, scoring and killstreaks are not detected, wrongly detected, or invalid
Gameplay Fix: Other countless fixes concerning gameplay
Hero Rebalance: Most of the heroes, especially the stats
Ability Fix: Doppelganer's Suction Orb and Holy Knight's Storm Bolt (spec. shockwave) wave direction is fixed
Ability Fix: Spectral's Penetration where it gives more damage than it is suppose to
Ability Fix: Made it in such a way that illusions could also do Frost Wyrm's Frost Nova, Stormslasher's Lightning Trail, and Sun Warrior's Radiant Pressence
Ability Fix: Other countless fixes on abilities
Ability Remake: Death Knight's Death Coil
Ability Rebalance: Removed healing effect of Soul Leak
Ability Rebalance: Increased chance of Critical Strike
Ability Rebalance: Increased healing power of Holy Knight's Healing Prayer
Ability Rebalance: Lowered Burning Attack damage of Lava King
Ability Rebalance: Increased damage of Holy Knight's Mirrage Bash
Ability Rebalance: Made it so that Holy Knight's Parry could work to ranged as well, but reduced amplification
Ability Rebalance: Increased damage of Tauren's Shockwave
Ability Rebalance: Increased chance of Spectral Archer's Penetration while lowering damage bonus
Ability Rebalance: Other countless rebalances on abilities
Item New: Frostmail (Recipe); other generic items

v2.9d BETA ~ 10/29/08
Gameplay New: Added 5 new quests
Hero Rebalance: Tidal Lord lowered stats, base damage, and base attack speed
Ability Rebalance: Made Tauren's Inner Strength physical damage instead of magical
Ability Rebalance: Tidal Lord's Monsoon decreased damage
Ability Rebalance: Raider's Fatal Blows lowered stun duration and critical damage
Ability Rebalance: Raider's Vaccum Slash higher cooldown and mana
Ability Rebalance: Headhunter's Decapitate increased cooldown
Ability Replace: Tidal Lord's Hazard Strike to:
- gives a percent chance to deal 55 damage and stun for 1 second

Ability Replace: Doppelganger's Critical Strike to:
- slows target for every attack

Ability Replace: Saboteur's Blink to:
- gives bonus damage and reduces armor to attacked enemies

v3.0 BETA ~ 11/2/08
New Hero: Mortar Team (Theobald and Bumzlo), Royal Guard (Korzac Depthdweller), Emissary (Reed Brighthammer)
Gameplay New: Wandering Shop added (sells overpriced tomes)
Item Rebalance: Frostmail, Loki's Blade, Icebane, Dexter's Edge, and Vorpal Scythe now have differences between melee users and ranged users
Ability Replace: Sorceress' Vital Energy to:
- gives a chance that the attacking unit will get a decrease of mana to the exact amount of damage taken by the Hero

Other: Added -retry command when picking # of kills is bugged
Other: Many numerous new icons for both abilities and items
Other: New model for Blood Slasher

v3.1 BETA ~ 11/16/08
Hero New: Super Boar (Karne), Blood Widow (Teran'tulos)
Gameplay New: Arena Time
Gameplay New: Arena Time Winner quest, Relic Hunter quest
Gameplay New: Rune spawning
Gameplay Rebalance: Quests (increased rewards)
Gameplay Fix: Made it so that gold coins drop to the location of the Hero, unlike before that some drop gold coins at the target location, etc.
Gameplay Fix: Made Wandering Shop wander at a much faster pace
Multiboard Fix: Icons of Royal Guard, Mortar Squad and Emissary
Item New: Sentry Wards (Basic Merchant)
Ability Rebalance: Blood Slasher's Combo Strike
Ability Rebalance: Blood Slasher's Vampiric Blades
Item Fix: Recipes that has items Loki's Blade and Icebane fixed

v3.2 ~ 11/29/08
Hero New: Dreadlord (Abyss)
Gameplay Fix: [WTS]Ledgers losing it's invulnerability when in Arena Time
Gameplay Fix: Invulnerable and permanent Watchers from runes and teleported in arena are now prevented unless they are IN the arena
Gameplay Fix: Avoided Webs of Viscid Webbing, Watchers, Pocket Factory, Tornado, Arrow Traps, Mortar Traps, and Mines to be teleported on the Arena (Artifact Heart is intended to be teleported)
Gameplay Rebalance: Reduced number of Shield Runes
Gameplay Reblanace: Wards from Runes have invisibility, has higher hp, defense, and can move
Ability Fix: Made it so that when teleported by Saboteur's Telecrystal or Archmage's Mass Teleport, unit will not lose orders
Ability Fix: Saboteur's Shadow Strike DOT
Ability Rebalance: Reduced missile speed of Voodoo Magician's Voodoo Wave and Doppelganger's Suction Orb
Ability Rebalance: Weakened Avatar of Flames' Phoenix
Ability Rebalance: Weakened Everliving's Artifact Heart
Ability Rebalance: Added new effect on Soul Reaper's Shadow Form
Ability Rebalance: Strengthened Sun Warrior's Radiant Pressence
Ability Rebalance: Strengthened Frost Wyrm's Chilling Shield
Ability Rebalance: Strengthened Raider's Blade Defense
Ability Rebalance: Added new effect on Grave Seer's Bloodlust
Ability Rebalance: Added new effect on Grave Seer's Raise Dead

v3.3 BETA ~ 12/26/08 - CHRISTMAS SPECIAL
New Hero: Broken Paladin (Akama), Fiery Rogue (Hellsing)
Gameplay Rebalance: Gold drop increased at start but decreased drop on improving of levels
Gameplay Rebalance: Removed floating text when casting spells
Gameplay Rebalance: Reduced chances of Runes
Gameplay Rebalance: Regeneration Totems now placed (shops)
Gameplay Rebalance: Removed "wander" for creeps
Gameplay Rebalance: Removed random potion drops from creeps
Gameplay Rebalance: Removed gold coin system; instant giving of gold on death
Gameplay Rebalance: Removed buggy death timer
Gameplay Rebalance: Increased revival time of creeps
Gameplay Rebalance: Circles of Power in battlefield removed
Ability Fix: Super Boar's Corrosive Mucous when it inflicts super damage
Ability Fix: Spectral Archer's Doppelsplit when it creates more illusions than intended in tooltip
Ability Fix: Assassin's Blink Strike where it doesn't remove sleep when casted on a tranqed target
Ability Fix: Sorceress' Mental Pain where it only lasts 11/12/13 seconds
Ability Remake: Blademaster's Doppelslash
Ability Rebalance: Bounty Hunter's Arrow Trap dps decreased
Ability Rebalance: Druid of the Grove's Anti-magic Aura combustion decreased
Ability Rebalance: Rageful One's Cannibalize hp steal increased
Ability Rebalance: Rageful One's Hack dps decreased; cooldown decreased
Ability Rebalance: Rageful One's Soulsteal Aura AoE decreased
Ability Rebalance: Sorceress' Mental Pain does not give exp; cooldown and mana decreased
Ability Rebalance: Sorceress' Polymorph duration decreased; cooldown and mana decreased
Ability Rebalance: Spectral Archer's Wind Walk duration decreased
Ability Rebalance: Spectral Archer's Doppelsplit duration decreased
Ability Rebalance: Spectral Archer's Soul Arrow cooldown decreased

This update is intended to balance the game to remove it from BETA phase.
v3.4 BETA ~ 3/13/09
New Hero: Force Blader (Daylight)
Hero Remake: Changed Blood Slasher's model back to the original
Hero Remake: New model for Holy Knight
Ability Rebalance: Archmage's Orbital Defense (8/10/12 max p tar - 6/7/8 max p tar)
Ability Rebalance: Archmage's Dispell [now Combust] (17/27/34/49/59% dmg;20/35/47/52/60 mana - 40% dmg;15/20/25/30/35 mana)
Ability Rebalance: Druid of the Grove's Tropic Thunder (600/700/800 - 100 - 400/500/600 + 100)
Ability Rebalance: Druid of the Grove's Anti-Magic Aura (25/50/75/100/125 - 10/20/30/40/50)
Ability Rebalance: Raider's Fatal Blows (15% ch - 10% ch)
Ability Rebalance: Raider's Sword Defense's Spell Shield (145 sec cool - 180 sec cool)
Ability Rebalance: Gryphon Rider's Magnetic Bolt (17 sec cool - 23 sec cool)
Ability Rebalance: Siege Engine's Plant Mines (15 sec cool; 0 cast time - 10 sec cool 0.5 cast time)
Ability Rebalance: Tauren Chieftain's Cleaving Attack (20/25/30/35/40% - 30/40/50/60/70%)
Ability Rebalance: Soul Reaper's Sonic Wave (17 sec cool - 12 sec cool)
Ability Rebalance: Frost Wyrm's Agrosoft (150/140/130 sec cool - all 150 sec cool)
Ability Rebalance: Everliving's Artifact Heart (insta rev; 190 sec cool - 7 sec rev + expose loc; 240 sec cool)
Ability Rebalance: Assassin's Blink Strike (3 sec cool - 5 sec cool)
Ability Rebalance: Soul Hunter's Spirit Leak (dps - dp5s)
Ability Fix: Frost Wyrm's Agrofrost (not area)
Ability Fix: Abomination's Catabolic Punch (all over map!)
Item Rebalance: Made it so that Frost Wyrm and Stormbender cannot obtain the Permanent Invisibility effects of Rod of Invisiblity and Illumin's Scepter

v3.5 BETA ~ 3/21/09
Gameplay New: New shop!
Item New: 6 new recipes and 2 new items! Returned Mask of Death; Invisibility Potion removed
Item Rebalance: Khadgar's Buckler's (Resist Magic 33% - 15%)
Item Rebalance: Increased cost of Pendant of Mana and Gem of Health
Item Rebalance: Sobi Mask (15% mana reg - 50% mana reg)
Item Rebalance: Increased cost of Iron Mauler, Bladebane, and Vorpal Scythe
Item Rebalance: Switchblade of Chills' Bash
Item Rebalance: Bloodcrown (is attacked - attacking)
Item Rebalance: Crown of the Deathlord (hp and mana - more hp no mana)
Item Rebalance: Removed Dexter's Edge's Bash
Item Rebalance: Essence of Aszune (40 str - 30 str)
Item Rebalance: Rockwill (15% reflect, 10% block - 50% reflect, 25% block)
Item Rebalance: Reduced sell price of Silver Pike and Shield
Unit Rebalance: Increased attack speed for Silver Armored
Unit Rebalance: Increased tower damage for Golden Mobser
AI Rebalance: AI prevents buying expensive potions
AI Rebalance: AI now buy basic items
AI Rebalance: Improved some AI
Ability Rebalance: Force Blader's Forked Lightning (140/170/200/230/260 dmg; 16 targets - 120/145/170/200/225; 5 targets)
Ability Rebalance: Broken Paladin's Might of Naaru (3/4/5 jumps - 3 jumps)
Ability Rebalance: Broken Paladin's Holy Wrath (80/160/240/320/400 hp - 90/140/170/200/230 hp)
Ability Rebalance: Frost Wyrm's Frost Nova (10/8/6/4/2 sec - 9/8/7/6/5 sec)
Ability Rebalance: Stormbender's Lightning Trail (30/40/50/60/70 dmg - 60/80/100/120/140 dmg)
Ability Rebalance: Blood Widow's Poison Sting (reduced damage; chaos dmg - spell dmg)
Ability Fix: Force Blader's Magic Venom (insta 0 mana)

=> Anything I could find

ALL TIMES ARE GMT + 8:?? (PST / Philippines)

Hero Suggestion Format
Proper Name
Model (if you are looking something imported, look for it or I'll not accept your hero)
• Starting points
  • Movement speed
  • Attack speed
  • Damage
  • etc..
• Stats
  • Strength
  • Agility
  • Intelligence
• Stats Add
• Last Level Points (?) PS: 35 levels
  • Strength
  • Agility
  • Intelligence
• 1st Ability -    >
• 2nd Ability -    > 5 levels
• 3rd Ability -    >
• 4th Ability (Ultimate) - 3 levels

Something to know about
There are too many creeps!
-> Well, we reduced the damage and hp cuz of too much complaints, right? Happy?

The Heroes are too imba.
-> I realized that from the start. I'm gonna keep it imba unless someone reports it to me.

This map sux.
-> Well stop playing and start searching for a better one. I'm not forcing anyone to play this map and lie to me like they enjoyed it.

You suck!
-> So you're the only one not to seem to notice it?

[del]The AI dies easily
-> As I stated, it is weak and vulnerable AI and will never (maybe) will be improved.[/del]

Hi ^_^
-> Spamming is not needed or even near essential to a thread. -rep ^_^

No one likes to play this on GGClient/ any other program that connects to the world. How can I test this?
-> As of now, you have to play it with at least a person. If you try playing it in GG or in then I suggest slowly spreading it and do not rush.

Sometimes, even if I am the host, it gets another player
-> This is some bug in the map. It's not 100% good. A known explanation for me is that your computer is too slow for Multiplayer.

When will the map be protected?
-> I'm am quite unsure that I will protect it or keep it open source, but then it will be opened anyway and it is very simple. What I mean by very is VERY simple.

Are the triggers JASS coded?
-> As of now? No trigger is JASS coded but only a component to some triggers which is not possible to GUI (unless if I edit the WE and add one ^_^)

When will this map officially be released?
-> Until most or all Memory Leaks are out, major balancement is retained, most heroes are fixed, etc. There's no fixed date but the release and the BETAs difference is that Official Releases update slower (very slower) and most of them are balancing and fixes on bug reports.

The Hive Workshop (AI Version)
Epicwar (AI Version)

Reaction score
Sounds neat.

>When killed, this Hero summons a beam of light, inflicting damage on nearby enemy units and gives a 15% chance of missing. If there is enough mana and the cooldown of the ability is replenished, this hero can revive.

You really want to fix that:

When killed, this Hero summons a beam of light, inflicting damage on nearby enemy units with a 15% chance of missing. If the Hero had enough mana and the cooldown of this ability had replenished when killed, this Hero is able to revive.

I suppose that is what you mean by it?


In need of sleep
Reaction score
it means that when a hero dies, itll deal damg to everything around him along with cursing them (base ability to make units miss), then if the skill is not in cooldown, and if the hero has the mana reqired for the ability, then that hero will revive

if thats too hard.....

Hero dies -> Beam of light comes down -> If the hero has enough mana AND the skill is not in cooldown -> The hero revives
                                                   Else the hero stays dead


You can change this now in User CP.
Reaction score
It means, when the hero dies, it always summons a beam of light. But I'm changing it (too overpowered). It only activates with enough mana, even if the cooldown is not replenished yet..

so it will be something like this

-[B]when[/B]-> Hero dies -[B]and[/B]-> Have enough mana -[B]then[/B]-> summon beams -[B]but if[/B]-> cooldown replenished -[B]then[/B]-> revive hero
                                                    |                                            |
                                                  [B]else[/B]                                         [B]else[/B]    
                                                    |                                            |        
                                                    v                                            v         
                                                do nothing                                   stay dead


You can change this now in User CP.
Reaction score
Of course you can ^_^

Update for the day
• Added 4 Heroes to COMPLETED HEROES LIST (Gryphon Rider, Royal Soldier, Spectral Assasin and High Seer)


• Added a new hero on list (Fire Mage)


New Member
Reaction score
Item Ideas:

Name: Dagger
Description: Increases the damage of your hero by 16.
Gold Cost: 650

Name: Potion of Haste
Description: If you drink it, it heals 250 HP and increases movespeed by 100% for 5 seconds.
Gold Cost: 210
Mana Cost (When Activated): 100

Name: Boots of Speed
Description: A pair of boots that have been worn by a true warrior, increases movespeed by 65% when worn.
Gold Cost: 550


I’ll think of more later on! Cya

Hopefully you succeed and really do finish your project!!
Have Fun :D


Ueki Fan (Ueki is watching you)
Reaction score
I have something to tell about the Archer.
Her name : hyourinmaru

hyou : ice
rin : iron (maybe, I forgot)
maru : round
maru is usually used as suffix for male's name or a ship's name

This is a word, therefore, 'kaze' (wind) is not read as 'kaze', but as 'fuu'
I recommend the name 'fuukou' (wind movement) or 'fuudou' (wind path)
Makes more sense :D


You can change this now in User CP.
Reaction score
I have something to tell about the Archer.
Her name : hyourinmaru

hyou : ice
rin : iron (maybe, I forgot)
maru : round
maru is usually used as suffix for male's name or a ship's name

This is a word, therefore, 'kaze' (wind) is not read as 'kaze', but as 'fuu'
I recommend the name 'fuukou' (wind movement) or 'fuudou' (wind path)
Makes more sense :D

I said a better name for HER -.-

and I dun' really caer about kazehokou, no one really needs to learn what it means anyway ^_^..


Reaction score
Parry -> If the Hero is attacked, there is a 10 % chance to stun that unit for 1.5 seconds. If the unit is still stunned but takes damage, it takes even more damage, but removes the stun duration.

Aha... Now i understand what you've wanted :). I was blur in your thread because i wasn't sure the description of the ability...

But.. I think you cant unstun an already stunned unit. So, maybe you cant use Storm Bolt as the dummy stun. But you can trigger it via the "pause" command though. Would be hard to make it MUI or MPI though. (I thought you were going to use fixed damage o_O).

Cool hero lineup :). Hope a Beta version can be out soon :).

I can help if you need me to (Not that good, though, will only try...).


You can change this now in User CP.
Reaction score
Aha... Now i understand what you've wanted :). I was blur in your thread because i wasn't sure the description of the ability...

But.. I think you cant unstun an already stunned unit. So, maybe you cant use Storm Bolt as the dummy stun. But you can trigger it via the "pause" command though. Would be hard to make it MUI or MPI though. (I thought you were going to use fixed damage o_O).

Cool hero lineup :). Hope a Beta version can be out soon :).

I can help if you need me to (Not that good, though, will only try...).

Actually, I'm releasing a BETA possibley later.. But that depends if I can fix something fast..

What is Picked Unit in JASS?


Reaction score
What is Picked Unit in JASS?

You are adding locust to dummy or something? Anyway, just create an empty trigger, then add abilities via GUI. Then convert the GUI into custom text. And you can find whatever you've wanted in JASS there.

Edit>Convert to Custom Text

This should be in WE help section, though.

Edit: Anyway, this is a very lame way to find out JASS script for people who dont know anything about JASS, like me.


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Reaction score
BETA v1.0 is now avaiable. (Download at main post)

v1.0 BETA
=> No items for now
=> 8 heroes only
=> No AI [YET]
=> Unprotected [YET(?)]
=> Unbalanced

These are the things which is in the map. So don't call me like shit for this.


You can change this now in User CP.
Reaction score
I'm done with v1.2 BETA. But I'm not uploading yet for I'm testing the new hero..

PS: Just realized, in v1.1, it says 1.0 but it is 1.1 ^_^
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