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I'm just saying that I'll be out since I'm spammed with projects (abt 3 at a time).. I'm not saying I can't take it but I just want to rest. (I'm almost done with 2 and it's due on July 28 and August 1 LoL!) But I am scared from the other project since it will be a very hard one to do..

I don't know what to draw that would represent me (the AoC map screen maybe lol :D)
Well, good luck with your projects and take some time off and rest or you might go mad having to do so many things at once. So have a good rest :D
This project is not dead but will be in a hiatus.. (at least after this weak)

Aug 6 - 8 will be our Periodical Tests. I have to starts studying (I regret it but I promised myself I'll do better in school since I missed class honor by one point lol :D [ga 90, no grade below 85, i have one grade that's 84, and its Filipino, OUR OWN SUBJECT LANGUAGE =P..])

And no, I'm no nerd -.-..

Nerds have friends who are nerds, my friends are nerds and cool people (well, large repute at least since I think nothing is KEWL)

i R dUMB..
nerds are successful people.
this is a great map, played with someone.. they quit after I killed them... they somehow forgot the idea...of killed or be killed.
BETA 1.7 is now available!

My screenshots are black, something's wrong and I just newly formatted it. It worked before the format and I know I have no cracks and this wc3 is original.

Can someone please upload for me screenshots?

I have that problem with my screenshots too, but I found I could get around it by taking a screenshot, then alt tabing and using ctrl + v to paste it into an image editing program, and then saving it.
At last I am back mapping (i gots an average of 90-92+ in my subjects, h00ray =P)..

Well, I need a new idea for the last skill of spectral archer, I lost the paper that my classmates made for me as suggestions =P..

The map has a new update..

To Do List:
Rebalance Blood Slasher..
Yeah! You revived the thread! Anyway, I tried the Abomination and he was quite fun, except that I have no idea what his first spell does. The tooltip was rather useless. Though I have to admit his ultimate is powerful but his third skill was IMBA. I don't believe the strength bonus was lost when I died for some reason and it seemed to be able to stack limitlessly, though I am unsure.
I never got to try the Shadow Hunter cos it was Out of Stock and required lumber...
I would suggest some heroes but I have to go soon, good luck and + rep for reviving this map!
Yeah :D New version. I tested the Grom guy in v2.8 and he levelled extremely quickly with his sonic blade but thats how the game goes lol.
Anyway, I have some hero suggestions so here's a quick one :D

Night Walker
Dreadlord/Balnazar Model
• Movement speed: 300
• Attack speed: 2.10(base)
• Damage: 12-18(base, without primary stat bonus)
• Armour: 1
• Stats
Str: 19 (+1.8)
Agi: 12 (+1.1)
Int: 10 (+1.0)

• 1st Ability - > Shadow Void
Summons a void made of shadows to deal damage to the target and slow it. Deals extra damage at night. Increases damage, damage bonus and slow duration per level.

• 2nd Ability - > Dark Shroud
Blinds the target with darkness, giving it a chance to miss and silencing it. When casted on yourself, you will gain invisibility which is not broken on attack. Increases miss chance and duration of effects.

• 3rd Ability - > Night Claw/Night Strike
Each attack has a chance to deal damage to units in an area and deal damage over time. Has increased chance at night. Increases damage to AoE, AoE of the damage and damage over time each level.

• 4th Ability (Ultimate) - > Twilight Demon
At night, the Night Walker gains extra damage, movement speed, attack speed and stats. Increases damage extra, movement speed and attack speed bonus. At level 3, the hero also gains Devouring Shade, which deals massive damage to units around you after a short duration of channeling.
I know it sucks but anyway, thanks for looking at it.
PS: Whats that thing in your avatar?
v2.9 is out!

Our internet connection is really fuck up, we had to use a WeRoam. A portable modem thats really slow T_T...
Our internet is so sucky that i have to upload my map on an internet cafe.

well, 2.9d is out !!!
v3.1 BETA is out !!!

srry for being offline 4 so long..
I see that you put alot of effort into this map.
In my opion i didn't like it and its not my type of game.
Good job anyhow!
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