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Ditto :D
However, denmax should be more active (Damn the internet connection).
Yeah I should be ^_^..

I used to obtain so much rep, now im just posting in this ,erh, post...

I can't help other people since I need help for myself since I really need some balance reports and suggestions that exceed the mind of DotA or other great wc3 maps..

DotA took almost all the good spells T_T..


Working on a Map
People say that DotA spells aren't all that good, but the good ones seem to totally own :p
Anyway, I think you should make some spells that require skill to target. Like maybe a trapping spell with AoE target. I think I feel an idea coming :) (Too lazy to give stats information).
Prison Warden (The other Warden thingy model, the one in the Campaign)
1-> Prison Guards
The Warden summons Prison Guards to stop enemies from escaping Prison. These guards are strong but can only attack units trapped in Prison.
2-> Prison Cell
Creates walls around the target point in the shape of a Prison Cell. The enemy units trapped within can be targets of the Warden's other spells. (Also traps allies)
3-> Prison Warden
Being a Prison Warden, the hero has heightened senses when near an imprisoned convict. Grants the hero Critical Strike against imprisoned units and passive Evasion.
4-> Chains of Restriction
The hero throws Heavy and Strong Chains to bind the first unit it hits. These chains slow the target's movement speed and disable their movement when they are too far away from the Warden. The target will also take damage and be dragged along with the Warden when the unit is unable to move.
Tauren Crusher (Tauren/Tauren Chieftain)
1-> Totem Slam
The hero slams its totem on the ground. If there is a unit in front of him, he will deal high damage to the target and slow nearby units. Otherwise, he will cause moderate damage to nearby units and slow them.
2-> Earth Breaker
After raising his totem and storing energy in it, the hero slams it down on the ground, causing te ground to break. The force of the slam creates shockwaves and multiple pulses of tremours.
3-> Granite Armour
The hero is covered by a layer of Granite, acting as armour. The granite armour grants the hero extra armour and a chance to nullify and attack.
4-> Seismic Pulsation
By gathering a large amount of energy in his totem and slamming the ground, the hero is able to create massive Pulsations in the Earth. These Pulsations will damage and knockback units that it hits and toss them into the air. Upon landing on the ground, the units wil take damage and be stunned temporarily. Several pulses are summoned per casting with a short interval between each of them.


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v3.3 BETA is now AVAILABLE

CHRISTMAS SPECIAL (Snow themed stuff !)

[/code]New Hero: Broken Paladin (Akama), Fiery Rogue (Hellsing)
Gameplay Rebalance: Gold drop increased at start but decreased drop on improving of levels
Gameplay Rebalance: Removed floating text when casting spells
Gameplay Rebalance: Reduced chances of Runes
Gameplay Rebalance: Regeneration Totems now placed (shops)
Gameplay Rebalance: Removed "wander" for creeps
Gameplay Rebalance: Removed random potion drops from creeps
Gameplay Rebalance: Removed gold coin system; instant giving of gold on death
Gameplay Rebalance: Removed buggy death timer
Gameplay Rebalance: Increased revival time of creeps
Gameplay Rebalance: Circles of Power in battlefield removed
Ability Fix: Super Boar's Corrosive Mucous when it inflicts super damage
Ability Fix: Spectral Archer's Doppelsplit when it creates more illusions than intended in tooltip
Ability Fix: Assassin's Blink Strike where it doesn't remove sleep when casted on a tranqed target
Ability Fix: Sorceress' Mental Pain where it only lasts 11/12/13 seconds
Ability Remake: Blademaster's Doppelslash
Ability Rebalance: Bounty Hunter's Arrow Trap dps decreased
Ability Rebalance: Druid of the Grove's Anti-magic Aura combustion decreased
Ability Rebalance: Rageful One's Cannibalize hp steal increased
Ability Rebalance: Rageful One's Hack dps decreased; cooldown decreased
Ability Rebalance: Rageful One's Soulsteal Aura AoE decreased
Ability Rebalance: Sorceress' Mental Pain does not give exp; cooldown and mana decreased
Ability Rebalance: Sorceress' Polymorph duration decreased; cooldown and mana decreased
Ability Rebalance: Spectral Archer's Wind Walk duration decreased
Ability Rebalance: Spectral Archer's Doppelsplit duration decreased
Ability Rebalance: Spectral Archer's Soul Arrow cooldown decreased[/code]


Working on a Map
Ok, just tried Abomination again, found him to be IMBA! I played against AI and got 20 kills+lvl 10 Exterminator etc. in 10 minutes.
His first skill hits EVERYTHING on the map, its like a super buffed version of Archmage's old ultimate.
His second skilll is useless :p I don't use so I might be wrong. Maybe make a spell that can buff him temporarily, like avatar.
His third skill is good, but it is hard to get maximum bonus. Maybe it should have another effect, maybe increase attack damage or make it grant temporary Strength when you cast a spell.
His ultimate is weak compared to most other heroes' ultimates (on a sideNote Archmage's new ultimate is kinda Imba, does too much damage and burns too much mana, maybe make it have a chance to burn mana on attack, or make the feedback thing not do extra dmg). Why not change it to a spell that makes you become a steel golem (make the armour close and cover the flesh), giving you extra hp, armour and dmg and also another skill, say throw a giant boulder at the target point.

PS: I might have a solution for the lag after a certain time. Instead of creating units over and over again, maybe create a locust unit for each team and make them use resurrection to resurrect units. Resurrected units are the same as the ones that died I think.
Another way is to create several triggers for the damage detection. Enable one at the beginning and after 20 minutes, destroy the first one and enable the second and add those units who are still in the map to the damage detection trigger.
Finally, you could try these: System 1 System 2


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I would consider this an ATLAST!! Post..

This update is intended to balance the game to remove it from BETA phase.
v3.4 BETA ~ 3/13/09
New Hero: Force Blader (Daylight)
Hero Remake: Changed Blood Slasher's model back to the original
Hero Remake: New model for Holy Knight
Ability Rebalance: Archmage's Orbital Defense (8/10/12 max p tar - 6/7/8 max p tar)
Ability Rebalance: Archmage's Dispell [now Combust] (17/27/34/49/59% dmg;20/35/47/52/60 mana - 40% dmg;15/20/25/30/35 mana)
Ability Rebalance: Druid of the Grove's Tropic Thunder (600/700/800 - 100 - 400/500/600 + 100)
Ability Rebalance: Druid of the Grove's Anti-Magic Aura (25/50/75/100/125 - 10/20/30/40/50)
Ability Rebalance: Raider's Fatal Blows (15% ch - 10% ch)
Ability Rebalance: Raider's Sword Defense's Spell Shield (145 sec cool - 180 sec cool)
Ability Rebalance: Gryphon Rider's Magnetic Bolt (17 sec cool - 23 sec cool)
Ability Rebalance: Siege Engine's Plant Mines (15 sec cool; 0 cast time - 10 sec cool 0.5 cast time)
Ability Rebalance: Tauren Chieftain's Cleaving Attack (20/25/30/35/40% - 30/40/50/60/70%)
Ability Rebalance: Soul Reaper's Sonic Wave (17 sec cool - 12 sec cool)
Ability Rebalance: Frost Wyrm's Agrosoft (150/140/130 sec cool - all 150 sec cool)
Ability Rebalance: Everliving's Artifact Heart (insta rev; 190 sec cool - 7 sec rev + expose loc; 240 sec cool)
Ability Rebalance: Assassin's Blink Strike (3 sec cool - 5 sec cool)
Ability Rebalance: Soul Hunter's Spirit Leak (dps - dp5s)
Ability Fix: Frost Wyrm's Agrofrost (not area)
Ability Fix: Abomination's Catabolic Punch (all over map!)
Item Rebalance: Made it so that Frost Wyrm and Stormbender cannot obtain the Permanent Invisibility effects of Rod of Invisiblity and Illumin's Scepter

Implementation and balancing of items
Balancing arena mobs
Balancing of the super boss
Balancing of the systems
Remove all Memory Leaks


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As I've gotten older, I've improved my way of communication and way of thinking. For me, I am at my prime when it comes to creating maps with a way of *some* balance, and I wanted to go back to this map. Sadly, I've lost my original unprotected copy years ago.

Is there any possible way for me to retain the map, or at least its triggers and unit and spell data (not the terrain or whatnot) without involving myself in going through illegal activity? I'm pretty sure deprotection is somewhat out of "ethics and morals", but does it really apply when it comes to me doing it to my own map? It could be illegal because of use of third party programs, but if that were the case, then protection itself would probably be illegal as well.

I could always start out from the beginning, but the thought of losing all of what I did, and the memories and experiences of what I had when I was a kid, is unnerving that it might just make me stop midway.

I never really wanted to protect the map, but I needed to do so for it to maintain a small file size. I always wanted it to be opensource because I never thought that what I made was SO VALUABLE that it needed to be protected from plagiarism.

Thanks for anyone who is able to help. If you need to contact me privately, just PM me rather than replying here.

Please remember that I'm not asking ANYONE to deprotect it for me, but I'm looking for ways to retain the map. Of course, if you would do it for me, I'm not going to say no.

And before you say it; yes, most triggers and spells in there are just bad and constructed poorly.
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