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You can change this now in User CP.
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I know this has been askt many times but i need to now... Which upgrade should i use for my spell that adds base armor?
listen i know there is an upgrade but there is no way how to set the armor giving... Can u tell me how?
ic... that's a value about.....
increment per lv
and base value

if i set :
base : 5
increment : 2

so at lv 1 it'll give 5 armor
at lv 2 --> 7armor
at lv 3 --> 9 armor
at lv 4 --> 11 armor.

Got it? then u should add the armor to the unit.
y i know but there is no base or increasment... On other upgrades there is something but on the armor there is no such thing. What should i do?
What do you mean, do you want a passive ability that gives armor to the unit? Then you could just modify the item ability "armor bonus" and make it a unit ability and add tooltips etc...
Y but i want to give base armor not with green color +1 for example
Go for: Object editor -> the unit you want to increase the armor -> Combat -> Defense upgrade bonus

change the data 'defense upgrade bonus' to whatever you like, every upgrade which does 'Apply defense upgrade bonus' will increase the armor of your unit by the amount you've choosen for every unit individual.
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