Skin Arthas Dark Knight


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My first real attempt at skinning, other than recoloring.
Path is Textures\Arthas.blp


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I've seen some real progress with your skinning. This (obviously) is you best yet.

Though in the rules section, it says quality, not quantity.
Looking good. Try to add more shading on the parts you edited. And directly save the Unwrap as JPG, and upload it to a hosting site because then we can see the actual quality.

I can't really judge it at the moment. :p
Looks, messy..and the additions you made such as the dark red have no shading. From what i see you just added afew grunge effects here and there. I highly suggest you dont follow archians tutorial (from what I can see here it looks like you tried to follow it) His tutorial is..just...not the right methods...due to the fact its far too basic and simple and doesnt give off a good effect.
Here is my example, however the issue with my chain mail is that it doesnt
Noticeably more attempt was put into it then some skins recently, but not anything too great. Your getting better, though.
I like it but the red it the skin doesn't fits with the red of the glow, it looks a bit strange. All other things are nice.
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