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Discussion in 'Systems and Snippets' started by Artificial, Aug 8, 2008.

  1. RedOrb

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    Hi Artificial. Your system is really great :eek: And easy to use! I only have one issue - it stops working when I try make the 21st recipe. I don't know what the problem is, I've increased the forint a to 1-50 so there's more than enough available, and the previous recipes, (1-20) work fine. Any adviceS?
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    hmm dunno which your problem is. But I had no issues with this system whatsoever (in my map, an AoS type, a lot of recipes are made all the time and never had a problem :S)
  3. Artificial

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    Thanks for the compliments. As for your problem, I'd suggest you post your problem as a separate thread in the World Editor Help forum (so more people can see it and help you) and link to that thread either here or in some other kind of message to me so I can take a look as well. Some information you should try to include in that thread:
    • Your RecipeSYS configuration (especially AMOUNT_ING and AMOUNT_RES).
    • The code that creates the recipes. If you can't post all of the code, at least post all the parts that have anything to do with the 20th and 21st recipe (including used variables and possible loops).
    • Any debug messages you see when the system stops working. If you don't see any, make sure you're saving the map in debug mode (I can't remember where to check it, but I think it's something like "JASS Helper > Debug Mode" in the main editor window's menu).
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    Thanks Art, very much :) I'll do that. And thanks Darkrider for the assurance :D I hope I can continue to use this awesome system :O!

    Edit: OH.. I didn't know about the AMOUNT_ING and AMOUNT_RES. I changed those and it worked straight away :) <3 Thanks for replying! Otherwise I'd be lost.

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