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Hey all,
I have once again made a Model. It's nothing very hard to make, but it's quite Decent (Man, i could only Model with my Thumbs, since all of my Fingers Broke -.-"). Removed the Mantlett, and that weird Wing thingy. Also made her a MUCH more skinnier, usually she looks quite fat without mantlett.

Also, since I'm kinda handycapped at the moment, would someone please make Zip File?

*EDIT: Model doesnt seem to work Ingame... Oh noes !! Srry bout this thread >.< can anyone close this until i have fixed this Problem?
*Edit fixed the Problem ^.^

Ok... So, I found some Time again, to make a Model. I have tried something new out. It's simple Patricle emition, and Texture change, nothing Special.
Also added a Portrait File (Which is also my first try at this :p)

Quite sexy IMO, but check it out for yout own.
Any Comments are appreciated, as long as they are constructive =)

I'd like to release a SFX Model...

It's based on the Impale Model, and just works like it.
Might be worth taking a look at it =)

Hey all,
Once again, I have made a Model. This one is my personal Favourite though.
The size isn't too big... 174 kb for the Hero Model, and 48 for the Portarit (YES!! I have made a working Portrait!! )

Uses Blademaster Animations.

Not Credits needed. Just don't claim it's yours.
Comments are apprieciated as long as they're constructive. =)


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Looks like you mainly just removed cloak and maybe a slight retexture but good work. +rep
If you could replace the current weapon with a dagger of some kind it would give more of an "assasin" feel.
If you could replace the current weapon with a dagger of some kind it would give more of an "assasin" feel.

True! In my opinion that's a bit too huge weapon for a silent killer :p..

Also remember to get that glow away from the weapon =), anyways.. Good Job!
Don't forget to attach a small ReadMe file with the zip file.
Pretty cool, but the shoulder shields look to big for a silent and stealth assassin. She would be bumping here and there with those things :p
Oh, just noticed, this is still a night elf as it has blue skin (as opposed to human-like high elves).
If you could replace the current weapon with a dagger of some kind it would give more of an "assasin" feel.

Hehe ^^ made a dagger version... "Mini Frostmourne" *lol* also made the armor a bit less robust...
The Modelpack below features both models, one with the dagger, one without.
I was wrong lol... So depressed now :/
Ban-Lord.... If you want peace, prepare for war :p Just had to say that xD No offence though
Nice skin got any newer ones i could scab off ya

Still waitin for dad to buy photo shop 4 me haha <3 this skin
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