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    Hi Folks
    Please be gentle. I've been steadily learning as I am going and have already had great success compiling and making a mod that changes most of the existing SC2 units to have different sounds and audio cues. I am very pleased with such work. However, in line with the Mod extensions I have planned, I have run into a problem(s).

    I wish to add certain abilities and upgrades that can be researched or otherwise done at various buildings, such as the Auto-Turret ontop of Bunkers or the Automated Refinery upgrade that you get from the campaign - only that I'll design it so that its late game (perhaps researched at the Fusion Core) and costs a reasonable amount of resources. All are do-able.

    But I am not sure how to get this to work. I have successfully applied the Incinerator Gauntlets and Kinetic Foam upgrades to the Engineering bay, but the upgrade-selection remains in the command card even after it is selected to be researched and even after when it is completed. When the research completes, it applies the 25 health Kinetic Foam or extra-AoE gauntlets, but the upgrade button remains in the command card. It can be endlessly repurchased with no additional benefit and I do not know why. I just want the button to disappear after it is selected, like when you purchase any other normal upgrade, such as Armor 3 or Charge.

    Also, most of the 'success' in me applying that Kinetic Foam or Gauntlet upgrade anyway relies on pre-existing data, since it is already designated towards the Marauder or Firebat units respectively. I wish to make an Automated-Refinery version for the Zerg and Protoss too and since these do not exist in the Liberty campaign, I have absolutely no idea how to do this. I cant even make the Terran one work, or the Bunker turrets.

    I also wish to apply other things like the Dual-Fusion Welders upgrade to SCVs, but I've run into problems here too. When attempting to add it as a 'research' type option to the Command or Orbital Command Center, I simply cant, since it only seems to have the 'Train' parameters for making units. I then tried simply adding it to an existing upgrade structure, like the Engineering bay - but I swear the story SCV upgrades (Fusion Welders and Multi-SCV-Build) simply dont exist anywhere I look in the Data editor, in all fields, such as Units, Abilities or Upgrades.

    I apologize for the long ramble, but I feel lost and unsure what to do. I've tried looking at some tutorials but I either cant find the topic I am looking for or I am confused and feel like Im fiddling with the wrong things, being confused amidst terminology and what-is-what.

    (As a side question, is there anyway to convince the AI to build additional custom units you make? I know that if you replace the Marine with the Medic, the AI will obviously build as many 'Marines' as it would think it is doing, only that they are Medics. However, I want the AI to build its usual force composition as well as custom-added units, such as the Medic as a seperate entity.

    I have already added the Medic and various other custom units. I know how to do that. However, I dont know how to get the AI to build / make / use them)

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