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You can change this now in User CP.
When I block the way in they start to running around in circles. how do make the unit to go around and try to destroy the wall instead of running around there.
it probably that they want to take the shortest way in to the worker when I block.
I will be thankful for all the help.

Trigger I got is:
Order Attack
Timer - Every 10.0 seconds of Real Time
Local Variables
Unit Group - Pick each unit in (Any units in (Entire map) owned by player 14 matching Excluded: Missile, Item, Dead, Hidden, Invulnerable, with at most Any Amount) and do (Actions)
Unit - Order (Picked unit) to ( Attack targeting (Position of (Closest unit to (Position of (Picked unit)) in (Any units in (Entire map) owned by player Any Player matching Required: Worker; Excluded: Missile, Item, Dead, Hidden, Invulnerable, with at most Any Amount)))) (Replace Existing Orders)


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I would try to use a Computer AI to control the attacking units. It is rather simple to do and doesn't require a periodic trigger. Just run the "Start Campaign AI for Player" action and then run the "Global Suicide" action. Units that are told to suicide will seek out the nearest enemy units and attack them. I'm pretty sure the "Global Suicide" action works for units created after the action is run. If I'm wrong, you can also use the "Enable/Disable Suicide For Unit" action after each unit is created.
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    Didn't the backwards compatability have issues too?
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    I never had any hopes for that. Blizzard is not the same company it was 10 years ago.
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    It happens in corporations. They just absorb the companies they buy and it is not about the love of making awesome games it is how much money can we make with the least amount of cost.
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    Blizzard is watered down now hopefully they can pull it together
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    yeah they wanted me on the tech support team when they did not get me they got one of the next MVPs in Dinobot
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    Dinobot was one of the youngest of the MVPs tkron probably could have worked for Blizzard but he had a good job in Chicago doing business programming already
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    Dinobot probably still works for Blizzard would love to reconnect with that guy
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    I wonder what ever happened to Wargasm?
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    Wargasm is still around. He works for the domain registrar where is kept.

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