Attack Of The Lunatics (AOTL)

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    A hero seige map where you must defend the king and battle forward to destroy the enemies base. Destroying the buildings stop their unit production.

    Cool Systems:
    Pot system: potions are stored in spellbooks so that more items can be used.

    1)Upgrade Troops system: anyone can upgrade the alliances troops and anyone can donate money to the alliance or stop their unit production as it costs money. Anyone can also use the King to defend

    2)Boss spells: bosses have unique spells to make the gameplay hard. Spells are dodgeable (Planning t0 make it even more like impossible bosses.

    3)Unique spells: Heroes and even (some) enemy creeps all have custom made spells that are unique and are scaled based on stats

    The spells are also stat based to make the spells applicable in late game. (This causes some lag at the start when the spell is first casted)

    Things i plan to do:
    More Items
    Add in Rogue Assasin
    Change/Remove Forest Spirit
    MORE BOSS SPELLS (Priority)
    Sort out items as they are messy now
    Recent Changes:
    Even more boss spells
    many bug fixes
    balance changes
    Pressing esc makes the hero invulnerable for 1.5 seconds can be casted even when stunned.

    Please let me know if you have any ideas especially for items, heroes and boss spells. Feel free to open and hav a look at the triggers i think i made some leaks which lags and put the game at fatal error at times. Sorry quite new at this. This map is actually a remake of a map that i made when i was only 7, that time i had a dream of being a game programmer i just wanted to complete and remake this map so badly cause warcraft is my childhood. So please help me i would greatly appreciate it!

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