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Discussion in 'Systems and Snippets' started by emjlr3, Nov 25, 2007.

  1. waaaks!

    waaaks! Zinctified

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    the system is great, i even used this in my lotal project

    but ill post the things i hate
    1. it stops the hero from moving, e.g. chasing a unit, then suddenly level up and then my hero stops
    2. dont stack with auto cast abilities, like if u right click and auto cast ability, it deactivates the auto cast ability, because the stat ability will force the hero to right click it
    3. when ur hero cant use spells, e.g. silenced, or using blade storm, the stat ability will not show the glow sfx, the one swirling the icon

    but all in all the system is still nice
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  2. emjlr3

    emjlr3 Change can be a good thing Staff Member

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    1. that is noted in the system, if u edit it yourself u can remove that
    2. same as above
    3. no way around that
  3. Cohadar

    Cohadar master of fugue

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    emjlr3 I have a little idea.

    How about of instead using items you use spellbook (in the place of yellow bonus icon) so when you level up you choose your bonuses from a spellbook.
    There are tricks to make abilities in spellbook change when you click something inside. and since for a bonus you need only like 6 levels it will be piece of cake.
  4. emjlr3

    emjlr3 Change can be a good thing Staff Member

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    give it a whirl, Fulla tried this once, and failed, ask him about it sometime
  5. Blackrage

    Blackrage Ultra Cool Member

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    I have a question about this.

    Does it work with Save/Load Codes?
  6. Hatebreeder

    Hatebreeder So many apples

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    Just a Quick Question.
    Ok, so you need the Hero to be in AS_Enable, for the System to work for him, right?
    I am not a good JASS user, and I know you hate GUI, but how would I enable the unit Hero, when he enters specific Region?
    These are the Lines I believe, that add the created Unit in the Demo Map, to 'AS_Enable'
        call SelectUnit(Hero, true)  
        call AS_Enable(Hero,6)

    An this is my Move Trigger, that moves a Hero once they enter a Region.
    Move Heroes Night
            Einheit - A unit enters HeroMoveNight <gen>
            ((Entering unit) is Ein Held) Gleich True
            If (All Conditions are True) then do (Then Actions) else do (Else Actions)
                    ((Entering unit) is in Hero_UnMoveGroup) Gleich True
                    Set Hero_EnteringUnit = (Entering unit)
                    Set Hero_MoveRegion[1] = (Center of HeroSpawnNight <gen>)
                    Einheit - Move Hero_EnteringUnit instantly to Hero_MoveRegion[1]
                    Kamera - Pan camera for (Owner of Hero_EnteringUnit) to Hero_MoveRegion[1] over 0.00 seconds
                    Custom script:   call RemoveLocation(udg_Hero_MoveRegion[1])
                    Einheitengruppe - Add Hero_EnteringUnit to Hero_UnMoveGroup
    I could add a lines of custom script, or do it in GUI, whichever is easier. But I realy need help on this.
  7. waaaks!

    waaaks! Zinctified

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    i believe the system is best combined with vex's selection system...because there is a trigger that runs if a hero is selected there you will put the line AS_Enable for that hero selected

    or u can make a trigger that detects if a hero is sold...then put the line AS_Enable for that hero
  8. emjlr3

    emjlr3 Change can be a good thing Staff Member

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    yea that is where I would do it, whatever trigger runs when your hero is selected
  9. Rommel

    Rommel New Member

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    Sometimes i lose all my items while using your old system, I wonder if you fixed this bug :banghead:. anyway its still a cool system for my RPGs.
  10. emjlr3

    emjlr3 Change can be a good thing Staff Member

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    they never come back, ever? this system is very similar, with only a few changes, if that ever actually happened, and I use this system in two of my maps, I would think that I would have experienced it by now...
  11. butters132

    butters132 Guest

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    very nice, i like it +rep
  12. RueK

    RueK New Member

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    nice good job !
  13. cr4xzZz

    cr4xzZz Also known as azwraith_ftL.

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    For some reason I can't get it to work. I copied everything and such but when I try it in-game nothing happens. I mean, if I add the ability to a Hero and he levels up, when I click the attribute ability it disappears. I tried not to add the ability but when a Hero levels up the ability doesn't appear. Why is that?? :/
  14. emjlr3

    emjlr3 Change can be a good thing Staff Member

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  15. PurgeandFire

    PurgeandFire zxcvmkgdfg

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    Wow, nice job emjlr, as usual. :p

    Great coding, I saw this in Steel's ORPG.
  16. Rommel

    Rommel New Member

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    Lol, im still using ur v2 system. Anyway, im coming back to WE with a new RPG project, so ur system should helps alot. I will test it tonight, hope that all nasty bugs have been fixed, thank you.:D
  17. emjlr3

    emjlr3 Change can be a good thing Staff Member

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    nasty bugs?
  18. U are a noob

    U are a noob Mega Super Ultra Cool Member

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    Yeah. There a problem where the hero gets paused and all stats go to 1.
  19. emjlr3

    emjlr3 Change can be a good thing Staff Member

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    has this ever been reported, before .... now?
  20. Trithilon-V2

    Trithilon-V2 New Member

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    One big problem is that this system removes the item bonuses.....
    The only way around is use a Modded Invx.

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