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    Can anyone help me come up with an attribute system for heroes after level up? If you have ever played the "Oblivion RPG" map, this is the kind of attribute system I want. Each hero will have a separate spell book for spells. So I can give them spells like Strength Agility and Intelligence. These three ability's will be like dummy ability's, that do nothing, the triggers will add the stat bonuses when each one is clicked or learned.

    So I need to make a trigger to give a certain amount of points to a hero each time it levels up, like 5 for example instead of 1.
    Next I will need a trigger that can remove each ability after it is learned, so I won't have empty spell icons taking up space on my heroes dashboard.
    I'm thinking about using Attribute bonus for the dummy spell, just giving it 100 levels and 0 stat increases. Is this safe or is there a better spell anyone thinks I should use?

    Can someone please post how to do the above things in triggers? Or if there is a map I can look at to get a good idea that would help!

    Again if anyone has ever played the Oblivion RPG, then you know this is the kind of attribute system I'm looking for, but I believe that map is protected. Ideally I want players to be able to choose which stat to increase per level and by how much instead of the set values.

    Thank you.
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