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    So i tried to get further so we could eventually boot homebrew games on DVD and earlier units like the Toshiba SD3200 which is a bit more common than the Samsungs units.

    Anyway, while i made a bit more progress, i am stuck again.
    The authenfication tools on Dragon Industries said the passphrase is "Past Is Prologue 6x7yc93".
    That is not the case. I feel like employees must know the real meaning of Past is Prologue and are expected to replace it with what they were being told... but what ?
    So my only resort is to brute force the GPG key. It is an El-Gamal 1024-bits key.
    Unfortunately, it is not the weakest of keys.

    The header itself however uses a MD5 hash, which should be easily hackable in theory but the Nuon also expects a certain header (which the bless tool does create it seems).
    Thankfully, the NUON does not make use of BCA (unlike the PS1 and Saturn) but it's still not straightforward. The security is similar to the 3DO except said key is stronger.

    Anyway, my computer ran out of memory and i couldn't any further.
    I also don't plan on adding more DDR4 ram especially now... So if you happen to have a linux distro or WSL, then feel free to give it a try and brute force the key yourself :

    The PGPCrack-Ng tells you how to run it. Use that along with my exported private key in the repo.
    Maybe we'll get somewhere but i feel like this is just the beginning...
    Anybody willing to give away or sell a NUON to me ? I'm in France and european models are impossible to find.
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    Just going to say this is good information. Always wanted to be able to burn the homebrews to DVD to play on the 2300 as that really is my favorite Nuon model. May have to tinker with this.

    As for Nuons to spare, not at this time.
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