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After thousnds of years of fighting, from bows and swords to tanks and rifels, the North and the South aliance have been fighting. Now, in recent times, the fight has taken to the air, and 6 of the best aviator piolates from each alience, has lead there alience to teh final battle. The battle to decide who controlls teh skies.

Fight for your life, in airplanes attacking with your aliences air force and your self. Send the other pilots floating down to the ocen blew, below their totaled airplane. Destroy the tother teams air-craft carrier and massacre their airport, and harbor. Once the other team has been eliminated, the skies will be yours.


different ships have different abilites "weapons"
bombs. given so many per plane, once run out, must return to base to re-stock

machine gun. verry hard to run out of but can jam and overheat which can cause you to not be able to shoot(built in not ability) has verry hgih amo

missiles. normal come in sets of 2. they are like bombs and are limited. they can be upgraded from rocket to missile to locking to homming
rocket-small damge and can not target a plane, must be shot and
hope u have targeted right point

missile-same as rocket but can do much more damge, and more

locking- can target enemy planes, but if planes aree moving side to
side, will most likely miss unless at close range

homing-HOMING, can target planes and will follow them (can be

torpedo. kills enemy subs (are there) that shoot up at you, better than bombs

are more item based weapons


shake. shakes rockets, dont always work

armor. (light, medeum, heavy) reduces damge from machine guns except not much from percing and ads to health

jets. increases speed and mobility


1.) plane- a propeller plane armed with a machine gun, and few bombs
2.) jet- faster, and more armor with more bombs, and 2 machine gunns, and missiles has light armor
3.) fighter plane- one of teh fastes planes, and has verry few bombs but more machine gun fire(percing) and missiles, has shake and jets
4) light bomber- slow but not as slow as heavy bomber, has no missiles but high defences and many boms and machine gun fire. has medeum armor
5.) heavy bomber- slow slow slow, but verry tough, and loads of bombs (base killer) some missiles and good machine gun fire. has heavy armor
6.) battle ship- verry easily killed, but have missiles, and tons and tons of them, along with machine guns. no armor torpedos are also avilibel, but few.
7.) submarine- , like battle ship, they are weak, and verry verry weak that that but,. . . VERRY HARD TO KILL CAUSE HARD TO FIND. they have no machine guns, but tehy have lots of torpedos, and some verry advanced missiles.

i have the game basicaly planned out but i need someone whos good at doing lots of details in terrain and someone whos good with item and unti editing

(not realy needed much)




previouly recruiting helpers
B]curently doing terrain and startiing units[/B]
next is finishing terrain, and units

my models are comming allong well, except for the slight delay in converting them, but i hope to ahve taht solved soon
(where are you darthfett)


'Currently doing terrain and starting units' bold key is a typo... Lots of spelling typos to ;)

Also what type of map is this?


this map is going to be similar to battle ships and tank warz . . . hopefully
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