Bad Company 2 Beta Freezing Issue

Discussion in 'Battlefield Support' started by Cheesy, Feb 14, 2010.

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    * I just had to update my drivers. :p

    My game runs fine, until I join a server.

    Everything seems normal while loading up the map, but then my mouse flickers, the loading symbol stops moving, yet I hear sound as if I were in the game.

    The game and everything is running perfectly, but the video just.. freezes.

    I managed to click my way in the dark and start playing, while the video was still frozen. I heard background noise, music, gunshots, MY gunshots, and MY footsteps.

    I have tried running the game at the lowest possible settings, and I took the Can You Run It?* test, and passed the minimum requirements.



    Here is my DXDIAG:

    Please help!

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