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Today we would like to tell you a story. It’s an intriguing one. One that may raise more questions than answers. It’s a tale of alleged conspiracy, lies and the most famous living artist in the world… Banksy.

Let’s start at the beginning
On September 17th 2019, we released an article written by UK artist Paul Kneen, questioning who the real artist was behind the £10m painting, Devolved Parliament.

It was a question no one else seemed to be asking. In fact, it felt like no one cared who did it. It said Banksy on the bottom, therefore it must have been painted by him.

This simple question resulted in a phone call from Chris Hastings at The Mail on Sunday who had been made aware of the article from a friend in the US. He felt our observations made a very interesting point and he wanted to run a story… which he did. In fact, it resulted in a full page spread. That was Sunday 13th October.

We never expected Paul Kneen’s article would have resulted in a full page spread in the Mail on Sunday

For us here at CreativeFolk, we high-fived each other and celebrated this exciting event. We wondered what, if anything, would come of this and even joked whether Banksy himself might have seen it.

It’s time to keep an open mind
On Wednesday 16th October the phone rang.


“Hi, is that CreativeFolk”.

“Yes, it is”.

“You guys wrote the original article that resulted in the story in the Mail on Sunday, right?”.

“That’s us. Sorry who are we speaking to?”.

“Well, I’m someone who represents the real Banksy”.

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