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    Hey so I am creating an arcade game, and I am relatively new to the editor. I am trying to create neutral units that automatically spawn in a specified region and move automatically in random directions (without attacking). (Later on I want to make the units appear to "bounce" off edges of the region by adding 180deg)

    So far I can get the units to spawn facing random angles, but they do not move. I looked up that it is supposed to be "Unit- Issue Order", but I cannot find that command. I have "Unit- UnitIssueOrder" which does not include the same variables, and I have failed to get working.

    How should I go about programming this?
    Does anyone know why I cant access that command? or if I can still use the "Unit- UnitIssueOrder"?

    Thank you for the help
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    You have to change the order with no target, to order with target location. I'm not entirely sure it's exactly what it says, but it's something along those lines

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