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Discussion in 'Battlefield Support' started by Im_On_56k, Aug 14, 2005.

  1. Im_On_56k

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    I havent played bfvietnam since i got my new internet, so I decided to play it on multiplayer but I can't connect to pretty much 90% of the servers, and my ping is 9999 on the servers I cannot connect to.

    No my firewall or anything isnt blocking anything, but I was guessing that my new internet host may be blocking specific ports that connect to the servers?

    Or is there anything else that may affect it?
  2. Ummm.....

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    Invalid CD Key?

    Every time I try to connect to a game in multiplayer it says I have an invalid cd key. The only problem is that I bought the game legaly and and have a valid cd key. Is there a problem with my computer? Do I need a certain patch? Please help.
  3. PureNick

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    Try re-installing your game, it might fix the problem if it worked before your new internet provider.
  4. PureNick

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    Where by is the Legal CD-Key you bought? If its on paper and not on the back of a booklet then the game is 2nd hand and thats not the real CD-Key, your most likely to of been scammed.
  5. _-Alec-_

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    Cant join an internet game, but i can create one.

    I can play battlefield vietnam in an instant battle, but i cant join an internet game. :( I can create a game, but no join one. Whn i click JOIN it just says:

    Wrong version! Would you like to update? :mad:

    PLEASE HELP!!!!! :cool:
  6. Bokin

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  7. sumone

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    i have the same problem with the invalid cd key i got my game with a pizza hut deal legally the game doesnt have a booklet but the box is real and the cd's are real not copied the the cd key is on the back of one of the cd holders. and i have reinstalled but it doesnt work
  8. XXXconanXXX

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    I'll try to answer aqll the questions in this thread. If you have a question that's not related to the thread, it's better to post it in a new thread and not in an already existing thread. It will get your problems answered faster.

    There is a multitude of reasons for this. First it could be an external firewall like a router firewall, or an external program's firewall. If you have a firewall blocking ports, then open these ports:

    Allow UDP Port 14567
    Allow UDP 22000 (This is only for LAN games, and used by computers on the same network)
    Allow UDP range 23000-23009
    # GameSpy Master Server UDP Heartbeat:
    Allow UDP Port 27900
    # GameSpy Master Server List Request:
    Allow TCP Port 28900

    It could also be because of a slow internet connection, or that the said server has crashed.

    Make sure the CD key is type correctly when you first installed it. If it is correct, then try clearing out your cookies and temporary internet files. THis could indicate a corrupt entry from a corrupt install or deleted files, so try reinstalling if the above steps do not alleviate the problem.

    You need the newest patch. If your not able to update in the game, then try the stand alone patch at the official site. The official site can be found in one of the two stickies at the top of the page.

    Try the steps I have said above in the beginning of the post.

    If any of you are having further problems, just reply in this thread and I'll answer it as soon as I can. Thanks!

    SUMONE Guest

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    for the invalid cd key all u need to do is update punkbuster at the punkbuster site (which i hav forgotten) and put it in punkbuster folder and run it and it will update it for u
  10. Vinnie

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    Whrong version??

    I play bfvietnam too and i had the same problems standing here.. I also have the newest version of bfv (BFVietnam 1.21). But when i want to connect to a server it says

    Wrong version. Do you want to update?

    What´s the problem?
  11. XXXconanXXX

    XXXconanXXX Cocktails anyone?

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    This is due to either one of two different reasons ~

    Either the server's running on a seperate patch made by a seperate organization, or

    Your not fully updated to the latest patch.

    You most likely need to update your patch to the latest one, or get the stand alone patch at

    If that does not alleviate the problem, then you can try reinstalling as it's most likely due to a corrupt installation or file.
  12. Unregistered

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    help with LAN play

    Hey all, I'm trying to play BFV on my local network, but the 2 computers cannot see eachother in the game. i go to local, click on update but nothing haapens. my network is setp up fine and i can play other games on LAN. any help ??
  13. hobo218

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    Try turning off your firewall and make sure everyone has the same game version.
  14. Terrorsnipe

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    bfv multiplayer help

    hey ive been playing bfv multiplayer but it seems to be giving me a very bad lag, 1023 and when it isnt that high its jumping around, sometimes to rises ino the thousands than drops back to the 70's, im also on a wireless router do you have any solutions to bring my ping down?

    JDKILLZ Guest

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    Multi player kick problem

    i get kicked for losing my key packets or somthin how can i fix this.?
  16. [101st Air]

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    On the openeing ports section

    For the post pertaining to multiplay from a client to an internet server from xxConanXX:

    These are server side ports and the client application should not require these ports to be opened to connect to a server. Only a person putting up a server would need the listed ports from his post.
    The client machine with the client application BFV game (i.e. the game you usually buy to play on multiplayer servers located on the internet) would possibly have a client side firewall that may need to allow the client game to connect to servers via either the application exicutable (BfVietnam.exe) to allow for all connections in and out, or to specifiy the ports needed. I am unaware which they are but Im sure EA would have that information.
    -OR- as said above any firewalls or filtering that may be after your client box's (i.e. router, gateway server, etc.) allowing connection to the internet in order to play. Most non-client firewalls are set up to allow any connection to be made in and out from an internal IP address on any port needed and should not have to be set up to allow this type of connection.

    The short of it all is if you take the router out of the picture and connect your PC to what ever external connection type modem you have, and your TCP/IP stack is set to recieve a DHCP IP address from your ISP and DNS ect. according to your ISP's recommendations. and you can get on the internet, then you should be able to connect to any server listed in the multiplayer screen unless you have a client side firewall. In that case simply disable it to check if it is the reason your being blocked.

    With no gateway/router in the picture and no client-side firewall, there should be nothing accept connection speed stopping you from connecting to the game server (accept of course your ISP). To my understanding the only client side port needed to connect is UDP port 15567 for vietnam, 14567 for BF1942, and 16567 for BF2. If you are trying to connecto on a server that has an alternate port address then you may have to open that specific non-default port which should be listed when highlighting the servername to connect near the IP address of the server near the bottom right side of the server list.

    Again, most client-side firewalls can be set to allow images to connect on any port it wants and this is ok to do. Alternatively doing what xxConanxx recommends could open TCP and UDP ports that should not be opened for a client if your not using those ports running the game server application dedicated or otherwise.

    For the LAN connection that cant be made. Make sure client firewalls are disabled and disconnect from the Internet at your router or block all inbound/outbound connection to the internet or the default gateway address to keep anything bad from happening while you disable your client-side firewalls. if your running a server for a LAN and all the internal firewalls are gone then simply connect to the internal IP address of the box that has server running on it. Of course you need a router that is giving clients an automatic IP using DHCP and any changes to TCP/IP stacks require a reboot to make sure they are connected. In short you should also be able to set the name of the workgroup to that of the rest of the LAN and if File and Print Sharing is enabled, and you can share files via My Network Connection, then you should be connected. Alternatively try pinging the client machines to make sure they are talking.

    1 more thing, the version of the server-side gameserver must be the highest version on the LAN. Clients can be that version of less. No punkbuster is needed for LAN parties.

    Loosing key packets is a symptom of packets being dropped due to non-stable connection or low bandwidth which can occure at the LAN level if either there is somone else on the LAN downloding something or it is a wireless connecton. Wireless connections are not anywhere near designed for streaming type high bandwidth two way communication needed for this game. It needs a hard line connection via RJ45 cable to the router. In my opinion wireless is only good for a couple of things, browsing the internet - downloading, and of course piggy backing on somones incorrectly setup wireless router connection to the internet. This could also be the reason you are loosing key packets. Somone in your area is NOT having to pay to connect on your connection due to you or the owner of the router NOT reading the book and setting up the router to encrypt transmittion or allow only by physical address. You should walk out to thier car or house and shoot them in the head for piggy backing on your broadband wireless, then go RTFM and set up your router. Just because you are not secure doesnt give them the right to steal. -Shoot them in the head!!!!
    Bottom line dont use wireless to game, it wont work.

    Lag can be server side, client side, or connection based. Server side means somone is trying to put a server up on a non T1 dedicated line or a residential connection which wont give upstream connection high enough to host a game server. Client side could be bad connection, CPU useage problems, and a range of issues to deep to go into. IF you really want to know if its not your client, re-partition your drive, re-install windows XP, patch it completely, put an antivirus on it from a main antivirus company like install your game, patch that, and connect to a server you know to be a dedicated server on at least a T1 pipe and make sure your connection is DSL or faster connection (not a sattelite connection) and see. That should work. You should also make sure that you have the minimum requirements of the game or higher (i.e. mine is 2.80 GHz processor, 1.5 Gig Ram, and a 125Mb 3D enabled video card) I wont put up with lag in any form when it comes to shooting people in the head!!!

    CD Key issues should be directed to EA's tech support section to validate your CD key and make sure its not being used if you have a non-pirated or used copy of the game. Hell the game only costs $15.00 US now so go get a new copy and stop buying used software. Its been burned and the key is probly still being used in which case PB says "NOPE GO AWAY YOUR A BUTT PIRATE!!" Buy a new copy if you have any doubts and you dont want to wait on EA telling you your SOL.

    In all cases people -anyone who stands in your way of playing this great 2nd gen game shoule be taken out to the back yard and SHOT IN THE HEAD!!

    I am not 100% sure of any of the information here but I hope this helps.

    Good luck and Ill try and watch this thread for anymore questions.

    101st Airborne Division Clan is also recruiting for serious BFVN gammers with headset and DSL or faster connections who can role play a military based team. We do authentic military tactics at all times and we do observe the unified chain of command under Joint Forces Command.
    come see us at for info.

    That is all,

    [101st Air]LTC Papabear
    Commander, 1st BDE
    101st Airborne Division, 1st Batt
    Task Force 137 -Iraq

  17. JackBauer

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    I have a similar problem....

    When I try to play multiplayer on both Battlefield Vietnam and 1942, I can play it once on one server but when I try to use a different server, it will say wrong version would you like to update? When I click yes it takes me back to the server list. I have a theory. Whenever I played the first server, it edited something in my game folder that would make it incompatible with any other server. I reinstalled but I don't wan't to have to do this every single time that I play on muiltiplayer. Am I right? If so, is there any way to prevent the server from editing my game data?
  18. Rad

    Rad ...

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    Well not sure about 1942/vietnam (basically the same, no?)

    But if its modifying a file there should be a folder in your My Documents called Battlefield 1942, where you can delete those files which shouldnt harm your game at all (Other than reset stored accounts and settings, like resolution and graphics)

    Its smart to rename the folder instead, like 1942BACKUP ... it wont use the same folder, it will make a new one... if something goes wrong just delete the new one and rename it again.
  19. JackBauer

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    I can't find a folder called "Battlefield 1942" in my My Documents folder. Could it be that the servers that I can't get in are running on a previous version of that game? Are the patches backwards compatible?
  20. Brandonbkl

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    hey im having trouble with joining the online on bf vietnam it says Invalid cd key:mad: so if i get me a new one can i see if that would work cause i got this cd key off the internet so yeah thats prolly what's wrong with it

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