Crime Belgium: Monopoly game ‘ends in samurai swordfight’ with man said to be fighting for his life


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According to reports, a game of Monopoly turned into a samurai swordfight in Brussels. The incident reportedly occurred in the Forest neighborhood of the Belgian capital at approximately 5am on Sunday.

Residents became irritated by four individuals playing the board game on the pavement outside their home, and an argument ensued when a man emerged from his house, apparently brandishing a stick. The argument escalated when the resident’s son appeared with a Japanese samurai sword in its holster.

During the ensuing altercation, the katana sword became visible when one of the Monopoly players removed the sheath, according to La Libre.

“The player tried to grab the katana and removed the holster. The son tried to get it back,” said the police.

It is believed that both the son and one of the Monopoly players were wounded by the blade. Two men were taken to the hospital, and both were apprehended.

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