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I'm searching for good movies, and one way I've found good movies is through watching good actors. Here's my two favorite actors.....
Leonardo Dicaprio

Best action actor ever. Blood diamond, The Departed, Gangs of Newyork were all really good. The aviator was good, just really long, and Titanic was decent, it was kinda a chick flick though. He's got a lot of decent looking movies coming out later this year also.

Edward Norton

He's in a large amount of good movies. He's in Kingdom of Heaven, Fight Club, The Illusionist, Rounders, Death to Smoochy. Those are all worth seeing. He's also in The Italian Job, but Ive never seen that, only heard it was good.
I love Norton, hes my favorite actor... i had NO idea he was the leper king in "Kingdom of Heaven"
Don't forget American History X for Edward Norton.

I like Edward Norton and Johnny Depp. :thup:
Harrison Ford. Probably the only actor whose career wasn't destroyed by Star Wars :p He was great in Bladerunner and Indiana Jones especially.

Sean Connery has also been in many a great film, From Russia With Love a paticular triumph.

Peter Sellers as well. Dr. Strangelove was brilliant enough, his multiple roles cemented its position as one of the best films ever. In my opinion, of course.

Oh, and Bruce Willis of course, and many others who are worth a mention, but alas, not worth the extra time that would require.
Leonardo Dicaprio was superb in Blood Diamond and The Departed. He starred alongside Jack Nicholson, who also acted in several of my favourite films: Chinatown, The Shining, One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest and As Good as it Gets.

Peter Sellers as well. Dr. Strangelove was brilliant enough, his multiple roles cemented its position as one of the best films ever. In my opinion, of course.

Have to agree with this. Sellers was great, I could barely tell he played all three roles.
why is it Jim Carrey always shows up in these post i absolutely hate Him!
for one reason: always the same expressions, why would anyone do that for 20 F£$@ing years.

anyways im more into johnny deep and will smith :cool:
Leo and Depp are fantastic, I agree with that
George Clooney is usually in good movies; Michael Clayton, Syriana, etc.

Definitely Depp...

Matt Damon, Mark Walberg, and

Nicholas Cage... though he did make the two worst movies ever made; Ghost Rider and Next.
I am finding myself watching all of Jason Statham movies. Very action packed. I like the good ones like Snatch, and even the ones that are just action for the sake of action like Crank. I don't think he's a deep actor like Depp or Pacino, but his movies are always entertaining.

Yeah, and classics like Cellular and Transporter.

Shia LeBouf
Nicholas Cage... though he did make the two worst movies ever made; Ghost Rider and Next.
Don't forget Lord of War.......
but anyway, Next was worth watching for 1 BIG reason..... did you forget this little detail Seb? :thup:



Another one of my favorites is Shia Lebeouf

Holes was good, Greatest Game was Ok, he was cool in iRobot, Disturdia and Transformers were amazing, I'm not the biggest fan of Indie Jones, but alot of people like it. He also seems to have a hot girl in a lot of his movies (just as a side note xD).
Clive Owen (Shoot em' Up) and Will Arnett :p
Yes, Scott, I do remember that.. haha that was for my birthday remember?

But yeah Shia Lebeuouf is the man.
Come on, no one mention John Travolta, Kevin Spacey nor Robert De Niro yet? I like Bruce Willis as well. Samuel L Jackson is great indeed. Jack Nicholson is also a good actor, very amusing at times. :D
OOOh yeah, Kevin Spacey. He is good in everything he does
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