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Man...When it comes to this theres soo many options. What would you guys recommonend? atm we have McAfee, before this we had AVG and Zonealarm.
I use like fifty of them; most programs are only really good in one form of a virus, so it's hard to say which one is the best.
Only.. don't ever use Norton AntiVirus! its crappiest program ever!
The two that sqrage are good, I personally use Spybot and Malwarebytes Anti Malware.
or you can become smarter with you comp and making sys restore disks helps
yes smarter not installing things all willy nilly only if you ABSOLUTELY need it on your comp like my dads comp has 0 Anti Virus and he uses the itternet 2x as much i do but he has like 4-5 programs that dont come with windos XP
Google Earth
Googles Picassa
Soldat(i put it on there)
and that is it he has never had a virus(his comps at least 2 years old)
Also i recently convinced him to get Macfee(its the new AV we get free with our Internet)
CaptDeath, I do not install random stuff either, my computer has had 1 virus in the past 3 years, and it was from my sister and her friend downloading music on my computer. It is pretty "smart" to have a virus scanner and it never hurts to make sure you have no viruses... ;)
the problem with a virus is this.

it exploits holes in the operating system.

So first we have virus and then we have the anti virus definition loaded thru an update later into the virus scanner later on.

Wich means the anti virus product is always a step behind.

So if your OS has a hole in it your anti virus is doing diddly .

it is like securing your house with tons of security, you go on vacation and leave the front door open with the security system wide open tobe disabled. And it becomes worse your security system gets infiltrated but you are not aware of that. Giving you a false feeling of security. And that is why anti virus programs are just a handy tool and not your main defense. Security begins with you. And if you do not know what you are doing no virus scanner is gonna save ya.
I personally use AVG 8, the Surfing Shield is really great and it doesn't use much system resources. But that's just me, I used to use Norton but even the free AVG is better imo.
i want to again push on Getting Avast cause it will warn you of most sites that claim you need a special plug in(jack asses)
avast will run a siren and Say "Warning Virus Detected"(also on some downloads from rapid share(and yes you can always say "ignore" but i wouldn't)) if you attempt to go to a viral site there was a site i went to for some less than legal products and it turns out that any page besides the index embeds a trojan >.> with it i have been protected like 5 times this past 7 days and the virus db updates what seems to be daily
also they give a slight discount if you buy more than one license
they support Windows and Linux(mac too im 99% sure)
Avast will say virus detected or something from a page and allow you to Abort Connection.
I like Kaspersky and Avast.
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