Best RPG map(s) made for Warcraft III (TFT) ?

Discussion in 'Warcraft General' started by Sooda, Feb 16, 2007.

  1. Sooda

    Sooda Diversity enchants

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    So I have urge to play best RPG map ever made for Warcraft but I don' t know what its name. Things what makes it good:
    JASS abilities
    Custom Data (Models, skins, etc)
    It needs to be playable in Single Player too.
    That map' s official webpage.

    Start posting names or webpages and comments :D
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  2. Andrewgosu

    Andrewgosu The Silent Pandaren Helper Staff Member

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    Well, there aren't any, in my opinion. They all have their pros and cons. But the cons tend to overrule the pros. :(
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  3. Sooda

    Sooda Diversity enchants

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    Thought something like Rexxar Campaign :eek:
  4. Mahucharn

    Mahucharn I wear a fez now, fezzes are cool. Staff Member

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    I loved the Rexxar Campaign, try a legend of zelda game =D
  5. 2-P

    2-P I will work hard tomorrow

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    IMO To the Bitter End.

    Especially gameplay wise it's a lot better than any other Warcraft RPG I've played so far. It's very action based and becomes damned difficult in the later chapters while always staying fair.

    I had a lot more fun playing it than with that monotonous Rexxar Campaign. ^_^
  6. Asehujiko

    Asehujiko New Member

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    i liked the rexxar campaign(thats why im making my own kel'thuzad campaign)

    ttbe has a nice story but it gets quite tedious after a while, and too easy to loose without doing anything wrong in map 3 and 4(havent played 5 yet)(and a bug where you could loose during cinematics in map 2, still not fixed afaik)

    iirc darnyak said that he was going to make an rpg for the eota storyline, but that was when he still had a modforge forum, so if he's actuay planning that its a very low priority
  7. WolSHaman

    WolSHaman knowledgeably ignorant

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    Dark Lineage is best orpg now that they've released a version that has translations IMO.
  8. Ghan

    Ghan Administrator - Servers are fun Staff Member

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    One I like is the Imagica RPG. Its large story line with heros that change every 15 levels adds a nice touch.
  9. Sooda

    Sooda Diversity enchants

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    I even got that map when I try to remember why I didn' t liked it was reason that I got just hero what I clicked on and I waited some time to load map actualy...
  10. PB_and_J

    PB_and_J level 85 anti-spammer

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    I find Wind and Cloud RPG, i think it's called, quite good.
  11. Wiseman_2

    Wiseman_2 Missy wants blood!

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    I got the Imagica RPG. Though it's playable in single player, you don't really stand a chance against many of the creeps on your own.

    Other than that, it's pretty decent, with only the odd glitch here and there.
  12. Sooda

    Sooda Diversity enchants

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    Tried it and didn' t liked it because I have save where I got 32 seconds to get control room or I will lose and in that time I never get there (I even don' t know where it is lol.) So starting from beginning just to speed up isn' t for me and there isn' t much room for moving too (In chapter I). Played Rexxar campaign to feel how good it is and even it is (I think it' s because when you talk to someone in that map they will play spesific music to creat atmosphere and overall it just is too good. I had no mood to start playing it but something like that or even better sounds like real rpg for Warcraft.). Only more action should there be (I mean not hack and slash but thought through battles :D )
  13. 2-P

    2-P I will work hard tomorrow

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    The thing I don't like about the Rexxar campaign is that it was never challenging throughout the entire campaign.
    It's just going from point A to B while killing everything that moves or doesn't want to move. Oh right the creeps respawn, so you can kill everything again when you go back from B to A.

    TtBE may be frustrating sometimes and there's no way you can beat it the first time you play it, but at least you have to play with thought.

    Oh well, I can understand that some don't like, it's all a matter of taste after all. ^^
  14. mase

    mase ____ ___ ____ __

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    DBZ Supreme RPG

    It has custom models, most of the sagas, and advanced systems for a great RPG.
  15. darklegionxx

    darklegionxx Guest

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    Top 3 in my opinion,

    1. Master Crafters
    2. WarsofAzeroth
    3. GlareofVanity
  16. Demonfaze

    Demonfaze 8 yrs. Hell, it's been a long time.

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    Final Fantasy Forever.
  17. Asehujiko

    Asehujiko New Member

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    there are 2 types of dificulty
    1. having to use your brain to get past obstacles
    2. having a % chance on any given action that you loose

    the first is good, the second sucks
    the problem with ttbe is that there are alot of things that can go wrong without the player having anything to do against it

    soulreavers pathing bugging and him walking right into the barracks=lose
    sword teleport to a bad location=lose
    guards go for the boss instead of the bandits=lose
    sword going crazy and killing the bandit boss during a cinematic=lose
    sword going crazy and killing fei during a cinematic=lose
    celerity teleport to a bad loaction=lose
    any companion suicide running into an ultimate=lose
    flamestrike on fei when he's small=lose
    ents blocking the way out of the flamestrike=lose
    void kid instagibs the troll during a cinematic=lose
    sword going crazy and killing the troll=lose
    void kid spawning ontop of the troll=lose

    i never played map 5 because 1-4 were way too random
  18. FatherTime

    FatherTime Guest

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    The Black Road

    Without a doubt, handsdown and with no further debate the best RPG ever for WC3 is The Black Road. The only thing you can't do is play solo and that's because it was designed to be a group RPG.

    Those other maps are great, but The Black Road has spawned a clan on US East that has 4 seperate clan 'wings' (TBRa, TBR, TBRe, TBRi) just to fit in all the members and has an active clan on every other Blizzard server as well as Bored Aussies. Conserative estimates are 600 members to the clan dedicated to one map.

    Get it now and become addicted too...
  19. Meat Shield

    Meat Shield Guest

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    Dark Lineage!

    tbh dark lineage owen is the best made rpg on the whole god damn :shades:

    it has a custom model attached to every item, custom buying menu, complete game menu when pressing ESC and the ability to FIND spells instead of choosing them... and lots more... originally made by some chinese fellow but 0.05 and up is translated... (poorly) but understandble :D
  20. Prometheus

    Prometheus Everything is mutable; nothing is sacred Staff Member

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    Destiny RPG owned but 56k stopped the project.

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