Best RTS Game of all time.


Happy[ExtremelyOverCommercializ ed]HolidaysEveryon
Now I noticed that there was a 'Best FPS Game' thread, but not one for RTS.

So basically, just put down what you think is the best RTS game you hae ever played in your life :D

For has to be....Age of Empires II :D

The game that got me into gaming :D


Real eyes realize real lies.
WC 3 TFT becousewith world editor you can do awesome maps/games.
And of course, BNet:p

Aqua Dragon

I'm made of water. Remember that now.
Have You Noticed That Just About EVeryoneThinks THat Blizzard Makes Some Of The Best RTS Games? :D

Aqua Dragon

I'm made of water. Remember that now.
I Don't THink It's Coming Out. They Have WoW. And That Continues The STory Where War3 The Frozen Throne LEft Off :p


Yeah, but wc4 will set more places and allow more expansions for WoW.


Happy[ExtremelyOverCommercializ ed]HolidaysEveryon
I Don't THink It's Coming Out. They Have WoW. And That Continues The STory Where War3 The Frozen Throne LEft Off :p
Excuse me? WoW continued where WC3 TFT left off eh....this is how I see it...

WC3 Storyline: *whistling* I wonder when they're gonna make a WC4, I'm getting really bored...
WoW: Heya buddy what's happening?
WC3 Storyline: Who are you?
WoW: Why I am World of Warcraft! Surely you know I'll be released soon!
WC3 Storyline: Oh really? I didn't know Blizzard had made another RTS...and they didn't even come to me for a storyline continuation...
WoW: I'm an MMORPG man
WC3 Storyline:what...
WoW: Ya, an MMO, which means it's time for you to leave, there is no more use for a Warcraft storyline.
WC3 Storyline: How dare you! I shall never leave, we can always continue me!
WoW: I realyl didn't what to do this...
*punching sounds*
WC3 Storyline: Ouch...
WoW: WoW...killed it...


What is this i dont even
That would be so (exuse my lauguage) gay if they didnt. Many do not like WoW for many reasons:
1. MMORPG: many want the rts and custom game on wc3 and sc.
3: All threw middle school and highschool you are made fun of if ppl no u play(i no some ppl)
4.Units and such: in WoW u get 1 unit excluding flying and rides and summons. Many like the untis u can make an army and such.
6. Repetitive- Go to *blank* to get 5 *blank* so i can *black* my *blank* or Kill the *blank* for *blank* reason.
7. Time consuming. Say" Weather you have 5 min, or an hour-" no. If ur actually gonna get something acomplished, you have to play for at least an hour or so.
8. Additon to 7-Leveling takes hella long at 12+, you have to waste hour+ to get one level.

WoW isnt worth shizz.

Wc4 ftw. Peace.


Sweet, I got 2 little green bars!
with you all the way DCE, but unfortunately for us, the way blizz sees points 2 and 5 is "IT MAKES MONEY" and they aren't going to kill their cash cow for you and me :(

Best RTS? Rise of Nations. Nothing like killing cavemen with nukes :)
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