General Black bear terrifies customers as he drops in for a late-night pizza

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Traditionally, bears like nothing better than a pot of honey to dip their paws into.

But this hungry chap clearly prefers pizza.

And what a stir he caused at Fat Tony's joint in Whistler, British Columbia, as he helped himself to a takeaway with a difference.

Customers rushed to safety as the fully-grown 400lb black bear sneaked into the restaurant by the back door. They took pictures from behind the stainless steel counter of the bear gobbling up four freshly cooked pizzas.

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That is great!!! He gobbles up four pizza's. You would think a bear would eat more than four pizza's.:thup:


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They killed the bees. THEY KILLED THE BEES!


Just Relax and Smile!
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So, people, don't tempt bears by throwing away pizzas. They'll know how yummy it is from the garbage can, and go search for the fresh source!


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They bear would go,"Problem, officer?" :trollface:
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