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BlackRose's Warcraft III Modding Career


The Purpose of This Thread


tl;dr: I decided to post all the work (incomplete or not) from when I first began, crappy or good.

Firstly, your first reaction to this thread may be that I am leaving the Warcraft III modding scene, this is not the case. With all this free time I have due to school ending, and having nothing else to do, I decided to post all the work (incomplete or not) from when I first began. Also, add to that list is that I'm an online attention whore. LOOK AT ME NOW.

I never really saved much things until 2008. I edited a few things to work properly (such as patch incompatibilities, etc.) and just to make few things better, but everything remains the same overall.

I in no way intend to finish things from 2008 and 2009. You are free to do whatever you want with them (so long as you credit me for whatever is taken). Have fun (I HOPE T__T) browsing through!

Who am I?

I registered at TheHelper in July, 2007 under the username of Kirbyman1. I was 12. I sucked. I was stupid. I was what you would expect of a 12 year old on the internet. That explained the ridiculous name. I had a thing for Kirby and other Nintendo characters. :D Sometime during 2007, or was it 2008 (It's on my user notes somewhere .__.), I requested from AceHart a namechange to BlackRose. I didn't even know why either! It is rather unoriginal and lame.

Over the last year and this year I have changed my usernames several times (not officially), one of the ones I remember is MRFAN1231, ICECREAM, and APL. Finally, I decided to get a name that was unique and yielded no results in Google - Siraraz. Pronounced "Psi - ra - raz", Psy[cho] - ra[men] - j/r[azz]". The desire for uniqueness in name was because I disliked BlackRose x3

But who cares who I am? Onto the goodies. Oh, and did I mention I joined TheHiveworkshop like in 2009?​


Not in chronological order, here are some things done in that year (or at least I think so).

• Arthas' Demise - Chapter 1 (Incomplete)

No idea? I liked Blizzard campaigns, I wanted to make something that looked cool. So I decided to create an alternative storyline.

Varimathras has uncovered a way to weaken the Lich King and is ready to share it with Sylvanas.

Basically all you do is make your way to his base, killing things.

• Spell - Aura Phase

This was when I was still learning vJass. I sucked :)

Spell - Freezing Field

Another spell I submitted. In GUI.​

Spell - Narcolepsy Aura

Pretty sure this was my first spell submitted, I was actually contemplating submitting a different one (which involved sheep that moved around in a certain formation) but I was ended up not doing so.​

• Spell / Visual - Rainbow Aura

When I sucked at coding, I did things that I knew how to do :) So this one is basically some pretty aura which is only for eyecandy.​

• Spell - Summon Ghost (Flashy Summoning Contest - 2008)

Basically a greenish nova.​

• Cinematic - Hour of the Acolyte

I also had an obsession with the anime Excel Saga, so I downloaded the music and made some random cinematic with it involving Acolytes.

As said, some things aren't worth posting, but I decided to :D

• Terrain - Some River

I followed some tutorial by 2-P, it failed badly.​

• Terrain - City / Silvia 01

Some city I made for this big uber project I had in mind, but it failed. The terrain is nothing special, but for anyone still new to modding, they can see you don't produce cool stuff at the beginning, or did that apply to me only?​

• Terrain - Senjerien Falls (Some waterfall)

Some pretty waterfall that was inspired by one of the Blizzard melee maps.​

• Terrain - Playable Thingy

I was helping Crusher with his Mini-Wars map and gave him some suggestions in the form of a map, but I for some reason added planks and stuff everywhere. It doesn't look half bad :D


• Campaign - Elven RPG (Incomplete)

I had no idea what an RPG and a campaign was, so I called my campaign an RPG. LOLOL.​

• Campaign - Sylvanas 01 (Crappily Complete)

I read the Sunwell trilogy and decided to make a campaign based on it, it sucks hard.​

• Cinematic - Dianne Remade (Incomplete)

Back in 2008 January, I had made a bunch of cinematic series based on myself, my sister, and our friends, it was lame. This, done late 2009 (I think) was a remake of the first few 15 - 20ish seconds.​

• Cinematic - DotA - A New Enemy (Incomplete)

I liked DotA and made a cinematic based on it's events. The new enemy was Razor the Lightning Revenant.​

• Cinematic - Killer's Thirst (Incomplete)

I was still obsessed with Excel Saga, but that isn't shown much in this cinematic. I would say this cinematic isn't that bad.​

• Cinematic - Ogre Summoning (Mini-cinematic which is sort of complete)

Nondescript. :eek:

• Spell - Winter's Heart

This ability was to complement GooS' Winter's Heart icon. It literally made an icy heart shape when cast.​

• Spell - Aura Walk

Basically an image trail in GUI, ineffectively done.​

• Terrain - City

Some city.​

• Terrain - The Frozen Throne

Some TFT.​

• Terrain - The Frozen Throne 2

Some TFT #2.​

• Terrain - The Sunwell

Some Sunwell used in WC3.​

• Terrain - The Sunwell 2

I'm getting lazy on description. Screenshots would be handy, but that involves effort, meh. Go download the .rar with all my stuff and open the map yourself :)

Arena - Mirage Arena

Lame arena that I tried making.​

• Cinematic - The Endless Battle

Inspired by Anitarf and Infranes Spirit of Vengeance, I wanted to make some sort of cinematic using that cinematic system, this is the first cinematic using that system. Based off Warcraft III's world, Maiev, Jaina, and Tyrande are trying to capture Illidan, but Vashj saves them... somehow.... the cinematic doesn't make sense. I just aimed for cool effects x_x

Infact, I was THAT amazed by Spirit of Vengeance that I took that spinning thing from that map itself .___., and the music used is from 2-P's friends cinematic. I'm such a stealer <3​

• Cinematic - Magina vs Strygwyr (Enough to be considered almost complete, say, 95%?)

Inspired by Anitarf and Infranes Spirit of Vengeance, I wanted to make some sort of cinematic using that system, this is the second cinematic using that system. I lacked motivation to complete it.​





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Hm, while its good to know why are you posting this? Recognition? I just don't get it.

Or people asked?

Sorry I just don't know you, you might be a big shot :p


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Only god knows. However, feel free to rob into my thread and take whatever though because IT'S CHRISTMAS, GIVE AWAY FREE STUFF.

Also, wai are there "BOOKMARKS" at the bottom of this thread D:


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probably some plugin of vbulletin that phyrex1an install lol or something like that.

Wait... you got 15 years? o.õ


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I could do with a thread like this too. I too, was (barely) 12 when I joined TheHelper.


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Guess 12's the age. I joined when I was 12 as well... Close to 15 now.


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Starters might, like see how when you start your bad and when you get into it you get better.
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