Bladestorm ability idea (for Blademaster dont worry)


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I have a good idea for an ability.

But i am pretty noob at triggers and stuff like that. Can someone plz help me out.

Can you make an ability where...

The blademaster casts bladestorm. Then out from him appears a couple more blademasters using bladestorm. And they spread out to form a kinda formation close enough to each other to just miss each other (a bit like lightning shield except instead of those little lightning balls around him there are other blademasters using bladestorm). And whenever he moves they move aswell in the same direction and the same distance and speed from him. And all the guys in range of the other blademastersand the original get damaged.

Cause i am noob at this could someone make this for me.
I do realise i am asking for a lot.

Ty if so

Or if you cant could you possibly give me some more ideas on how to do this


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post your own code?

if you cant create unit with blademaster condolences...this is very sad


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Still a noob..

Do you mean create my own model....

cause i am noob at this

I AM A NOOOOOOOOB:banghead::banghead:

I have tried doing things with the triggers but i cant seem to get it to work

I can get the dummies to spawn but i cant quite understand how to get them to:

1. Cast the ability when they spawn

2. Move out from me and not be selectable

3. Move at the same time as i do


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How to enhance spells or create new ones with triggers:

How to make formations like you asked:

c) Polar Offset
This is a special function we will use a lot. Given a point p, distance d and angle a it will create a point p’ by the following conditions:
dist( p,p’ )=d
angle( p,p’ )=a

The use of this function is quite unclear right now but you will understand really soon why this function is so important for creating geometrical graphics for spells.

Example: Let there be point a(3,3). Generate points b = PolarOffset(a,100,60), c=PolarOffset(a,200,225),
d=PolarOffset(c,150,90), e=PolarOffset(b,170, 270)
Hope you brushed up on your geometry hot stuff! xD


This is the way it was meant to be.
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