Minigame Blinkers V1.0


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So, i really havent worked with the editor now for quite a while but today i just picked it up after i had this (subjectively) great idea and just made the map.​
It is small, it is simple, and i think it is alot of fun.​
Proudly presenting: Blinkers​
Q. What is this game about?​
A. It is a minigame deathmatch. Each player controls a single unit in a fairly small arena and tries to stay alive while trying to kill all other players.​
Q. What is special about this game?​
A. The way you play it. You have no attacks but a couple of useful skills which you will need to use frequently.​
Q. What kind of skills?​
A. First of all there is blink. This ability will automatically be used whenever you give a move command anywhere. The range is not gigantic but the cooldown is very little.​
You also have a shockwave which you can use to kill your opponents directly.​
And then you can spawn sentry wards which will attack any blinkers in range.​
Q. Why do my own sentry wards keep killing me?​
A. They attack every blinker in range, including you.​
Q. What else is there in this game?​
A. Powerups spawn in set intervalls randomly in the map. They include: Heal, temporary invulnerability and extra lifes.​
Q. What is the point of this game?​
A. Fast reaction times, alot of crazy blinking action and alot of missles flying through the air like a giant bullet hell!​
Q. Is there AI for this game?​
A. Yes, a simple one.​
Q. Why does the AI suck so much?​
A. Because its simple, making it more complex and challenging would tear down the performance.​
Q. How long did you work on this map?​
A. Probably a few hours, i guess 3... Updated to 5 now with the AI.​
So, hope this does it and you can enjoy the map!​

>Download V1.2<


25.07.2012 Version 1.1 released:
  • Added AI, just put a computer in the lobby.
  • Added sound effects
  • Added kill messages
  • Added text commands to toggle on/off the autocast of blink, the camera lock and the kill messages. Defaults are: Autoblink On, Camera Lock On, Kill Messages Off
  • Changed the abilities a little bit
  • Changed the terrain a little bit
27.07.2012 Version 1.2 released:
  • If a player leaves the game his Blinker will be controlled by the AI for now.
  • Shockwave range has been increased so much that it now goes through the entire map!


2D-Graphics enthusiast
An AI would be somewhat between incredibly hard and impossible to make.
The main focus of the game is to dodge incoming missles and there is no way to reference missles in the trigger editor. I would need to make a separate complicated sysetem to track all the missles individually for the AI and i think the performance would in such a case drop down below sea level and falling.


2D-Graphics enthusiast
Well that wouldnt be an AI but just random commands being given at certain time intervals.


2D-Graphics enthusiast
There you go vypur, i made an AI for the game. Its simple, you will probably not be able to kill it but it will be able to kill itself.


Swim, fishies. Swim through the veil of steel.
1. The wards last too long. Eventually you can't go anywhere without 6 or 7 fireballs flying at you.
2. Sentry Ward should be Serpent Ward instead, since the ward has a serpent model.
3. You have another Serpent Ward spell in data that doesn't seem to be used.
4. It was five minutes of pure goddamn fun.


2D-Graphics enthusiast
I have quite many things in the data editor, i dont like to delete stuff until i am 120% sure i will not need it anymore.
At first, more abilities were planned, like summoning monsters at target locations which will also randomly attack anybody close by.

About the duration of the wards, thats actually wanted, its supposed to be a minigame, that means, you should go down fast and in a gigantic explosion. But i think if you are korean you can probably play for 20 minutes.

Did you play it actually on BNet or just the AI?


Swim, fishies. Swim through the veil of steel.
Garena with my friend, plus 6 AIs for a total of 8 players.

IMO the current setup is enough. It's meant to be a simple, fast-paced game.


2D-Graphics enthusiast
Thats right.

Dang, i cant change the title xD, why did i put the Version number in that anyways?


2D-Graphics enthusiast
Was thinking alot about whether i should make a "real" terrain for the map. had many ideas what i could put there in terms of doodads and effects.
But i decided not to. This game has alot of stuff going on, all those missles flying and you have to constantly blink around.
I think if i add any eye candy it would be too much of a distraction. You wouldnt see anything anymore on screen with all those fireballs flying around and then additional doodads spammed all over the place.

Maybe, just maybe, i will add some simple decoration, like wall details and stuff. But probably nothing big.
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