Blood Age : World's Armageddon Full Champions


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Blood Age
World's Armageddon Full Champions
( BaWa Full Champions 1.5 )



By playing Custom Map Blood Age, you will feel the intensity of the bloodiest battle you'll ever know.

By playing this map with your friends, you must apply a lot of tactics and skills to gain final victory.

Size : 4.6 Mb
User Interface was changed
All icons of Warcraft are changed
Support 10 player

At the top of Hyjal, the battle between coalition legendary Human - Orc - Night Elves against the Burning Legion has a secret that residents of the world may know. That is their powerful magic water contain its enormous power that not everyone is predictable.

Recalling the old days, also in the battle against evil corps, to prevent Sargeras and his minions to be Night Elf world where people live, Malfurion had a tough decision to destroy the magical lake. In the battle of Malfurion (who wants to destroy the lake) and Azhara (who want permanent protection of water resources), there are very terrible place, the magic that Highborn who use to cause the chaos surrounding it.

Finally the water column inside the lake became seething, creating continuous series of explosions rocked the temple and across the lands. Do not just stop there, the explosion becomes too large, it produces the strongest earthquake ever in the history and the world must be cracked.

When the earthquake happened, the sea rised and flood overflow into giant cracks. Nearly eighty percent of Kalimdor mainland was submerged into the sea, separated land from Kalimdor moved around and creating a newly ocean. In the center of this new area, where previously water of eternity is now an endless storm of anger and the chaotic energy.

In that terrible explosion, the magical water were destroyed, or all people were thought that. By the greed of Illidan, he has help the magical water remains on top of Hyjal until the Burning Legion took over the magical water again from the hands of Union Human - Orc - Night Elf. This is something no one expected, even the Night Elves have precautions by sealing the strength of the World Tree.

Under the lead of Archimonde, the Burning Legion as more power, they headed for Hyjal summit that met only feeble resistance. They go, where it turns into a terrible site, not grass or trees can survive by the power of evil.

Malfurion finally chose a difficult decision to destroy the World Tree would destroy all evil demons. By his power, Malfurion activated energy from the World Tree, finally Archimonde and his minions exploded with the World Tree, ending the bloody invasion of them.

But at that historic moment, the blast so awful that no one has an attention to a particular event that has occurred under the influence of the explosion of the World Tree. The explosion atop Hyjal with dark energy from the Burning Legion and undead army inadvertently opened the Power Dark Portal, suck all the guys standing near the explosion to a world not been discovered before. The people who are attracted to this are new residents of this world. This new world which was later the inhabitants of it called the New World, also referred to by a other name : Aritak Ma.

In this world, the races keeps fighting for dominance, thereby causing the terrible battle of the two strongest factions is The Strategic Army and The Allied Forces ....

Bloody period was later known as the Blood Age ....

Link Download BaWa 1.5


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Unlike the maps which you played, you select your Hero by selection in the Tavern or by controling an unit that run into a “ circle “, in map BaWa, you will choose your Hero in different way.

By giving each player a creature when starting the game, that creature has the capability of building a main structure that can train a Champions (in BaWa, Heroes known as Champions), BaWa gives players the chance to experience the feeling of building inherent in melee map.

By this way ( selection of Champion ), the entire area of the map will be used in battle, did not have any land to do is cut out for the selection of Champion, which makes the map it's still natural environment.

Players have one minute to prepare from the start to choose Champion.

2. MAP :​

Terrain of BaWa through a lot of editing from the precursor phase, Beta to the full version today. My map do not follow formula of three lanes in the same genre map, BaWa has only 2 lanes with a system of jungle with abundant forest creep.


In BaWa, it has a system High Brush (tall grass), it inspired by the recent action games, may allow the Champions has the stealth to ambush the enemy.

The High Brush system will make the killing enemy more successful if the players know how to profit from it. High Brush is sometimes used to hide when the enemy pursue.


Like most of the Warcraft 3 Custom Map, Runes always an indispensable part in the game. In BaWa, there has a Rune system. A type of rune stone appear randomly in one of four locations on the map.

Every minute of the match, if a rune is used, it will appear randomly on the map a new rune. Position of the new rune were arranged randomly in one of four locations on the map.


The earl game is extremely important in Bawa because there is no starting gold for players. All players must earn Gold in this initial phase.

Therefore, the map has Creep Camps of Bandit, if any faction won more Gold in the first stage of 2 minutes this will occupy a very high advantage because players has more gold to bying more basic items.

6. SHOPS :

Shop in BaWa has the improvements. In other Custom Map on Warcraft, shops are usually placed at the base, everyone should go back to purchase items. However, in BaWa, shops are located in the upper right corner of the map, making shopping becomes extremely dangerous. Now the role of the team is pushed even higher, because the base has to worry about protection, both to support the team purchased item.

However players can still buy some basic item in the main structure as the normal recovery hit point, normal recovery mana, observing eye ...


Also shop at the top right corner location map, Bawa has 2 moving shops. A shop moved diagonally across the right-bottom left of the map, a shop move around on the top of the map.

After buying from the shop, if you're lucky maybe it will stand still for you to buy more items and then keep moving.


In BaWa, there has 6 Creep Camps of Bandit that players should take note of defeat since the starting of game.
3 Creep Camps of Bandit is located on the bot lane needs to be destroyed, the minions of the two factions will begin combat in this lane.
The remaining 3 Creep Camps of Bandit are near jungle is destroyed, the Creep Camp of Wildkin will begin spawn.


On the map there are 2 Beast have an important role in increasing the difficulty of the game and increase the tasks that each team must complete.

Every 90 seconds every beast will need a sacrificial object, then within 40 seconds if not provided, then they will become hostile and will attack your base.
Sacrificial basic items is available at the main structure or sacrificial items that have higher level can be combined at the shop - zone.
When the Beast has become hostile, they will attack for 90 seconds, then they will normally back and start a new cycle. If unfortunately team players than anyone could offer sacrifices to them, they attack the base, trick is not to direct confrontation unless you have enough strength, players should lead them to the map instance to relieve for the team.


To avoid a match so long, as well as add excitement to a battle where both sides are strong similaritily, map has a special game mode to determine winning and losing.

When the battle lasted until the 45th minute of the match, after a short waiting period, players will be put into a special floor, where the Champions's items as well as Champions's power is no longer. You must apply new strategies to win.



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Like other AoS maps, you need to destroy the enemy's main structures to win. Difference of BaWa is that each team is not only a main structure. The number of players decides the number of main structures.

Therefore, each player needs to take care of their main structure, and of course any team would have more players, that team will have more advantage.


This is also a difference in BaWa. BaWa allow the player can win only by destroying the enemy Champions.

Any team would gain 35 points before, that team will win. If you played a map that under the category of the arena, you will feel very familiar when applied this way to victory.


The team in BaWa can destroy God of Honour to win. God of Honour has extremely high damage and a lot of hit points, he is in a position lower left corner of map.


This is a variation of capture the flag gameplay. When a player to sacrifice beasts, they will spit out an item. Based on probability percentage and high level of sacrificial items that players will have a chance to get a part of the Ultimate Item. When player has enough components, Ultimate Item will be auto-combined and then Champion of a team has it, running in energy circle in shop zone, that team will win.

To get the Ultimate Item will be very difficult for your team. You must get two items from two Beasts and two components from mobile shops to get Ultimate Item.


This type of gameplay is Capture The Flag game-mode on the action game today, two teams will control all energy zones in the map. That team control all eight locations on the map which will win.

After Power Mine were controled by one team, it will be colored by that team, and will give that team a small vision.

Ending battle with Power Mines, the Power Mines also provides the ability to control map for that team that captured the Power Mines.

-aa : Units of players can attack all units of team but they will attack again.
-af : Units of players can attack all units of team but they will not attack again.
-arena : To win, your team must based on the number of dead enemy and ignore other forms of victory.
-aso : To win, youir team must based on the number of dead enemy and ignore other forms and turn off Special War game-mode.
-bp : Players must pick ( and ban ) the Champions and turn.
-casu :
-ci : To win your team must based on the Ultimate Item and ignore other forms of victory .
-ciso : To win your team must based on the Ultimate Item and ignore other forms of victory and turn off Special War game-mode .
-classic : To win your team must based on the destruction of the entire main structure of the enemy and ignore other forms of victory.
-claso : To win your team must based on the destruction of the entire main structure of the enemy and ignore other forms of victory and turn off Special War game-mode.
-clasu : To win your team must based on the destruction of the entire main structure of the enemy and ignore other forms of victory and Champion of the players will not be revived after being killed.
-cp : To win your team must based on the seizure of all Power Mines and ignore other forms of victory.
-kg : To win your team must based on the killing of God of Honour and ignore other forms of victory.
-kso : To win your team must based on the killing of God of Honour and ignore other forms of victory and turn off Special War game-mode.
-noa : Remove winning form based on the killing point of each team.
-noc : Remove winning form based on the destruction of main structure.
-nocp : Remove winning form based on the seizure of Power Mines.
-nomoney : When you destroy the enemy minion will not get the gold.
-nosa : Remove form based on Ultimate Item and you do not need to give sarcrificial items to 2 beasts.
-notree : Plants will grow back after being destroyed.
-nsw : Turn off Special War game-mode.
-reinforcement : More reinforcement for two teams and it isrepeated after a certain time.
-sa :
-soonpick : Allow all player of two teams can choose Champions at first minute of the game but game must have full players.
-survival : Champions will die without resurection. If all of Champions of a team is killed, that team will lose.
-nobot : Minions on the bot-lane of two teams will not spawn.
-nocreep : Neutral Creeps will not spawn.
-nomid : Minions on the mid-lane of two teams will not spawn.
-nominion : Minions of two teams will not spawn.
-pff : Champions use the spell that will not lost mana as well as remove cooldown.

-cl : Remove the text on the screen.
-cms : Show speed of Champions that the player is controlling.
-cmst : Show the running speed of all the allied Champions.
-ct : Showing information to contact to me.
-fogoff : Turn off fog.
-fogon : Turn on fog.
-lv :
-lvt : Show the level of the entire clan Champions.
-modeinfo : Display information of the current game-mode is used in the game.
-rechoose : Choose the main structure, if not select Champion.
-seemap : Remove all floating rocks.
-surrender : Surrenders the opponent .
-waterblue : Display color of water to blue.
-waterdark : Display color of water to black.
-watergreen : Display color of water to green.
-waterpurple : Display color of water to purple.
-waterrandom : Display ramdomly color of water.
-waterred : Display color of water to red.
-waterstandard : Display standard color of water.
-watertransparent : Display color of water to transparence.
-wateryellow : Display color of water to yellow.
-destroytrees : Destroy all trees.
-gold100 : Get more 100 gold in the single player mode.
-gold500 : Get more 500 gold in the single player mode.
-gold1000 : Get more 1000 gold in the single player mode.
-gold2000 : Get more 2000 gold in the single player mode.
-gold5000 : Get more 5000 gold in the single player mode.
-hidetrees : Hide all trees.
-killaf : Destroy all minions of The Allied Forces.
-killall : Destroy all minions.
-killsa : Destroy all minions of The Strategic Army.
-lvup : Up to level 25 for your Champion.
-lvupall : Up to level 25 for all Champions.
-showtrees : Show all hidden trees.


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Tip 1 : In the early stage of the battle, player must get Gold fast. Bandit with small hit points and the damage is not high that is gold mines are waiting for you.

Tip 2 : If not using mode -nosa, there will be 2 creep camps in the map that is lost when two Beasts begin to attack. Remember to attack these 2 creep camps first to avoid loss of this initial amount of gold.

Tip 3 : There are have creep camps that you kill, the creep camp with stronger creep that will appear. And there are have 3 important creep camps that you need to destroy at the bot- lane, then minions of two teams will spawn.

Tip 4 : Make use of trees in the map if you are can attack enemy from a distance. Enemies can take a few seconds to accurately determine your location. Hiding in the trees was a way to wait for the rescue team.

Tip 5 : Always make use of High Brush. Always choose the High Brush as your temporary stop. It can help you ambush enemy and helping you to discover hiding Champions inside High Brush.

Tip 6 : In BaWa, some Champion will be stronger when the weather changes. Therefore, whenever the weather changes, it means the special Champion going to attack. Currently only the Chaplain is able to change the weather.

Tip 7 : There are some Champion that has spell with a wide range and fast cooldown. Need to be careful when fighting. The safest way is to go with team-mates that have high hit point.

Tip 8 : There are some Champin that can not to stop.There are Champions that have spell surfing, stealth or move immediately. But our weakness is the low hit points. Take advantage of this.

Tip 9 : Information about a spell and changes of each level of spell will be fully displayed. This will help you easily can observe than to see this information in the skills upgrading.

Tip 10 : Always view Multiboard. This is very important to judge the situation, consider the difference in strength of each player. Specially, point of killing is always an important ratio, it will determine the match result.

Tip 11 : For more information of this map, you can use the Map Info. Maybe you will need to contact me with some idea that you want to add into the map. Since I do not often on the forum very much.

Map 1 : Practice of the purchasing from the moving shops.
Link download :
Map 2 : Practice of the sacrificial item for the Beasts.
Link download :
Map 3 : Practice to capture the power mines.
Link download :

Special thanks to :

evergreenMOON (ideas)
hoangNGUYET ( ideas, map's name )
Olof Moleman ( model AraucariaYoung )
Nasrudin ( model ElveswoodDP2, model ZOMGTreex )
PeeKay ( icon Mentality, StormDefense, StormField , AstralBlessing, ElementalSpirit, Adrenalin, icon Hellclap, icon Necromancy )
dh_g ( X Design Pack Tool)
killertung (ideas )
Palaslayer ( icon FireBall )
Dan van Ohllus ( model Aura of Death )
War_Golum ( model BlightwalkerAura )
levigeorge1617 ( model Shock Aura (Unholy Aura ) )
Banzay89 ( icon Meteor )
M0rbid ( icon Burst )
-BerZeKeR- ( icon SkullSpirits )
67chrome ( icon SpellSplash )
NFWar ( icon SpellPower )
Hellx-Magnus ( icon PlagueNova )
bigapple90 ( icon Holybird )
Darkfang ( icon DemonArrow )
Gruss Christoph ( icon Circle )
-Berz- ( icon ElektroShock )
Elainiel ( icon ElementalBolts )
Furiontti ( icon PoisonArrowHeads )
kola ( icon Portal2 )
Lordan12 ( model Heal Aura )
Mobilize ( icon GreenSkillz )
HappyTauren ( model Grass )

BaWa 1.0


BaWa 1.1

New item Staff of Evil
Fixed some bugs
More balance

BaWa 1.2

A new Champion : Dark Knight
A new item : Araku'da
Changed User Interface

BaWa 1.3

A new Champion
Changed model of brush
Fixed Dark Night

BaWa 1.4

New item Boots of Endurance
New game mod " Capture Points "

BaWa 1.5

Fixed some bugs and more balance.
Include A.I for The Strategic Army

Link Download BaWa 1.5


I would be greatly appreciate if someone would play and give me reviews, and if you can test this map with full players, I want to know your feedback.

Finally, thank you for reading, feedbacks are welcome! And sorry for my post because I can not post more 10000 characters !
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