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Discussion in 'Graveyard' started by TheDamien, Jun 22, 2007.

  1. TheDamien

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    Inspired by this thread.

    The blood ward steals life from enemies in an area, and distributes the life stolen to allies in the same area.

    I'm not sure how efficient this is, but I tried my best to remove leaks and such. If you spot an obvious opportunity for improvement, please say so and I will (depending on the circumstances) try my best to implement your suggestion.

    Edit: The map has been updated. (Updated once so far)


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  2. Sim

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    Leakless, lagless, good!

    Maybe add an hotkey and set the AoE of the ward to 800 since in the trigger it says 800.

    Add leveling features, since at the moment it can only be level 1. Add a "level" factor in the constant functions.

    Other than that... I didn't encounter any bug.
  3. Rheias

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    function Blood_Ward_Death takes nothing returns boolean
        local unit u = GetTriggerUnit()
        local timer t = GetHandleTimer(u, "t")
        call FlushHandleLocals(t)
        call PauseTimer(t)
        call DestroyTimer(t)
        call DestroyTrigger(GetTriggeringTrigger())
        call FlushHandleLocals(u)
        set u = null
        set t = null
        return false

    Disable the trigger before destroying it.

    local real dmg = Blood_Ward_LifeStolen()+GetUnitAbilityLevel(u, Blood_Ward_AbilityID())*Blood_Ward_LevelFactor()

    This should be presented as a constant function.

    BJ here.

    On a general note, you should make locals' names more informative. I would also suggest adding eye-candy, for example seeing a healing effect on allies in range, and damaging effect on enemies.

    Nice spell, good job.
  4. TheDamien

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    Ok. A hotkey has been added, and I had a level factor in there but I noobed out and didn't properly implement it, so that's now been fixed. I reduced the AoE a bit as well, since it was a little large.

    I have removed the BJ and also added an effect to the buff (I couldn't think of two different effects for allies and enemies that would look the part).

    I have also disabled the trigger before destroying and fixed the "local real dmg" line.
  5. Sim

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  6. BebopJelli

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    Hey! You got it to work! Congradulations man, I see nothing wrong. Glad to be of inspiration ;)
  7. NWG_Jonas

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    man i got to say what i really thing and i love it tougth i will actuly use this if im aloved 2 :p
  8. TheDamien

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    Thanks. And yes, anyone is allowed to use this spell in their maps.
  9. saw792

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    Outdated spell, uses LHV and thus will not run.
  10. Romek

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    Thanks, GY'd.

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