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Discussion in 'World Editor Help' started by WastedSavior, Jan 28, 2010.

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  1. WastedSavior

    WastedSavior A day without sunshine is like, well, night. Staff Member

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    Submissions Thread
    Post your submissions here.
    One post per member/group here.
    Only submission posts - No comments.
    Feel free to edit your submission any amount of times before the deadline.
    Also feel free to make your posts look nice. No big screenshots though.
    Make sure to use the edit button when editing submissions.
    Remember to put your username in the map.

    Please include the following
    Author: Your TH username (If multiple, please include all names)
    Board Game: Please include the name of the game you are modeling your map on.
    Description: Please briefly describe the board game.
    Notes(optional): Any comments you'd like to add​

    Main Contest Thread
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  2. Galdiuz

    Galdiuz Creator of Photon Command

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    I'll be first with uploading then. Will probably update it later.

    Author: Galdiuz
    Board Game: Connect 4
    Description: Place your pieces wisely to get 4 pieces in a row!
    Notes: Use arrow keys to move pieces.

    EDIT: I changed the name to 'Connect 4' and also made it possible to play singleplayer.

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  3. Rushhour

    Rushhour New Member

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    Everything works as far as I tested, but because I need some tester especially for the extra game mode I will upload it now. As English isn't my native language I would be happy if someone could tell me what and how to correct and improve in the language. :)

    Author: Rushhour (B.-net name: Scale)
    Board Game: The aMAZEing labyrinth and Master Labyrinth
    Description: Collect the treasures by pushing the walls of the maze around. Be the first to get all of your treasures or get the most points to win.
    -Works for 1-4 players, but I would recommend more than one player.
    -If you want the original game then select "No" when it's asking for special treasure hunters.
    -For more detailed explanation read the ingame quest menu!

    Updated with a small intro, some hints and a lousy loading screen :D

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  4. rover2341

    rover2341 Is riding a roller coaster...Wee!

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    Author: rover2341, and my partner cant remember hes user-name.
    Board Game: Chess
    Description: Play Chess
    Note: Incomplete, But Very close to finish.
    I have vJass and cJass So I think I broke a rule, also Its a day late, and incomplete.
    So Ill submit it anyway. I have lost interest, I may finish it at some point it needs 5-8 hours to finish.

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  5. DuelPlayer

    DuelPlayer Member

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    Author: DuelPlayer
    Board Game: Dividends
    Description: Dividends is a fairly simple game, where players buy and sell stock and collect the dividends from the stock they own. For more description, go here
    Notes: My game is similar to the original but not exactly same. I edited some parts of it for better gaming and more fair. The map size is far too big! Therefore, I used a website for download.

    Here is the link.
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  6. Shura

    Shura New Member

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    Author: Shura
    Board Game: Othello (or Reversi)
    Description: Place tiles to capture pieces, and try to have the most tiles at the end.
    Notes: The map isn't completely done yet. Only has Single Player vs A.I.

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  7. WastedSavior

    WastedSavior A day without sunshine is like, well, night. Staff Member

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    Thank you for all your submissions. The contest has ended and i hope to have the results soon!
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