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  1. WastedSavior

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    Long overdue it's time to announce the next contest. This contest is a little more demanding, but users will be given 2 months, with the possibility for an extension if necessary.​

    What are you supposed to do? Pick your favorite board game and make it into a map. I am certainly not expecting a huge map with loads of features, you can do as little or as much as you want. ​

    Common Board Games
    Chutes and Ladders
    Candy Land
    Connect 4
    More idea's can be found here.​

    Entry Form:
    Author: Your TH username (If multiple, please include all names)
    Board Game: Please include the name of the game you are modeling your map on.
    Description: Please briefly describe the board game.
    Notes: Anything else you feel is important or would like to include.​

    You may post your submission in the Submission Thread.
    You may edit your submission any number of times before the Due Date.​

    Only one submission per user/group.
    The submission must be made for this contest, no prior work will be accepted.
    All systems and snippets are allowed.
    GUI, Jass, vJass and Zinc are allowed. cJass is not.
    All submission must be able to be opened in Newgen without any extra mods.
    The map must not be protected.​

    Additional rules may be added and enforced if problems arise.

    The Grading:
    Is it fun to play?​
    Is it aesthetically pleasing?​


    Does it follow the board game faithfully?​
    Does the game work?​


    What level of difficulty was it to make?​
    What kind of quality is the map?​

    Anyone who submits a valid entry will receive +rep from me.
    1st Place will receive an additional 30 rep.​

    Due Date:
    Thursday April 1st Midnight (GMT)

    May we use imports?
    Yes, not only is it acceptable, it is encouraged!
    If we enter a team submission, do we each get 25 rep?
    No, the rep reward will be spread equally amongst the winning team.
    Are card games allowed?
    Yes, games like Uno, Skip-bo, and Phase 10 will be allowed.
    Is this a group contest?
    Yes and No, because of the scope of this project you may find it easier to work with 1-2 other people on a single project, but it is not required. You may work alone.
    Will code be graded?
    Code will not be graded, although, if your map lags tremendously, or does not function properly you may be graded down.
    May we post WIP screenshots?
    Of coarse, you are encouraged to! Please post your WIP screenshots here in this thread!
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  2. Avaleirra

    Avaleirra Is back. Probably.

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    Oooooh. Interesting contest.

    I might give it a shot :D. Although it is probably beyond my abilities.


    I think I may try to create one based off an Ouji Board... Anyone want to partner up? :p


    Is there a maximum map file size?
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  3. WastedSavior

    WastedSavior A day without sunshine is like, well, night. Staff Member

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    Great idea, you should go for it! No matter you get some rep if you turn in a submission, so you might as well give it a shot.

    Maximum Map File Size is at your own discretion, keep in mind though, if your making a multiplayer map, it should be playable over
  4. Nherwyziant

    Nherwyziant Be better than you were yesterday :D

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    Is it allowed to make a board game a little more advanced?

    example, snake and ladders, I will add some powerups to do some cool stuffs, and I will add a killer machine lol.

    LOL that is so scary! xD

    Is it also allowed to make your OWN board game?

    Is the game also needs to be really in a board? I mean, example, dungeon master. This is not allowed? you will have a unit which you will control and you will travel on a nice adventure terrain.

    I'll try to join... I love contests! :D
  5. tooltiperror

    tooltiperror Super Moderator Staff Member

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    Deff doing this, the Halloween contest started right after I joined thehelper, and far before I started learning JASS, so I didn`t want to join. Now, I just might do it.

    I think I`m going to be doing that one, classing, murder mystery game, that I will not say out loud.
  6. Accname

    Accname 2D-Graphics enthusiast

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    Do we really have to take one of those 'real' boardgames? Can't we create some kind of our own WC3 Board Game?

    There is a criteria called "Does it follow the board game faithfully?", so it seems we could submit any map we might imagine and if it doesnt seem like a boardgame it will just get alot of neg points for this criteria.
  7. Rushhour

    Rushhour New Member

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    Don't know if this game is even known/popular in your countries, but at least in my family we used to play it quite a lot.
    Labyrinth of masters. A maze where you can push different cards and make ways to find specific items.
    I'm working on the basic system now, lets see ;D
  8. Daskunk

    Daskunk SC2 Forum MVP - TheSkunk #386

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    Huh.. Sounds like a game we have called "The Amazing Labyrinth".

    I was thinking of making that, actually. But I don't think I'll have the time to make anything at all, anyways.
  9. WastedSavior

    WastedSavior A day without sunshine is like, well, night. Staff Member

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    I suppose you can add a little content to improve playability, but i would encourage you to make sure that the basics of the game are there and solid before you go adding in new content. Making it look pretty may add a point or two, but you may lose more then a point or two if the mechanics of the game don't work. :eek:

    Sorry but no, you cannot create your own board game. I provided a list of hundreds of games to chose from, and if you have one in mind that is not on the list you may add a link to a description of the game in your submission. I think this should be enough to choose from. ;)

    If you have any questions about a game and it's eligibility feel free to PM me with some information about it and we can discuss it.

    Sounds like fun, i am excited to see all the games people choose, i was shocked at how many there was when i acquired the list of suggestions! =]

    As i mentioned above, i do not feel that it is unfair that you can only choose from existing board games. There are plenty of games out there. When the time for grading comes i will be googling any of the entries that i have not personally played, and get a good understanding of how they are played before i begin judging. So don't be afraid to pick an uncommon game, you will not get marked down for a game that is not as popular as monopoly or risk.

    Excellent, as i mentioned before it doesn't have to be popular, as long as i can find some information on it online you wont have much to worry about. If your concerned at all that i may not be able to find information, your more then welcome to find a website or two and include them in your submission post. :thup:
  10. Avaleirra

    Avaleirra Is back. Probably.

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    ToolTipError and I may create the ouiji board together. Were just throwing each others ideas at each other right now :p
  11. trb92

    trb92 Throwing science at the wall to see what sticks

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    Question: Does Yahtzee count as a board game? It doesn't technically use a board, but it seems to me it would be just as much a board game as the card games mentioned in the first post are.

    If yahtzee is a valid entry, count me in the contest. I'll give it a shot.
  12. Galdiuz

    Galdiuz Creator of Photon Command

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    Hm, I'll probably join and I'll probably make a 4-in-a-row game. Are we allowed to use EGUI?

    EDIT: Nevermind, read through the rules again and saw that it's not.
  13. WastedSavior

    WastedSavior A day without sunshine is like, well, night. Staff Member

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    Yahtzee is acceptable. :thup: Good Luck
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  14. Dinowc

    Dinowc don't expect anything, prepare for everything

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    so others can see who's WIP it is

    isn't that against the rules? :confused:

    it was in previous contests
  15. WastedSavior

    WastedSavior A day without sunshine is like, well, night. Staff Member

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    Normally we have 2 different methods of grading the submissions, Public Polls, where users are anonymous and their work is voted on by their peers. In such a contest anonymity would be important so people don't just vote for their friend.

    In this particular contest, it will not be a public poll, the entry will be graded by myself, so it doesn't accomplish much to keep them anonymous from the rest of the forum. :cool:

    Usually the Poll method is reserved for art contests, like terraining.
  16. Rushhour

    Rushhour New Member

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    Yep thats the basic game. There is another advanced version, I think I will include its features ^^
    I will work out the basic system the following days. PM me when you also plan to make that kind of board game, then we could combine our power ;D
  17. Daskunk

    Daskunk SC2 Forum MVP - TheSkunk #386

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    Well, I don't really want to be a copy cat, so if I make anything at all it probably won't be that.

    I didn't really have any great ideas for it, it was just something that was simple enough for me to make in time and pretty fun, too.
  18. Accname

    Accname 2D-Graphics enthusiast

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    i dislike to pick an existing game and copy it into wc3. cant i make something like a remake of a game?
    lets say it covers some basic aspects and ideas but has alot differences in gameplay and content.

    would that be okay?
  19. Joker(Div)

    Joker(Div) Always Here..

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    Hopefully that answers your question
  20. Shura

    Shura New Member

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    Yay a contest! I'm probably going to enter. If I do I'm gonna make a chess game.

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