US News Boy decapitated by roller coaster at Six Flags Over Georgia

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A 17-year-old South Carolina boy on an church outing was killed Saturday when he was struck by the popular "Batman the Ride" at Six Flags Over Georgia. It was the second Batman ride-related death at the Cobb County park.

According to the police and a statement from the amusement park, the boy and a friend climbed over two 6-foot fences -- the park perimeter fence and a second one surrounding the ride -- to get to the roller coaster. Park officials said there were numerous signs warning would-be intruders of the danger.

The victim was decapitated when the ride struck him, police said. The youth was not identified.

"The areas where the individuals entered were clearly marked with signs marked 'restricted area. Authorized personnel only,' and a sign on a locked gate that read 'Danger zone. Do not enter. Authorized personnel only," park spokeswoman Hela Sheth said to reporters, reading from a prepared statement.

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Wow, why in the world would you want to go in there, let alone go close to a moving rollercoaster...?
The way that the roller coaster is - if I know which one it is - it is the kind with no bottom where the people are hanging. Either that or the drop one. If it was the first I think the riders probably got sprayed or did the decapitating.
Eeesh, what a gruesome way to go. He should have listened to the signs - those are ussually there for a reason :thdown:

Must suck for his friend - one second his friend has a head and then another second he can no longer get a-head in life.
I guess fucking around leads to decapitation.
Well then, there goes 98% of the human population.
Natural selection. This is a tragic event, but keep in mind the 17 year old boy (thus old enough to have competent brainpower) entered an area that obviously was dangerous after being warned not to.
That's pretty morbid but wow... I would hate to be that kid. Forever would be remembered as an idiot. I think the batman ride has your feet in, but I also thought it was indoor. Either way it would be real creepy to be riding on that roller coaster, creepier than they intended (it's supposed to be 'scary', I believe)
Six Flags = Death Trap

People have died on and off the rides, so many times now. I grow Suspicious

I can't say that enough...
Batman is the ride with your legs hanging, the batman is very basic ride were you start off inside a building and just swirl around it, nothing special. Why someone would climb over countless bushes and fences to get a hat, or even be in danger is stupid.

/b/ is making fun of the situation now, I guess they had to move from sand ninja.
That is just retarded, I mean, why not ask, or even wait until the ride is over... He's 17...
I saw a news show talking about the parents are thinking of suing six flags because they claim there weren't ENOUGH SIGNS warning the kids that they shouldn't be back there....HELLLLOOO??? The fact that they had to jump TWO fences should have told them enough right there. What did they want...a sign right before the site of possible decaptitation that says 'no really really don't want to be 2 feet ahead of THIS sign here' ??? It could even have a stick figure falling down with it's head popping off. Would that have been enough?
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