US News Boy Kills 1500 Pound Monster Pig


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Just imagine all of the heaping bacon sandwiches that could be made from a 1,051 pound hog.

For 11-year-old Jamison Stone, from Alabama, such a thought is out of the land of imagination and into reality.

On a hunting trip with his father, Mike Stone, young Jamison came upon the massive beast, which is named Hogzilla 2. Being a hunter since age 5, Jamison proceeded to shoot the giant hog eight times with a revolver. As may be expected, death didn’t quickly take to the walking bacon platter.

Likely a bit annoyed by the bullets, the nearly 9 and a half foot (from snout to tail, a bit shorter than a regulation basketball goal) and 1500 pound boar refused to easily go down and gave Jamison a bit of a scare.


Holy shit. Read the replies, they're funny.
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Lol I just read another news thingy about this here.

here is a line which just sickened me from the one I linked too.

"It feels really good," Jamison, of Pickensville, said in a telephone interview with The Associated Press. "It's a good accomplishment. I probably won't ever kill anything else that big."

Seriously, he needs to be locked up. Teaching a kid to kill using a gun, maknig him think its an accomplishment? And People have the nerve to blame video games. My mission is to give the animals guns and toss the hunters out in the woods with nothing to protect themselves.

Anyone who kills for food is fine, but saying that you are so glad you killed it and thats its a hobby is just horrible.


I went to the site, and every single comment is Anti-American and Anti-Republican and how we like to kill animals.

I fit both of those descriptions, yet I find that atrocious. Unless its for survival, would someone kill such a beautiful creature of nature.



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god that fricken pig is HUGE.


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An 11 year old with a gun will.
With a revolver too. The kickback on revolvers are rather bad, and an 11-year old kid shooting it nine times lol.

Capt Griffen

It ain't sport, it ain't adventure, it ain't hunting, it's just cruelty.

Now, take away the others armed with high powered rifles, give the kid a spear and tell him to do it and be back by tea time...then maybe I might understand it as uncompasionate and ignorante 'honour'.


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They are proud their overwheight kid killed something atleast 5 times older then him? And then they go crazy on people with SOME sense of morality?

GG Idiots i'dd say.


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Was the Biggest pig in the world

Was their a reason to kill the pig? If it was the biggest pig then why kill it?

If it was dying I might say to kill it.
Thats not a challange, try to capture it.

Hunting, what ever. try taking a picture and send to magazines for $$$?


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I'd understand killing something just for urself to survive.
Or for food (im a carnivore) But just killing something just because u feel like it?
Thats just wrong. at least kill it in hand to hand combat


at least kill it in hand to hand combat
Good luck killing a half ton pig by hand.

PS: Wild hogs are generally not nice, and a half ton one could probably kill someone rather easily.

I would say they were lucky as hell it was actually a domesticated pig.

A guy on another forum I visit had a run in with a wild hog once, his got his whole leg torn up and his calf muscle ripped in half and almost ripped out of his leg.
And this one was considerably smaller than the one in this story.

A wild hog in a populated area really could be dangerous. They aren't like the little cute piggies at the petting zoo. They probably should be killed before anything bad happens.
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