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Hey guys, just wanted to get some feedback on a new map I have started. As always I get bored of my maps when the progress gets abit slow, so I tend to start a new one when an idea comes to mind. Minigames and defences are always easiest and quickest, so here comes another one your way.

How to play:
This game, which can be played with 1-6 players, allows plays to construct an array of shops within their area (currently this is extremely limited) of which they can shop, and other players may visit. Why? Each player can customize their area, for example players can visit P3 for potions, and P4 for weapons etc. After a Build Phase (currently 30 seconds) all players are moved to a lane in which they must defend from a wave. If they successfully defend a wave, their lives increase, all fallen players are revived and they are returned to their shopping area's.

What is different from other defences:
Well, there is a twist or different style from common defences where all items are available for purchase, the play style promotes team work and strategies. Additionally there are systems such as critical strike and Stagger (if any of you played FF XIII) which help amplify damage, and diversify players, hero's and possible strategies.

Shall add soon, if requested.

Why 1-6 players?
Any more than 6 becomes difficult to balance with this style of map, additionally makes the triggering severly longer. Currently one can win with 1-3 players, as it is not currently balanced. However the enemies shall scale off of the amount of players currently playing.

Would love to hear it, please comment below.

Download Link:
[url= and Defend 0.3.w3x]Version 0.3[/URL]


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Reserving this spot, but dying for some feedback. Anything would be appreciated.
Possibly suggest what should be worked on first, more items, more hero's, more game mechanics? Post below :)


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The idea of building shops is cool, but it has to be done right. In my opinion, this means having a large variety of shops and then limiting the number of shops they can build. For example, there could be 30 different shops available to build, but each player can only build 3 shops. That would promote the players to pick the shops they build carefully as well as allow them to customise their strategy.

I reckon it might also be cool to have basic shops, intermediate shops and advanced shops, and engineer the map such that at the beginning, the players can only build basic shops, then at later points in the game, they will be able to build the intermediate and advanced shops. This would help increase the difficulty of the map as well as promote tactical play and teamwork (especially once you've properly balanced the map).

Overall, I like the sound of the idea and I'm looking forward to the finished product.

Good Luck :D


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Thank you for the feedback.
My original idea was that Each Hero has different shops, or atleast the hero has a Sub-Race which has its own builder.
But I could make combinations of the same buildings in different builders/hero's.
At the moment it is still new, so there is not much content. Builders in future may be able to build things such as Fountains to heal while in shop-mode or buffing of some sort.

Many players found running to the lanes too long, so I shall be working on methods to make that simpler or quicker.

Will add more hero's, items and shops soon.

Thanks for the comment. +rep, ta
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